28 Christmas Blessings

May these Christmas blessings be a reflection of your desire to impart joy and goodness, creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the holiday season.

In the spirit of the season, let these Christmas Blessings be more than sentiments exchanged; may they be expressions of kindness, and shared generously with those around you. As you peruse through these, may the words resonate not only as blessings received but also as a call to be a source of blessings for others.

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  1. Christmas Blessing
    by Patience Strong

    God bless our little home
    today and all our family,
    the ones that gather round
    the hearth, and those across the sea.

    And some of us have gone away,
    and drifted far apart,
    but Christmas ties the cord of friendship
    close around the heart.

    May all our fancied grievances be
    banished from the mind,
    and may we greet each other with a wish
    that's good and kind.

    May nothing false creep in
    to spoil the perfect harmony,
    and may we speak sweet words of love
    and peace and harmony.

  2. The Spirit of Christmas
    by Catherine Pulsifer

    May the spirit of Christmas fill you with peace,
    May the love of Christmas around you never cease.
    May the joy of Christmas fill you with cheer,
    And may you be surrounded by those who are dear.
    May God bless you on this Christmas day,
    Happiness and health for you I pray.

  3. What Is Christmas Poems
    What Is Christmas Poems

  4. May These Be Yours
    by Unknown Author

    May these be your gifts at Christmas . . .
    Warm hearts and shining faces,
    Surrounding you to make your home
    The happiest of places.

    May these be your gifts at Christmas . . .
    Deep peace and lasting love,
    That you will share together
    With the ones, you're fondest of.

    May these be your gifts at Christmas . . .
    The promise of a year
    Where everything goes well with you
    And those you hold most dear.

  5. Christmas Verses
    Christmas Verses

  6. An Irish Christmas Blessing

    The light of the Christmas star to you,
    the warmth of home and hearth to you,
    the cheer and goodwill of friends to you,
    the hope of a childlike heart to you,
    the joy of a thousand angels to you,
    the love of the Son,
    and God’s peace to you.
    May you be as contented as Christmas finds you
    all the year round.

  7. May you be as contented as Christmas finds you all the year-round.
    Christmas Quotes

  8. A Blessing For You
    by Alice L. Mason

    May the food upon your table,
    Be enough, with some to share,
    And may it treat you warm and sweet
    As your mother's blessing prayer.

    May you have ears this Christmas time
    To hear the joyous bells,
    And choirs repeat the music sweet
    That such a story tells.

    But, most of all, I wish for you
    A season bright and gay,
    May you recall above it all
    That other Christmas Day

  9. May You Be Blessed
    by Author Unknown

    May you be blessed . . .
    with the spirit of the season, which is peace,
    the gladness of the season, which is hope,
    and the heart of the season, which is love.

  10. Christmas Poems about Hope
    Christmas Poems About Hope

  11. May This Christmas
    by C. B. Baird

    May this Christmas season bring you deep joy
    and many pleasant experiences.

    May the New Year bring you that peace that "passeth the understanding of men"
    and may it bring nothing into your life to cause anxiety or worry.

    May all your days be full of sunshine and
    your nights filled with pleasant dreams.

    May no dark clouds appear to shut out any of the beauties of life,
    or of nature, all about you.

    May you be able to see stars shining through any clouds
    that may appear on your horizon.

    May you have wisdom for all your problems,
    and help in every time of need,
    and may you have true friends all along the way,
    to the very end of life's journey.

  12. Christmas Messages
    Christmas Messages

  13. Joyous
    by J. S. Ogilvie

    Oh, joyous be your Christmas-tide,
    And bright your New Year, too;
    To you may love ne’er be denied;
    May all your friends be true.

  14. A Christmas Blessing
    by Betty W. Stoffel

    May your Christmas time be happy
    With a glory warm and strange,
    And the day be filled with blessings
    That will never, never change.

    May the blessedness of Christmas
    And the joy of all things dear
    form a large and lovely archway
    For the happy coming year.

  15. May Joy And Hope
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In Bethlehem's quiet, a holy hush,
    A Savior born, a divine touch.
    May the love He brought that sacred night,
    Illuminate your days with joy so bright.

    Like stars that adorned the midnight sky,
    May hope and grace in your heart lie.
    Blessings like snowflakes gently descend,
    As the Christmas story finds a home to mend.

    With each carol sung and bell that chimes,
    May your life resonate with heavenly rhymes.
    A Christmas blessing, sincere and true,
    May joy and hope abide in all you do.

  16. In addition to using one of our Christmas blessings you may find a poem that you wish to use in our short inspirational Christmas poems.

    Short Irish Christmas Blessings

    Irish Blessings have been used for years, so review our Christmas Irish blessings for one that you may find has the words that you wish to express and bless over those that you love and care about.

  17. May peace and plenty be the first
    To lift the latch at your door
    And happiness be guided to your home
    By the candle of Christmas.
    God’s blessings and peace be yours throughout this New Year.

  18. May your home be blessed with warmth,
    Where friends bring cheer and goodwill;
    Let the joy of a thousand angels come,
    As the peace of God, we feel.

  19. May this Christmas bring you warmth,
    And comfort of dear old friends arm in arm.
    The love of the Son, may you feel  
    As you share a Christmas meal.

  20. May the joy and peace of the Christmas season
    As you remember Jesus is the reason.
    On God's grace may you hope and believe,
    And gifts of love may you receive.

  21. Irish Blessings Quotes
    Irish Blessing Quotes

  22. May laughter shared through the season shine,
    Sharing thoughts and cherished dreams,
    May you pray for those who are so dear,
    Giving thanks to Jesus who redeems.

  23. Short Christmas Blessings

    While these Christmas blessings are short you may find that they say exactly what you wish to convey in a blessing.

  24. We send blessings of the season
    Of hope, joy, and peace.

  25. May the miracle of Jesus' birth
    Bless you and your family this Christmas.
    May the miracle of this season
    Stay with you the year round.

  26. Christmas Poems about Jesus
    Christmas Poems About Jesus

  27. As the world stops and rejoices
    May you feel God's presence
    May He fill your home with peace
    And may love shine from within.

  28. May your Christmas
    See holly and mistletoe
    And the presence of God
    May you know.

  29. May the singing of the carols
    Fill your heart with joy
    May happiness and love
    Be felt from God above.

  30. With a touch of winter in the air
    May the feeling of love and share
    Be with you this Christmas time
    Celebrating Christ's birthtime.

  31. May the love of Christ
    Be felt this Christmas
    And in the coming New Year.

  32. When we extend a Christmas blessing we also may want to include a New Years Blessings for the coming year.

  33. May God bless you and your family
    At this wonderful time of year.

  34. He sent His only Son
    On Christmas long ago
    We still feel the miracle
    As the world is aglow.
    May you feel blessed and grateful too
    For the presence of God in all you do.

  35. A blessing of happiness
    A blessing of cheer
    Is sent to you this Christmas
    And for the coming New Year!

  36. May Christmas lights on the tree
    Shine brightly this Christmas day
    And may the love of God
    Be felt in every way.

  37. Christmas Wishes To A  Friend
    Christmas Wishes To A Friend

  38. May God grant you the peace
    That only He can give,
    And, may His light shine in your life
    And how you live.

  39. God, I pray a blessing on those I know
    Let your love be felt and let it show
    Your love for each and every one
    Let us all reflect on the birth of Your Son.

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