19 Month Poems

Welcome to Month Poems, Each Month Brings Beauty, a collection of short poems that delve into the essence of each month within the seasons. In this collection, you will find inspiration and reflection on how every month carries its own distinctiveness, like a colorful thread woven into the fabric of time.

As you read these poems, we are reminded of the fleeting nature of these months, for they swiftly pass by, often quicker than we can fathom. Thus, it becomes imperative to pause, to appreciate, and to celebrate each month for the unique treasures it holds.

Join us in embracing the beauty that unfolds with the changing seasons, and may these poems kindle a sense of wonder and gratitude for the passing of time and the joys it brings.

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  1. The Months
    Poet: Sara Coleridge

    January brings the snow,
    Makes our feet and fingers glow;

    February brings rain,
    Thaws the frozen lake again;

    March brings breezes loud and shrill,
    Stirs the dancing daffodil;

    April brings the primrose sweet,
    Scatters daisies at our feet;

    May brings flocks of pretty lambs,
    Skipping by their fleecy dams;

    June brings tulips, lilies, roses,
    Fills the children's hands with posies;

    Hot July brings cooling showers,
    Apricots and gilliflowers;

    August brings the sheaves of corn,
    Then the harvest home is borne;

    Warm September brings the fruit, —
    Sportsmen then begin to shoot;

    Fresh October brings the pheasant, —
    Then to gather nuts is pleasant;

    Dull November brings the blast, —
    Then the leaves are whirling fast;

    Chill December brings the sleet.
    Blazing fire, and Christmas treat.

  2. September Poems
    September Poems

  3. Days Of The Month

    Thirty days hath September,
    April, June, and November,
    All the rest have thirty-one,
    But February twenty-eight,
    The Leap Year, which comes once in four,
    Gives February one day more.

  4. New day, new month, new visions  Charmaine J Forde

  5. Months Of The Year
    by Catherine Pulsifer

    January, the start of the year, could be considered a new beginning
    To set your goals and keep on living.

    February the cold is here
    But celebrate Valentine's Day with those who are dear.

    March the hope of spring arrives
    We are always glad to see winter die.

    May, the tulips blossom bright
    The days get longer giving us more light

    June brings weather warm
    But also black flies that like to swarm.

    July the summer is finally here
    The skies are blue and oh so clear!

    August brings vacation time
    A time to relax and just unwind.

    September sees the kids back to school
    Back to work and many schedules.

    October the days begin to chill
    But Halloween always brings a thrill.

    November reminds us winter is near
    We are coming to the end of the year.

    December brings us shorter days and cold
    Many Christmas stories are told.

    Be thankful for each month of the year
    Each month brings a blessing for you to hear!

  6. Be thankful for each month of the year Each month brings a blessing for you to hear!
    October Poems

  7. Beautiful Things
    Poet: Unknown

    Beautiful things there are coming this way
    Nearer and nearer, every day
    Yes, closer and closer.

    Mischievous showers, and faint little smells
    Of far-away flowers in far-away dells,
    Are coming in April.

    Sly little blossoms that clamber along
    Close to the ground till they grow big and strong,
    Are coming in May.

    Roses and bees and a big yellow moon,
    Coming together in beautiful June
    In lovely midsummer.

    Pretty red cherries, and bright little flies,
    Twinkling and turning the fields into skies,
    Will come in July.

    Feathery clouds, and long, still afternoons
    Scarce a leaf stirring, and birdies’ soft croons,
    Are coming in August.

    Glimpses of blue through the poppies and wheat.
    And one little birthday on fast-flying feet,
    Will come in September.

  8. Autumn poems
    Autumn Poems

  9. Each Month
    Poet: Unknown

    January falls the snow,
    February cold winds blow,
    In March peep out the early flowers,
    And April comes with sunny showers.
    In May the roses bloom so gay,
    In June the farmer mows his hay,
    In July brightly shines the sun,
    In August harvest is begun.
    September turns the green leaves brown,
    October winds then shake them down,
    November fills with bleak and smear,
    December comes and ends the year.

  10. Every month there is a reason to celebrate
    Winter Poems

  11. A Reason To Celebrate
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Every month there is a reason to celebrate
    Birthdays and lots of cake.
    But special occasions do arise
    They happen each year they are no surprise.

    January we celebrate and wish a happy new year
    We look forward with much cheer.
    We think of the things we want to achieve
    Then set our goals and believe.

    February brings love out front
    A cupid goes on the hunt.
    We tell our loved ones how much we love
    Them and think they are sent from God above

    March sees St. Patrick's Day and green we wear
    We celebrate the day with a flair.
    We often claim Irish to be
    Everyone is Irish and happy.

