7 Christmas Poems About Love

What is Christmas, if it is not love? Let these poems about Christmas about love inspire and encourage you to spread love wherever you go.

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  1. Christmas Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    There is something about Christmas,
    That's different than all the rest,
    It's a time when people act
    Truly at their best.

    The difference I think is
    The love that is in the air.
    People share with others,
    And truly do care.

    Love can change the world,
    If we practiced Christmas love.
    If we kept it all year long,
    It would please God above.

    So don't lose that feeling,
    That love can create.
    Love does make such a difference,
    Oh, love is so great!

  2. What Is Christmas Poems
    What Is Christmas Poems

  3. Christmas
    Poet: Mark Edwards, S.M.

    Now comes the time when love holds sway,
    And grown-ups share in children's play.
    And houses glow with varied light
    And make a fairy-time of night,
    And life is rich and warm and full,
    And heartstrings feel the tender pull.

  4. Wishing Love
    Poet: Gertrude Rosenkild

    Wishing the joy,
    The faith and the love
    That God in his mercy
    Sends down from above.

    Wishing the love
    Of the Christ Child dear -
    The love that God sent
    To His children here.

  5. poems about God's love
    Poems about God's Love

  6. Because
    Poet: Mary Stoner Wine

    I saw the candlelight's soft glow,
    A gleaming path across the snow,

    And through the window's filmy lace
    There came a radiant, subtle grace;

    For Christmas trees with burning light,
    Adorned to greet the holy night,

    From every window, each hearthstone,
    With hopes expectant gladness shone.

    Oh, homes so beautiful, so bright,
    Reflecting joy and peace and light,

    Oh, homes that send through winter's chill
    Your silent hymn of peace, goodwill,

    Why do your cozy hearth fires burn,
    And those you sheltered now return?

    Because, to you, from heaven above
    There came God's gift, God's gift of love.

  7. There is love at Christmas because Christmas was born of love. Let us, each one, keep alive this spirit of love and glorify God. Josepha Emms
    Christmas Quotes

  8. The Christmas Miracle
    Poet: Zelma S. Dennis

    The miracle of Christmas
    Is the gift of Love,
    That shines like radiant star-rays
    From the heavens above.

    It comes and blesses every need
    Of the human heart,
    And her the Christ-like spirit
    Inspires every part.

    The miracle of Christ-love
    Now I give to you,
    To illuminate your Christmas
    And all the whole year through.

  9. The Christmas Star Poem
    The Christmas Star Poem

  10. You Can't Buy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    If I could wrap a present of something
    That you can't buy,
    I would wrap you up some love,
    With a bow that I have tied.

    The love we find at Christmas
    Is not a material thing.
    It is love that the world needs,
    And change it would bring.

    If our focus was on keeping love
    All the year round,
    More people would be happy,
    There would be fewer frowns.

    Think of the love that God showed us
    When He sent his only Son.
    He was telling the world that,
    He loved each and every one.

  11. Christmas Blessings
    Christmas Blessings

  12. It's Christmas
    Poet: LaVerne P. Larson

    It's Christmas, oh, it's Christmas,
    'Tis that holy time once more,
    When the whole world knows a joy
    It has been longing for.

    Once again that same warm feeling
    Fills our hearts with peace and love.
    We rejoice in song and prayer
    For God's gift from heaven above.

    It's Christmas, oh, it's Christmas,
    In the mansions large and tall,
    And in the humble little homes
    God's grace dwells over all.

    May the spirit that is Christmas
    Remain in every heart all year,
    So we may love our fellow man
    In peace and lasting cheer.

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We hope your Christmas is full of love and that you share your love with others. The gifts that we buy, the helping hand, the smile, and the kindness we share, are just some of the examples of the love that is seen during this season. We hope these poems are ones that you will share to remind others to love more!

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