28  Daniel C. Colesworthy Poems

These motivating Daniel C. Colesworthy poems are ones that add a positive thought to your day! Who can tell how many thousands of faltering hearts and trembling, pendent hands have been strung to new hope and effort by his cheering words and verses.

Daniel C. Colesworthy is a native of Portland, where he resided for nearly forty years. He was born on the fourteenth day of July 1810, and at the age of fourteen, entered the office of the Chris- tian Mirror, as an apprentice to the printing business. Like many other young men of talent, ambition, and perseverance, he educated himself and graduated from the printing office with distinguished honor to the craft. In addition to writing poetry, he was involved in the book business for years.

His poems have passed the test of time and continue to inspire people today.

Daniel C. Colesworthy

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Famous Poems by Daniel C. Colesworthy Poems:

  1. A Lesson
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    I'll teach thee a lesson:
    Be active and wise;
    The deeper the valley,
    The brighter the skies;
    The harder the labor,
    More weary the breast,
    The sweeter the slumber
    When the pillow is pressed.

    When the fierce storm approaches,
    Unbend to the blast;
    Unyielding, look upward,
    Till the whirlwind has passed:
    The firm and unshaken,
    Who never despair,
    The seal of true greatness
    Forever shall wear.

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  3. Why Are You Dull?
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    Why should you be dull and sad?
    Nothing can be half so bad,
    We'll engage.
    All is cheerful, if you look
    Rightly into Nature's book,
    On each page.

    Sighing, weeping, trembling who,
    When you make such loud ado,
    Will come near?
    Peace and joy you drive away,
    All that tend to make life gay,
    And you cheer.

    It is folly, don't you know,
    Thus to sink in pools of woe,
    And to weep
    Now's the time to live and act;
    Not the rust of grief contract,
    While you sleep.

    From the shadows and the mire.
    Up! and let the living fire
    Of ambition
    Glory on your actions cast;
    And, for all the guilty past,
    Show contrition.

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  5. Look Above
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    When friends forsake, and health decays,
    And clouds of sorrow gather fast,
    How sweet to lift the heart in praise
    To Him who loves us to the last!

    When grief o'erwhelms the heart, and fear,
    Like hateful spectre, dark and grim,
    To shroud our pleasure hovers near,
    How sweet to look in faith to Him!

    In every lone, uncertain way,
    Amid the cares that checker life,
    How sweet to look above, and pray
    For strength to bear us through the strife!

    In life or death, where'er we be,
    With friends at home, or foes abroad,
    With humble heart and bended knee,
    Communion will be sweet with God.

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  7. Rural Life
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    How pleasant is the slumbering vale,
    Where winds are blowing free,
    And gifts of Nature never fail!
    Oh, such a home for me!

    There songs of birds delight the ear,
    And flowers rejoice the eye,
    And beauty lingers all the year
    On water, field and sky.

    Such home be mine, among the hills,
    The giant forest-trees,
    Where leap along the flashing rills,
    And fragrant is the breeze;

    Where voice profane and boisterous song
    Will never taint the air;
    And few are taught to practise wrong,
    Or breathe a selfish prayer.

    To city life I bid adieu;
    Its crowded mart, farewell!
    With rural scenes, forever new,
    My spirit longs to dwell.

    Sweet, oh, how sweet! at morn and eve,
    To cast the eye abroad;
    Pure truths from Nature's voice receive,
    And humbly worship God.

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  9. A Thought
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    If but a single thought I drop
    Into a drowsy ear,
    It may revive the spark of hope,
    And the desponding cheer.

    A word may save where volumes fail,
    If spoken from the heart;
    And with the dying soul prevail,
    And life and strength impart.

    Ye all can speak a gentle word,
    To bless the weak and low;
    And o'er life's dark and thorny road
    Sweet flowers and sunshine throw.

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  11. Stand Up, Brother
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    Stand up, brother! here's the hand
    That will help thee rise and stand;
    Here's the heart that warmly burns
    When a prodigal returns.
    Stand up, brother!
    For a friend thy spirit yearns.

    Stand up, brother! stand upright!
    Let the scales fall, see the light;
    And no longer in the dust
    Let thy mind be clogged with rust.
    Stand up, brother!
    And the galling fetters burst.

    Stand up, brother! fear no ill;
    We will love, protect thee still:
    When the night of darkness lowers:
    In the tempest's strongest hours.
    Stand up, brother!
    These are warm, kind hearts of ours.

    Stand up, brother! yes, thou wilt,
    Though so long oppressed by guilt:
    On thy brow we gladly read,
    "You have been my friends indeed"
    Stand up, brother!
    We are just the friends you need.

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  13. What Is It To Live?
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    What is existence, but to give
    Our influence to a righteous cause?
    To bless the world, and thus receive
    The heart's affections, not applause?

    To live is but an empty name,
    Our lives a blot to truth and right,
    When vicious men our deeds proclaim,
    And Justice weeps at Virtue's flight.

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  15. The New Year
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    Old time has taken another step,
    And brought the New Year round:
    We see it in the leafless trees,
    And on the silver ground.
    The streams that sparkled in the sun,
    And joyous leaped along,
    Now bear upon their glassy breast
    A buoyant, happy throng.