    April gives us hope of spring
    People retire and start living
    Graduations happen too
    April brings lots to do.

    And then May is suddenly appears
    A time to get out as winter disappears
    We celebrate our Mothers dear
    Tell Mom we love her forever and a year!

    June is the month we celebrate dear old Dad
    We tell him he's the best Dad a person could have had
    Graduation is celebrated
    We are proud of our kids, now educated.

    July is the month for vacation time
    All year long we saved our dimes.
    We look forward to relaxation
    As we go on our vacation.

    August brings the bounty of the season
    We planted our garden just for this reason
    We enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables
    Making each meal delectable.

    September brings warm days, cool nights
    And you find some children delight
    In going back to school each day
    And others hate it in every way.

    October brings trick or treat
    Full of candy that is oh, so sweet
    Children dress up,
    And the pumpkins we carve

    November sees the cold arrive
    South we want to drive.
    We can feel winter on the rise
    Much to many's demise.

    Finally, December is here
    Christmas comes with lots of cheer.
    The month with a reason
    Jesus Christ was born in this season.

  12. December poems
    December Poems

  13. The Eleventh Month
    Catherine Pulsifer

    November, a month so dear,
    Bringing moments to hold near.
    Leaves paint the world in vibrant hues,
    Autumn's beauty, a breathtaking muse.

    Thanksgiving's warmth fills the air,
    Grateful hearts, love we share.
    Family gathers, feasting delight,
    Laughter and memories, shining bright.

    In November's embrace, we reflect,
    Heroes are honored, their sacrifices connect.
    Remembrance Day, a solemn hour,
    Honoring bravery, their courage towers.

    Nature whispers winter's near,
    November's transition is oh so clear.
    Days grow shorter, and a gentle nudge,
    Winter's arrival, a seasonal judge.

    November, a month of change and grace,
    Where gratitude finds its rightful place.
    In this eleventh month, we embrace,
    All the wonders November does encase.

  14. November Poems
    November Poems

  15. The Month Of February
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    February, bringer of winter winds so cold
    Yet love and warmth doth thou unfold
    A short month, but with much to give
    Valentine's Day, a reason to live.

    Excitement in the air, hearts all aflutter
    Roses, chocolates and sweet nothings we utter
    February, oh how we cherish thee
    For thou art the month of love and glee.

  16. February Poems
    February Poems

  17. The Month Of March
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The March winds blow with a restless might,
    As winter clings on to its last dreary night.
    But beneath the snow, the earth awakes,
    A new beginning that no season can fake.

    The buds and sprouts of life appear,
    As Hope and Renewal begin to near.
    This month of change is never slow,
    March, brings Life's eternal flow.

  18. March Poems
    March Poems

  19. Months of The Year
    Author Unknown

    In January comes the snow,
    And the glad New Year, you know.

    In February, banners gay
    Float for Washington’s Birthday.

    In March the merry winds are blowing,
    What care we for ice and snowing?

    In April ’mid the sun and rain,
    Flowers spring up once again.

    In May when apple blossoms blow,
    Round the May Pole we will go.

    In June we sing a merry tune,
    Glad vacation is coming soon.

    In July, our glad July,
    Rockets soar up toward the sky.

    In August dusty golden-rod,
    Springs up where the fairies trod.

    In September school-bells ring,
    All the birds are on the wing.

    In October overhead,
    All the leaves turn yellow and red.

    In November get the sleigh,
    Soon will come Thanksgiving Day.

    In December if you please,
    We will trim the Christmas trees.

  20. Spring Poems
    Spring Poems

  21. Nature Awakens
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    April has arrived, milder weather's here,
    Nature awakens with newfound cheer,
    Flowers bloom in hues so bright,
    Lush green landscapes are now in sight.

    Longer daylight hours make us thrilled,
    With all new possibilities and things fulfilled,
    Excitement is in the air, we can't deny;
    April has brought joy and wonder nigh!

  22. April Poems
    April Poems

  23. The Month Of May
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    May brings warmth and light,
    Flowers blooming, oh what a sight!
    Celebrating Mothers, May Day too,
    All the things that we'll pursue.

    Memorial Day, remembrance so true,
    Honoring heroes is what we'll do.
    Excitement fills our hearts this month,
    Oh May, please stay - we love your touch!

  24. May Poems
    May Poems

  25. The Month of June
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, June, how I await your embrace,
    With longer and warmer days in your grace,
    Time for vacations to start and endless fun,
    When we bask under the glorious sun.

