There Is A God

If you ever had doubts that there is a God read this poem by Daniel Colesworthy. The poet describes where we can see the hand of God in our everyday life. A poem sure to inspire you.

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There Is A God
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

There is a God! His voice is heard
In every whispering breeze,
In every leaf that's gently stirred
Upon the forest trees.
The whirlwind in its wrath and might,
O'er-sweeping land and sea,
With desolation in its flight,
Tells of a Deity.

The blossoms that betray the spring.
The little birds at play,
The golden birds a-twittering
Throughout the livelong day,
And skies that soft and mild appear,
Whence gentle dews descend,
Tell of a God in lines as clear
As with a sunbeam penned.

The leaves unfolding to the sun,
In Summer's glorious reign,
Streams flashing diamonds as they run,
Slow winding through the plain,
Or tumbling from a craggy height,
Through groves of Araby,
So pure and musical and bright,
Tell of a Deity.

The golden gifts - brown Autumn's pride,
That crown the harvest-field,
The treasures that on every side
The rain and sunshine yield,
The bearded sheaves, the bended bough,
All eloquent exclaim,
There is a God! behold him now!
Be thankful at his name !

The hoar-frost, and the feathery snow
That falls so silently,
The ice that stopped the river's flow,
Which lately dashed so free.
Careering storms and howling winds,
The cold and piercing air,
To hearts devout, uplifted minds,
A God! a God! declare.

There is a God! inscribed I read,
Where'er I turn my eyes:
No less within the mustard-seed
Than on the vaulted skies.
I cannot look below, above,
I cannot gaze abroad,
But wisdom shines and wondrous love
There is, there is a God!

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