Daily Trials

We all face daily trials. Let this poem by Daniel C. Colesworthy remind you of the challenges we all face but also a thought on how to handle these trials.

Whether it is a friend who has hurt you, or a disappointment, or someone who has used you how you handle life's trials is up to you. Let this poem inspire you.

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Daily Trials
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

How many sorrows daily crowd
The fond and happy breast!
Some thoughtless friend may whisper loud
What should not be expressed.

A harsh reply, perhaps, is made, -
A passionate rebuke, -
When we a pleasant thing have said,
Or others' words mistook.

For deeds of warmest charity
Reproach may be severe;
And the sweet, pleasant smile may be
Turned to a bitter tear.

The heart that loved us, for a bribe
On us in scorn may turn,
Or vileness so our acts describe,
As none the truth discern.

Such are our trials day by day -
But he is really blest,
Whatever sorrows crowd his way,
Or cares or pains molest -

Who watches o'er his heart with care,
At morning, noon and night,
And lifts to Heaven the fervent prayer
To be directed right.

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