11 Christian Valentine Poems

Share one of our Christian Valentine poems with those that you love. No matter the distance, our love expressed through a Valentine's poem reminds our cherished relationships and how much we appreciate that they are part of our Christian walk. These faith-woven, heartfelt verses intertwine the essence of love with the depth of our faith, that resonate with the true spirit of Valentine's Day.

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  1. My Valentine Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    To my Valentine friend, your presence is a cherished gift,
    In my journey of faith, you provide a heavenly lift.
    Your love extends beyond measure or time,
    In you, Christian virtues forever shine.

    With words of encouragement and a heart so kind,
    You exemplify the grace of Christ, intertwined.
    Thank you for your friendship, true and pure,
    In God's love, we find strength to endure.

  2. My Beloved Family
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    To my beloved family, bound by love's embrace,
    Within our hearts, God's blessings we trace.
    With each passing day, our bond grows strong,
    In Christ's love, we eternally belong.

    Through joys and sorrows, we stand as one,
    In unity, God's will is always done.
    With open arms, we offer forgiveness and grace,
    As a Christian family, we'll never lose our place.

  3. My Valentine Colleague
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My Valentine colleague, your dedication is commendable,
    In your actions, the spirit of Christ is undeniable.
    A team built on love, support, and trust,
    In our workplace, His grace is a must.

    Through challenges and triumphs, we persevere,
    In God's love, there's no room for fear.
    Your Christian values shine through your work,
    A testimony of faith, not just mere words.

  4. Our Valentine Bond
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Dear sibling in Christ, our Valentine bond is profound,
    Bound by grace, in love we're unbound.
    As we journey together on this path,
    God's mercy and faithfulness will never pass.

    In moments of praise and moments of prayer,
    Our hearts unite, His love we share.
    Through thick and thin, we'll stand side by side,
    In God's love, let our lives be a joyful stride.

  5. To My Mentor And Guide
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    To my mentor and guide, your wisdom I treasure,
    In your guidance, God's love is a measure.
    Your words are like an oasis of grace,
    Leading me to seek His glorious face.

    Thank you for your patience, your wise counsel,
    For showing me the way, making my path level.
    In your presence, I witness God's embrace,
    With love and gratitude, I seek His grace.

    May this poem of Christian love touch your heart,
    As we celebrate Valentine's Day, let God's love be the start.
    Extend grace and compassion to those we hold dear,
    In His love, let us spread joy and banish fear.

  6. For All Of My Family
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In a world enveloped by love's embrace,
    A Christian Valentine takes its place.
    A day to celebrate love found so deep,
    A commitment of hearts, for us to keep.

    For all of my family, near and far,
    Christian love extends, like a guiding star.
    Through laughter and tears, through thick and thin,
    A bond that's unbreakable, as love within.

  7. For You My Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    For you my friend, on this Valentine's Day,
    May Christian love surround you in every way.
    A love that forgives, a love that uplifts,
    A love that endures, through all worldly shifts.

    In the Christian faith, we find strength and light,
    A love that shines through even the darkest night.
    So let this Valentine's be a celebration,
    Of Christ's love's eternal salvation.

  8. Not Just A Co-Worker
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Through work and toil, side by side,
    You my colleague blessed love with no downside.
    In the workplace, where Christian values may resist,
    Your love encourages, through every twist.

    On this Valentine's Day, let me extend,
    Christian love, like a cherished friend.
    With kindness and grace, through each interaction,
    Love's impact, a towering wave of satisfaction.

  9. To My Christian Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    To my dear Christian friend, on this Valentine's morn,
    May God's love in your heart be warmly worn.
    A love that surrounds, with grace untold,
    Christian friendship, a gift to behold.

    With words of encouragement, a gentle touch,
    Christian love strengthens, it means so much.
    Through trials and triumphs, love's light shines bright,
    A friendship grounded in faith's unyielding might.

    On this day of love, let us remember,
    The Christian bond we share, so tender.
    So let this Valentine's be a celebration,
    Of Christian love's eternal foundation.

  10. Christian's Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In this season of love, let us not forget,
    The greatest love story, one we never shall regret.
    For God so loved the world, His only Son He gave,
    Christian love's foundation, the gift that will never fade.

    So on this Valentine's Day, let us rejoice,
    In Christian love's resounding voice.
    A love that forgives, a love that redeems,
    God's love, eternal, beyond all our dreams.

  11. A love that forgives, a love that redeems, God's love, eternal, beyond all our dreams.

  12. Love And Grace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In a world often filled with chaos and strife,
    Christian love brings hope and a brand new life.
    A love that extends beyond boundaries and walls,
    Extending a mighty gift, as God's love enthralls.

    On this Valentine's Day, let us reflect,
    On love and grace, for all to connect.
    For in Christian love, we find true peace,
    A love that unites, and never does cease.

  13. About The Poet:
    Catherine Pulsifer, born in 1957 in NB, Canada, has a passion for encouraging and helping people. She shares her experiences and thoughts in poetry and short articles.

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