8 Christian Poems For The New Year

Be uplifted and encouraged by these Christian poems for the new year. With the year ending and a new one beginning, there is no better way than to reflect on God and all his mercies, blessings, and love for us.

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  1. New Year In Christ
    Poet: Frances Ridley Havergal

    New mercies, new blessings, new light on the way;
    New courage, new hope, and new strength for each day;
    New wine in the chalice, new altars to raise;
    New fruits for thy Master, new garments of praise;
    New gifts from His treasures, new smiles from His face;
    New streams from the fountain of infinite grace;
    New stars for thy crown, and new tokens of love;
    New gleams of the glory that waits thee above;
    New light of His countenance, full and unpriced, —
    All this be the joy of thy new year in Christ!

  2. New Year Poems

  3. Be Not Afraid
    Poet: George L. Perin

    Be not afraid, dear friend,
    What of sickness!
    What of sorrow!
    What of failure!
    What of misfortune!
    What of death!

    Is not this God's world?
    Are not you God's child?

    Go forth into the New Year with brave heart.
    When fortune smiles, smile with her.
    When fortune frowns, smile the more,
    And trust in God.

  4. New Year Prayers
    New Year Prayers

  5. New Year Motto
    Poet: Unknown

    I asked the New Year for some motto sweet,
    Some rule of life with which to guide my feet.
    I asked and paused. He answered soft and low:
    "God's will to know."

    "Will knowledge, then, suffice, New Year " I cried;
    And ere the question into silence died
    The answer came: "Nay, but remember, too,
    God's will to do."

    Once more I asked: "Is there no more to tell? "
    And once again the answer softly fell:
    "Yes; this one thing, all other things above -
    God's will to love."

  6. Inspirational Poems For The New Year
    Inspirational Poems For The New Year

  7. Be Close Tonight
    Poet: Mary Baldwin

    O God, who lurketh in the star
    And 'neath all living things that are,
    Grant us Thy nearness. Let Thy might
    Spell itself through the silent night.

    In midnight skies, or restless sea,
    Teach us to find some touch of Thee.
    Teach us the strength of the swaying pine,
    The courage to sink our lives in Thine;

    And in duties that irk and worries that thrall
    To find Thee waiting behind them all.
    God grant that in lowliest things we may see
    Their link to a reasoned Eternity.

    Now the New Year comes and the Old takes flight;
    Dear God of our years, be close tonight!

  8. Now the New Year comes and the Old takes flight; Dear God of our years, be close tonight!
    New Year Quotes

  9. This Year Shall Be The Best
    by George L. Perin

    With outstretched hand and eager heart,
    I shall meet the New Year like a messenger of God
    Come to bring me good news.

    I shall not be afraid as if he were come to spy upon my actions;
    I shall not question him as if I doubted his veracity;
    I shall not distrust him as if he bore a poisoned chalice,
    For then were he to me no messenger of God.

    The years have all been good,
    But this year shall be the best of all because
    The very latest word from Him who loves me.

  10. New Year's Hymn
    New Year's Hymn

  11. This New Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    For the year that has passed, Lord we thank you.
    For the coming year, Lord we thank you.
    For the people you have put in our path, Lord we thank you
    For the blessings you have generously given us, Lord we thank you.

    Let us being your shining light in this new year.
    Let us always see and help with the needs of others this new year.
    Let us share what we have this new year.
    And, let us praise and worship you in freedom this new year.

  12. New Years Blessings
    New Years Blessings

  13. Stroke of Twelve
    Poet: George L. Perin

    How the stroke of twelve at night makes one stop and think!
    It is a little more impressive than any other hour of the day or night.
    Yet more impressive is the passing of a year.
    It is the last day of the Old Year.
    The clock ticks loud as if by the swinging of the pendulum of fate.
    One waits as for a signal to launch his boat upon an unknown sea — a New Year.
    He knows not what storm or tide may catch his craft nor whither it may be driven.
    Yet he may not wait, the hour strikes, he must embark.
    Ah, then he needs a God, bigger than the storms and winds and rocks,
    a God that lives and stays and speaks.

  14. Religious New Years Poems
    Religious New Years Poems

  15. At The Close Of The Year
    Poet: Jennie Mast

    In solemn measured tones the midnight bells
    Ring: out the closing of another year,
    The while with gratitude our bosom swells
    As on its closing page we drop a tear.
    Its folded diary we'll lay aside,
    Nor pause the moistened pages to interview;
    If failures in its columns are inscribed,
    A spotless one is offered in the new.

    If any past event we would recall,
    Forbid that failure interpose a pain;
    His tender love so gracious unto all
    Will count the failures past a future gain.
    And while upon the threshold of the new
    We linger at His lovely feet to pray,
    Depending on his guardian love so true
    To keep the new year's pages clean each day.

    We would not fail to hymn a grateful song
    For blessings past that marked the old year through:
    Have not the closed pages one by one
    Been sprinkled oft with Horeb's precious dew?
    And on those moistened leaves we can retrace
    The needed strength in sorest trials given;
    In memory 'twill hold a sacred place
    When we review the record up in heaven.

    Methinks if yonder record we might see,
    Our weepings should become one grateful song;
    For we would find inscribed indelibly
    The victories our tears and prayers have won;
    For there in golden letters are enrolled
    The precious jewels added to His crown —
    The straying ones we sheltered from the cold
    Or gathered 'neath the noonday's beaming sun.

    The new year offers us a wider range
    In which our faith may exercise a claim,
    And from the millions lost 'twould not be strange
    If many precious souls should be our gain.
    For this we'll labor on from early morn,
    And in the shade of each approaching night
    We'll pray that from the seeds our hands have strewn
    Some fallen, helpless souls may see the light.

    Afar beyond the ocean's rolling waves
    A multitude awaits the joyful sound,
    And Calvary's atonement freely saves
    Wherever the lost and dying may be found.
    In all the world, from Greenland's icy strand
    To every isle and clime beyond the sea,
    All creatures who repent at His command
    Are bound in cords of love and unity.

    We trust that ere the midnight bells so true
    Shall ring the closing of another year
    Our gathered sheaves may number not a few,
    Though they be sprinkled over with many a tear.
    If missing tithes today were quickly brought,
    Each laborer would surely be supplied,
    And far and near His jewels would be sought;
    For lack of means not one would be denied.

    And in that coming year's immortal dawn —
    That grand new year whose bells will never toll —
    We'll find the triumphs that our labor won
    Will number many a precious ransomed soul.
    What matter for the painful toiling here?
    What matter for the weepings all the way,
    If we but gain that other blessed new year,
    Where sighings cease and tears are wiped away?

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