6 Inspirational Poems For The New Year

Poems that will inspire you to look forward to the new year with excitement and expectation. A New Year that can be filled with all that you wish for. We hope these inspirational poems inspire and motivate you.

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  1.  Let The New Year Be
    Poet: Unknown

    Let the New Year be to you
    As a childish playmate new,
    Stealing suddenly among
    Apple-boughs that overhung.

    Greet him half in confidence,
    Half as ready for defence!
    Is he come to tease or play?
    Will he give or take away?

    Let him come as friend or foe!
    No New Year can overthrow
    This our friendship that has grown
    From the years that now are flown

  2. New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story? Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours. Alex Morritt
    New Year Poems

    An inspirational poem that reminds us none of us can see what the future holds. But trusting in God will see us through any situation.

  3. Look To The Future
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    We cannot look into the future,
    We cannot tell if the New Year,
    Will bring us fresh sorrows to mourn o'er,
    Or bring us new blessings to cheer.

    But an all-seeing God is above us,
    Who knows what for each one is best,
    Who in this world will care for and love us,
    And bring us at last to our rest.

  4. Christian Poems For The New Year
    Christian Poems For The New Year

    One year ends another begins. In this inspirational poem, John Imrie describes feelings we have as one year finishes and we look forward to the New Year. We say goodbye to a year gone by, some of us are happy to see the year end, and others are sad to see another year gone. John talks about the seasons and how they come and go, with happiness and sorrow.  And with the new year coming we always hope that we have become wiser by learning from past lessons. To summarize, in John Imrie's poem there is hope in a New Year, hope for a good year!  

  5. The Old Year And The New
    Poet: John Imrie

    Listen to the midnight bell,
    Tolling out the old year's knell,
    O'er our hearts there comes a spell
    Such as when we say — ''Farewell!"
    As we ponder o'er the past.
    Eyes are dim and overcast,
    Silent falls full many a tear
    As we part with thee — Old Year!

    Seasons come and seasons go,
    Summer's flowers and Winter's snow,
    Like the ocean's ebb and flow, —
    Joy and pain, and weal and woe!
    Birthday greetings — glad and gay-
    Wedded hearts were linked for aye,
    Not a churchyard but a mound
    Tells what reaper Death has found.

    Yet we welcome thee, New Year,
    And approach thee without fear,
    Though we know not what may be
    Portion'd out for us in thee;
    Let us hope, and watch, and pray,
    Growing wiser day by day;
    Learning lessons from the past,
    As this year may be our last!

    Though the Old Year now must go,
    Shrouded in a sheet of snow!
    May the snow an emblem be
    Of the New Year's purity!
    As our footsteps in the snow
    Show the path we wish to go,
    May each day our record be —
    Coming nearer, God, to Thee!

  6. Famous New Year Poems
    Famous New Year Poems

    The inspirational poem below is great to send to someone you have been thinking about but are unable to see.

  7. At The End Of The Year
    Poet: Agnes Davenport Bond

    I cannot let the old year die
    Without a thought of you
    Without a wish for Christmas joys,
    And New Year Blessings too.

    It is a time when all the world
    Seems like a joyous choir,
    That reaches out to spread good will,
    And wakens with desire.

    It is a time when friends and kin
    Meet round a common board,
    To share the love and fellowship
    That happy days afford.

    And now my warmest wishes go
    To loved ones and to friends
    That peace and joy be in your hearts
    And love that never ends.

  8. new years blessings
    New Years Blessings

    Moving forward means leaving the past in the past. Let this inspirational poem be one that reminds you that your attitude plays an important part in your success and how your year will play out.

  9. Forgive The Past, Live The Future
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Before us is a brand new year,
    to live as we choose
    Our attitude will determine
    if we win or lose.

    Leave the year behind with
    its ups and downs,
    Don't dwell on the
    smiles and especially the frowns.

    Look forward to a brand new year,
    a year of a brand-new start
    A year to achieve your goals
    and life to take part.

  10. A Golden Time
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    O childhood is a golden time,
    When all the world is bright,
    When sunshine comes with every morn,
    Sweet dreams with every night.

    Were I a fairy, I would give
    To thee a magic kiss,
    That should ensure for the New Year,
    As fair a time as this.

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