    Flowers bloom with colors so bright,
    A wonderful month I see in my sight!
    With joy in my heart and excitement too,
    June means summer is here that's true!

  26. June Poems
    June Poems

  27. The Month Of July
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The month of July, oh how it hums,
    Bringing warmth and joy to everyone.
    It's time for fun and play in the sun,
    Vacation draws near, excitement begun.
    Beaches, parks, and pools we'll run,
    Taking in the rays with no undone.
    July, we love to see this month come.

  28. July Poems
    July Poems

  29. The Month of August
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    August, oh how you bring the summer's heat,
    With days so long and filled with pure delight,
    Vacations beckon, adventures to meet,
    Endless sun-kissed memories taking flight.

    Yet as school approaches, excitement grows strong,
    New friends and knowledge in a world unknown,
    Fall whispers its arrival, change sings its song.
    Oh August, you set our hearts all aglow.

  30. August Poems
    August Poems

  31. A Magical Month
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    October has arrived, oh what a delight!
    A magical month, full of spooks in the night.
    Costumes and pumpkins, ghosts and witches too,
    Halloween whispers, it's time for boo!

    Children all dressed up with mischief in their eyes,
    Trick or treating beneath the haunted skies.
    Laughter and candy fill each little hand,
    Oh October, cherished month in this wonderland!

  32. Each Month
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Each month, a tapestry anew,
    Unfolds its colors, changing hue.
    Like seasons' dance, life's ebb and flow,
    Embrace the shifts, and let them grow.

    January starts with resolutions bright,
    A fresh beginning, a spark of light.
    February arrives with love's sweet reign,
    Hearts entwined, emotions untamed.

    March comes in like a lion's roar,
    Awakening Earth, from shore to shore.
    April showers bring flowers to bloom,
    Nature's revival, dispelling gloom.

    May arrives, dressed in vibrant array,
    Life blossoms forth, in full display.
    June brings warmth and golden rays,
    Endless possibilities in summer's blaze.

    July ignites the spirit, freedom's call,
    Fireworks burst, lighting up the fall.
    August embraces lazy days and ease,
    A moment to relax, unwind, and seize.

    September whispers of change on the breeze,
    Leaves cascading, like painted keys.
    October paints landscapes with fiery hues,
    Autumn's symphony, an awe-inspiring muse.

    November arrives with a grateful heart,
    Harvest's abundance, a season's art.
    December's embrace, a time of cheer,
    Celebrations of love, drawing near.

    Each month brings changes, ever so clear,
    Like the seasons' cycle, we must adhere.
    Embrace life's shifts, find beauty within,
    For in each moment, a new chapter begins.

  33. Poems About the Change of Seasons
    Poems About the Change of Seasons

  34. In Summer
    Poet: Paul Laurence Dunbar

    Oh, summer has clothed the earth
    In a cloak from the loom of the sun!
    And a mantle, too, of the skies’ soft blue,
    And a belt where the rivers run.

    And now for the kiss of the wind,
    And the touch of the air’s soft hands,
    With the rest from strife and the heat of life,
    With the freedom of lakes and lands.

    I envy the farmer’s boy
    Who sings as he follows the plow;
    While the shining green of the young blades lean
    To the breezes that cool his brow.

    He sings to the dewy morn,
    No thought of another’s ear;
    But the song he sings is a chant for kings
    And the whole wide world to hear.

    He sings of the joys of life,
    Of the pleasures of work and rest,
    From an o’erfull heart, without aim or art;
    ‘Tis a song of the merriest.

    O ye who toil in the town,
    And ye who moil in the mart,
    Hear the artless song, and your faith made strong
    Shall renew your joy of heart.

    Oh, poor were the worth of the world
    If never a song were heard,—
    If the sting of grief had no relief,
    And never a heart were stirred.

    So, long as the streams run down,
    And as long as the robins trill,
    Let us taunt old Care with a merry air,
    And sing in the face of ill.

  35. Summer Poems
    Summer Poems

  36. The Months of The Seasons
    Poet: Kate Summers

    The Winter months of January, February, and March do bring
    Cold weather for skating, and tobogganing
    We tend to stay more indoors
    The cold is not what many adore.

    The Spring Months of April, May, and June do bring
    Longer days and warmer feelings
    We feel the warmth of the sun
    We start looking forward to summer and its fun.

    The Summer Months of July, August, and September do bring
    Sunshine, and vacations we love living
    We spend more outdoor time
    We work less and have more downtime.

    The Fall Months of October, November, and December do bring
    Shorter days and we start wishing for spring.
    Celebrations each month we do
    Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas too!

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