Don't Be Impatient

Be encouraged by this short poem by Daniel Colesworthy. There are many times in our lives where we are impatient and this poem points out what happens when we don't use patience in our life. A great poem to share with someone who needs a bit of patience!

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Don't Be Impatient
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Don't be impatient -
Wait, wait, wait:
Than plunge into sorrow,
You would better be late.
By striving
And driving,
The mark is not hit:
'Tis wiser to grope,
And feel for a rope,
Than fall in the pit.

Don't be impatient
Stop and think:
Better have cool moments
On Despondency's brink,
Than leaping
And keeping
In water that's hot.
'Tis wisdom to go
On surely and slow,
Content with your lot.

Don't be impatient
Wait and win:
The last foe approaches,
And the last monster sin.
And doing,
With a firm, steady eye,
And a heart that's true,
You'll dare and do,
And bring glory nigh.

Don't be impatient -
Wait; be still:
Loud voice and great bluster
Are nothing but dumb zeal;
They're louder
And prouder
Than wisdom and strength;
They rise, but, alas!
Bring nothing to pass,
And perish at length.

Don't be impatient -
Wait, wait, wait:
Than plunge into sorrow,
You would better be late.
By racing
And chasing,
You soon lose your ground
Be patient and still;
In good time you will
With Wisdom be found.

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Patient And Strong
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

When thicken the shadows,
And darkness is spread
Where the soft golden sunshine
So richly was shed,
Oh, look to the future,
In a sweet, grateful song,
For the sky is all mercy
Be patient and strong.

The cares that distract you
Lay resolute by,
And lift with devotion
The heart and the eye;
And for the rich blessing
You will not wait long,
If you are fervent and faithful,
And patient and strong.

Keep Striving
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Keep stirring and striving
The day will soon dawn,
When night and oppression
Will break and be gone;
When darkness and error
Will sink to the shade,
And Vice, hoary-headed,
Be still and afraid.

Be patient and active
Oh, deem it not vain
If but an inch foot-hold
In a year you obtain:
The good time approaches,
When Truth will go forth,
And leap like the lightning,
From the South to the North.

Keep stirring and striving
Lose nought by delay,
Nor sit aside trembling
At the drones in the way:
Good thoughts may be scattered,
And borne on the wind,
To soften and influence
The prejudiced mind.

Keep pushing and striving
Lo! tremble and fall
The pillars of Error,
Foundation and all!
Jehovah, who blesses
The just and the right,
Has come in his power,
His wisdom and might!

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