    So be it ours to live, that when
    Our course is finished here,
    We may to brighter worlds ascend,
    Where Virtue's sons appear;
    And, in the presence of our God,
    Enjoy the bliss supreme,
    Studying the wonders of his love
    The holy angels' theme.

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  17. Benevolence
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    It is a little thing to give
    A cup of water to the poor,
    Or spare a morsel to relieve
    The famished stranger at the door;
    And yet these trifling favors may
    Return to bless ere life shall close,
    And cheer through earth's dark, devious way,
    If multiplied should be our woes.

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  19. A Bitter Word
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    How few who speak a bitter word
    Can tell the pang it gives!
    What angry feelings it hath stirred!
    What malice it revives!

    Oh! let the words of kindness move
    And dwell upon your lips;
    For passion, far estranged from love,
    Will brightest joys eclipse.

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  21. Appearances
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    'Tis not the loftiest looks betray
    A heart that's free from guile;
    For, where the foulest passions prey,
    The practised lip may smile.

    The noble, generous, and the wise,
    With no attractive grace,
    May be commissioned from the skies,
    A blessing to the race.

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  23. A Word
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    A little word sometimes has power,
    If it is used aright,
    To make the skies that darkly lower
    Burn with a golden light.

    The heart o'erburdened with distress,
    In its own dismal cell,
    A word will rouse to joyousness,
    And gloom and fear dispel.

    It lifts the poor from dust, and brings
    Sweet sunshine to his home;
    And spreads Hope's bright, exulting wings,
    Where peace might never come.

    A pleasant word, if nothing else,
    Ye all have power to give:
    Make glad the hearts where sorrow dwells,
    And bid the dying live.

    Drop pleasant words where'er ye go,
    In cot or crowded mart;
    And light and peace and love will glow
    In many a wretched heart.

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  25. Nature Full Of God
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    The glory of the mighty God,
    Where'er I gaze, my eyes behold;
    When Evening spreads her veil abroad,
    Or morning clouds are tinged with gold.

    The ocean, as it heaves and swells
    Around the isles that dot the sea,
    In tones as loud as thunder, tells
    His awful power and majesty.

    The stars that gem the glorious skies,
    The solemn sentinels of light,
    Speak of that God which bade them rise
    To beautify the heavens by night.

    The flower that smiles within the vale,
    Where careless feet may never tread,
    Repeats the same unvarnished tale,
    And lowly bows its modest head.

    The tiny songsters of the air,
    Which joyous float on golden wing,
    The same almighty Power declare,
    And chant his praises when they sing.

    The fields in verdant grandeur drest,
    In all their splendor and their bloom,
    In silent language praise him best,
    And send to heaven their rich perfume.

    But where is man? Has he no soul
    To speak his Maker's glories forth,
    When land and sea, and orbs that roll,
    Tell of the Power that gave them birth?

    Sin steels his heart, and blinds his eyes,
    And makes him careless of his God,
    When all that move beneath the skies
    Conspire to sound his praise abroad.

    Awake, man! thy dormant powers,
    And let thy soul His glory sing:
    Should Nature's voices rival ours
    And shame the praises that we bring?

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  27. Storm And Sunshine
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    How greatly wise, who never move
    When stern Misfortune lowers!
    Who see the same kind hand of Love
    In sunshine and in showers!

    When shadows veil the burning sky,
    Behind the clouds they know
    Bright fields of golden grandeur lie,
    And seas of splendor flow.

    They only bend, but never break,
    When angry storms arise;
    Prepared the hand of Grief to take,
    And wait for brighter skies.

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  29. The Active Mind
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    What if I'm thrown upon my back?
    Must I lie still and die?
    Or, cringing, ask the help of those
    Who heedless pass me by?
    No! I will struggle, faint or sick,
    Upon my feet to rise:
    He is a fool who hugs the sod,
    And, without effort, dies.

    The active mind was never made
    In sluggish fear to rest,
    When dark misfortune brings us down,
    And sorrow wrings the breast:
    Up! nerved with strength, go forth again
    To battle in the strife:
    They only live who dare and do
    In every phase of life.

    Who are discouraged, never win
    Bright Honor's golden prize;
    Or reap the blessings spread before
    The diligent and wise.
    The fair, bright sky, the broad, green earth
    Have no delights for them;
    While all who pass look down with pride,
    Or scornfully condemn.

    So I will persevere, if I
    A single limb can move;
    Climb up, press on, should foes or friends
    Discourage or approve.
    I know beyond the rolling clouds
    There is a sky serene;
    And all its glories I shall view
    With not a veil between.

    Eternal thanks to God, who gave
    A heart that will not cower,
    In foul Oppression's darkest night,
    Beneath the foot of Power;
    A heart, that when beset around
    With base, malignant foes,
    Is brighter and more active found,
    The stronger they oppose.

    Ay, stout and iron heart, go on!
    And never shalt thou fail:
    With zeal and energy and truth
    Thou surely must prevail.
    Ere long thy foes shall be subdued,
    Or in thy path be slain:
    Here then I take a fresher start,
    Never to yield again.

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  31. Humble Heart
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    Shouldst Thou bestow the power to raise
    But one petition to the skies,
    I would not ask for length of days,
    For wealth or honor - earthly praise;
    But this my fervent prayer should be -
    An humble heart to sacrifice,
    In faith and love, God! to thee.

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