14 Funny New Year Poems

The best way to start a new year is with a chuckle. Read our funny New Year poems to add a humorous thought to the beginning of your year.

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  1. The Years Go By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Where do the years go, my dear, I wonder,
    Do they vanish in a cosmic blunder?
    Like socks that vanish from the dryer's heat,
    The years go missing, vanishing complete.

    Yet still we say Happy New Year! with cheer,
    As though it's victory, not loss we hear.
    Perhaps, my dear, it’s simply our way
    Of embracing change and finding joy each day.

  2. New Year Poems
    New Year Poems

  3. Do I Make A New Year's Resolution
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On New Year's Eve, the clock strikes twelve,
    I make resolutions all by myself.
    To change my ways and start anew,
    But deep down I know it won't come true.

    I vow to exercise, hit the gym each day,
    Yet my couch becomes my permanent stay.
    My resolution blues, they make me sigh,
    For once again, it was all a lie.

  4. The Bills Roll In
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Christmas is over, New Year is here,
    But the bills start rolling, oh dear, oh dear!
    Santa’s gifts and decorations were grand,
    Now it's time to pay, with wallet in hand.

    Credit cards groaning with weight and strain,
    Oh, this new year's beginning feels like a pain!
    Yet let’s laugh at this financial rhyme,
    For humor is what makes it all fine.

  5. The Clock Strikes Midnight
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As the clock strikes midnight, we cheer,
    Happy New Year, the day is here!
    But wait, what's this I fear?
    12 months ahead, and we're one year older, dear!

    January brings resolutions anew,
    February's chocolates make us forget a few.
    March comes in like a lion, rawr!
    April fools us with pranks galore!

    May makes us wonder where time goes,
    June brings summer, sunburns and woes.
    July has fireworks lighting up the sky,
    Oh my, oh my, how time does fly!

    So here's to the year that lies ahead,
    Let's face it with laughter instead.
    With humor as our guiding light,
    We'll tackle each day with all our might!

  6. month poems
    Month Poems

    Short Funny New Year Poems

  7. New Year's resolutions, they say,
    We make them, then they fade away.
    But this year, I will do my best,
    To keep them all, and pass the test!

  8. As the clock strikes midnight, we cheer,
    But by 12:01, I'm already here.
    Eating snacks, what can I say?
    New Year's diet starts another day!

  9. Out with the old, in with the new,
    My alarm clock's ringing, oh, if I only knew.
    Waking up early, that was the plan,
    But my bed's so cozy, I'm a big fan!

  10. Fireworks in the sky so bright,
    But I'm in my PJs, a comfy sight.
    Who needs parties, all that fuss?
    New Year's Eve is for Netflix and us!

  11. Resolutions made, a lengthy list,
    But by January's end, they're often missed.
    So this year, I've made a new decree,
    I'll keep my resolutions, I won't forget quickly.

  12. New Year's Eve, a night so grand, But I'm in bed by nine, isn't that quite bland? No wild parties, no disco ball, Just me and my pillow, that's my call!
    New Year Quotes

  13. In the gym, the place is packed,
    New Year's resolutions, they're all attacked.
    But I'm on the couch, chips in hand,
    Watching TV, oh, ain't life grand?

  14. New Year's Day, a fresh start they say,
    But I'll snooze my alarm, that's the way.
    No early riser, no morning run,
    But a new day to have fun!

  15. January's here, it's cold and gray,
    But I've got hot cocoa, so I'll be okay.
    No diets for me, that's the rule,
    I'll eat marshmallows until I'm full!

  16. Another year, it's time to begin,
    But I'll take it slow, with a grin.
    No rush, no stress, just laughter and cheer,
    I will look forward with no fear!

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