Daily Blessings, Daniel C. Colesworthy Poems

Daily Blessings

Daniel Colesworthy's poem reminds us to look at the blessings we have each and every day! What do most people usually forget every morning as they scurry to and fro getting ready to leave for a day of work? As each person leaves their home or apartment, what is most often forgotten? Is it that a person has left home without time for breakfast? Is it that as a person hurriedly scampers out their front door and either gets in their car or begins to walk to catch a bus that they have failed to lock their front door? Now, to be sure, these types of questions may occur on a daily basis for thousands of people but these situations do not describe what has been forgotten.

It is clear that most people go through their day forgetting that they are experiencing a multitude of God's blessings. This is not to say that some people are very much aware of their blessings and give appropriate thanks to their Heavenly Father. But, sadly, throughout the world awareness, never mind thankfulness, is the least of thoughts on a person's mind.

Take, for example, the person who rises in the morning. A blessing has already been bestowed on this person in that they are alive and have not died in their sleep. Take, for example, the person who rises in their bed inside a home and not outside in the elements. Do you see the blessing? If you acknowledged that this person was comfortably in a bed in a structure, you declared that they were blessed to not only have a bed to lie in but were in a structure that kept the outside elements at bay.

Let's turn to the aforementioned example of a person rising and getting ready to go to work. The blessing should be obvious - this person has a job to go to. So often, you don't have to listen in on many conversations going on around you to hear complaint after complaint about their job. It seems that complaining about one's work or some factor of their work is just more than a national pastime. The complaining seems to be a hallmark of forgetting that to have gainful employment is a blessing and not a curse. Thousands of people have no job; they have no means to feed or care for their family members outside of social assistance of some sort or another. "If only I had a job" becomes the cry of those who would gladly trade places with you.

Do not take any kind of employment for granted; you are blessed to be able to contribute to your well-being, to those family members who depend on you, and to your own self-worth.

We all have daily blessings but so often we take them for granted not taking the time to stop and appreciate the many blessings we all have.

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Daily Blessings
Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

Day by day they fall upon me,
Fall upon me from the skies,
Blessings, blessings, without number,
When I rest and when I rise.

Come they in the rosy morning,
With the gush of golden light,
When my first thank-offering rises,
For the guarded hours of night.

In the heat of noon-day splendor,
Blessings, blessings, still descend;
And my heart leaps joyful upward
To my ever-present Friend.

In the stillness of the twilight,
When is closed the busy day,
Fall they on my heart and household,
As I lowly bend to pray.

Thus have blessings ever fallen
From the hand above the skies,
Teaching me each moment higher
Should the Christian strive to rise.

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