33 Christmas Wishes To A Friend

Send one of our Christmas wishes to your friends to let them know how much you appreciate them and wish them Merry Christmas. Christmas is a time of year that friends are held more dear.

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  1. Friends like you are the best Christmas gift one could have. Merry Christmas!
    Christmas Messages

  2. Not just at Christmas time, but the whole year through
    I know that I can always count on you.
    We will always be good friends
    I am there for you and you're there for me.
    Wishing you a Christmas that is merry and bright
    And a Happy New Year's night!
    Christmas Poems

  3. What is Christmas without friends and family to share
    My friend, this wish is to express how much I care.
    Wishing you the peace and joy only Christmas brings
    And hope you get all your wishes and wonderful things.
    What Is Christmas Poems

  4. The stars do twinkle this time of year
    The angels are singing loud and clear
    And at this time of year, I just want to say
    Merry Christmas my Friend, have a great Christmas day.
    Christmas Card Poem

  5. I wish for you that the magic of Christmas remains with you not only at Christmas but in the coming New Year.
    Friendship Poems

  6. If wishes were stars I would give you the whole universe. Merry Christmas My Friend!
    Christmas Wishes

  7. Merry Christmas my friend. On you, I always can depend. Happy Christmas Wishes to you I send.
  8. Merry Christmas my friend. On you, I always can depend. Happy Christmas Wishes to you I send.
    Friends Are Blessings

  9. Our friendship is ageless I so appreciate you. Have a Merry Christmas Thanks for all you do.
    meaningful friendship quotes

  10. At Christmas God sent the angels to tell of the good news.
    I also believe He sent to me friends like you!
    Christmas Verses

  11. Christmas and friends have one thing in common - love. I am thankful for the love of our friendship. Wishing you a loving Merry Christmas.
    Christmas Poems About Love

  12. On this special day, doubly bright,
    Christmas and your birthday do unite.
    May joy and love in abundance flow,
    As your celebrations beautifully grow.
    Birthday Poem For Friend

  13. May your Christmas be wrapped in joy's embrace,
    With laughter and love, filling every space.
    Poems About Joy

  14. Christmas comes but once a year,
    But you, my friend, are always dear!
    Catherine Pulsifer

  15. A wish of Claus for celebration to a friend who is full of Santa!
  16. A wish of Claus for celebration to a friend who is full of Santa!
    Santa Poems

  17. In the happiest of seasons
    You have many reasons
    To spread your love and friendship
    To those who need a lift.
    Love and Friendship Poems

  18. Friends like you fill me with hope
    When I'm down you help me cope.
    When I'm happy and feeling glad
    Your presence just adds
    Joy and sunshine to each day
    Merry Christmas to you I must say!
    Christmas Poems about Hope

  19. I count my blessings for friends like you
    May your Christmas be happy through and through.
    My Christmas Wish for You

  20. Celebrating Christmas with you my friend, makes Christmas cheery and bright.
    Celebrate Quotes

  21. Wishing you moments of wonder and awe, As you celebrate with loved ones you draw.
    Special Occasion Poems & Quotes

  22. thinking of you poems
    Thinking of You Poems

  23. Merry Christmas to a dear sweet Friend.
    Also a Happy New Year, I do send!
    New Year Poems

  24. May this holiday season be filled with family and friends.
    May smiles and love surround you each day.
    Friends like you make Christmas gay!
    Holiday Poems

  25. Like a snowflake unique, may you find,
    Christmas magic that warms your mind.
    Poems About Snowflakes

  26. If I could have one wish for you
    My friend I would say,
    "I appreciate you that's true,
    Enjoy the happiness of this coming Christmas Day!"
    Quotes About Being Happy

  27. friendship poems
    Friendship Poems

  28. From my heart to yours, a wish so true,
    A Christmas that's special, just like you.
    Wishing Poems

  29. Cherish the moments with loved ones near,
    Creating memories to hold so dear.
    Poems About Memories

  30. Like a gift of peace, may serenity unfold,
    Wrapping you in warmth, pure and bold.
    Poems About Peace

  31. Sending candy canes and lollipops
    To a friend who I think is tops
    Christmas may come once a year
    But a friend like you is always near!
    True Friend Poem

  32. Merry Christmas my friend.
    Christmas wishes I do send.
    Your friendship I am grateful for
    You are a great friend and more.
    Appreciation Poems

  33. Thank God for this season and be of cheer and good joy, my friend. Merry Christmas!
    Christain Quotes About Joy

  34. Merry Christmas to a special friend.  And Happy New Year full of bright tomorrows!
  35. Merry Christmas to a special friend. And Happy New Year full of bright tomorrows!
    New Years Wish

  36. Friends like you make Christmas special.
    Thanksgiving Friendship Poems

  37. You are an extra special person, who I am glad to have as a friend
    A very blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year is the wish I send

  38. As the snow falls this Christmas, may you feel the kiss of friendship on your face.
    Quotes About Snow

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