Autumn Poems

Be inspired by these short autumn poems about fall that encourage you to enjoy the fall season. The beauty of the season can be inspiring and motivating.

Autumn is the time of year when the air is cooler but the days are usually filled with sunshine and warmth. The colors of the trees can be breathtaking, to say the least.

We hope these autumn poems are ones that will help you appreciate the season.

Poems About The Seasons / Autumn Poems

autumn poems to inspire

Zivan Vujcic, 2005

Yellow leaves are falling
covering the ground in gold,
through the forest I'm strolling
watching a circle that the nature has just made,
but why do I feel old
when the summer colours start to fade?

Every leaf that has fallen
reminds me of grey in my hair
that passing time has stolen
which once used to be long and fair,
every bird that has flown to south
like another breath taken from my mouth

While days are getting shorter
and flies are dancing their last,
life enters into its final quarter
how the time is passing so fast, I realize
yesterday is already today's past
before tomorrow brings a new surprise

I wish I was here and there in my life
but to many places I've never been
while the thick fog is still rolling
that could almost be cut with a knife
through this autumn morning
and the sun behind dark clouds can't be seen

Listening to this tapping sound
of the rain pouring to the ground
and the wind playing with the last leaves at will
in whisps they will be scattered
butterflies are dead, their dust shattered
but the colours of their wings remain, still

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poems reflecting the beauty of the season

Poet - Robert Frost

A scent of ripeness from over a wall.
And come to leave the routine road
And look for what had made me stall,
There, sure enough was an apple tree
That had eased itself of its summer load.

And of all but its trivial foliage free,
Now breathed as light as a lady’s fan.
For there had been an apple fall
As complete as the apple had given man.
The ground was one circle of solid red.

May something always go unharvested!
May much stay out of our stated plan,
Apples or something forgotten and left,
So smelling their sweetness would be no theft.

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famous autumn poems

An October Garden
Poet: Christina Rossetti, 1830 - 1894

In my Autumn garden I was fain
To mourn among my scattered roses;
Alas for that last rosebud which uncloses
To Autumn's languid sun and rain
When all the world is on the wane!
Which has not felt the sweet constraint of June,
Nor heard the nightingale in tune.

Broad-faced asters by my garden walk,
You are but coarse compared with roses:
More choice, more dear that rosebud which uncloses,
Faint-scented, pinched, upon its stalk,
That least and last which cold winds balk;
A rose it is though least and last of all,
A rose to me though at the fall.

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poetry about autumn

Autumn Oracle
Poet:  Laura Lee Randall

A sunset sky, and the west wind sighing,
A threat of winter . . . The wild gulls crying;
Swift flocks of birds to the southland winging;
Bare brown boughs in a frenzy flinging
Dying leaves that for long were holden,
Now driting, dropping, crimson and golden.

The fallen leaves, in uncounted number,
Are warmly quilting the wildflowers' slumber;
There are buds on the bough...a springtime presage…
The birds will return with a lyric message:
The wild gull's cry holds a hint of mating,
To conquer cold is the hearth fire waiting.

The west wind's sighs are of love, not sorrow,
And the sunset sky is the sign for tomorrow.

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autumn colors in these verses

Poet: Trumbull Stickney, 1874 - 1904

These autumn gardens, russet, gray and brown,
The sward with shriveled foliage strown,
The shrubs and trees
By weary wings of sunshine overflown
And timid silences, -

Since first you, darling, called my spirit yours,
Seem happy, and the gladness pours
From day to day,
And yester-year across this year endures
Unto next year away.

Now in these places where I used to rove
And give the dropping leaves my love
And weep to them,
They seem to fall divinely from above,
Like to a diadem

Closing in one with the disheartened flowers.
High up the migrant birds in showers
Shine in the sky,
And all the movement of the natural hours
Turns into melody.

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I Like Fall
Poet: Aileen Fisher

I like fall:
it always smells smoky,
chimneys wake early,
the sun is poky;

Folks go past
in a hustle and bustle,
and when I scuff
in the leaves,they rustle.

I like fall:
all the hills are hazy,
and after a frost
the puddles look glazy;

And nuts rattle down
where nobody's living.
and pretty soon...
it will be Thanksgiving.

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Poet: John Richard Moreland

Autumn, Autumn, you did not see me spying
When you laid your hand caressingly on summer’s drowsy head,
But I saw her start and shiver,
And I saw her wake and quiver,
For your touch was cold as snow-time
Though your mouth was flaming red.

Autumn, Autumn, you did not see me watching
As you crept among the grasses and swayed them with your breath.
When the wild flowers bent to meet you,
And the trees reached out to greet you,
For they thought your touch was beauty
But they found your kiss was death!

Autumn, Autumn, I hate you and I love you,
For with all your flame and passion you are nothing but a thief,
Though you rival spring’s flame-magic,
You are a lover old and tragic,
And your purple, gold and crimson
But a mask to hide your grief.
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Poet: Frances R. Haverga

An April burst of beauty,
And a May like the Mays of old.
And a glow of summer gladness
While June her long days told;
And a hush of golden silence
All through the bright July,
Without one peal of thunder,
Or a storm-wreath in the sky;
And a fiery reign of August,
Till the moon was on the wane;
And then short clouded evenings,
And a long and chilling rain.

I thought the summer was over,
And the whole year's glory spent,
And that nothing but fog and drizzle
Could be for Autumn meant; —
Nothing but dead leaves, falling
Wet on the dark, damp mold.
Less and less of the sunshine,
More and more of the cold.

Is thy life-summer passing?
Think not thy joys are o'er!
Thou hast not seen what Autumn
For thee may have in store.
Calmer than breezy April,
Cooler than August blaze.
The fairest time of all may be
September's golden days.
Press on, though Summer waneth,
And falter not, nor fear,
For God can make the Autumn
The glory of the year.

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