10 Spring Poems, Short Poems

10 Spring Poems

Enjoy these Spring poems. Let the poems remind you that spring is a time of renewal.

One of the best times of the year, Spring! Enjoy these short poems expressing the Poet's views about Spring. Our very first and best thoughts of spring are ones of life. Everything seems to come alive in the spring. It is a joyous and wonderful time of the year.

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  1. Smile Of Spring
    Poet: John Greenleaf Whittier

    A beautiful and happy girl,
    With step as light as summer air.
    Eyes glad with smiles, and brow of pearl,
    Shadowed by many a careless curl
    Of unconnned and flowing hair;
    A seeming child in every thing.
    Save thoughtful brow and ripening charms,
    As Nature wears the smile of Spring
    When sinking into Summer's arms.

  2. Spring
    Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

    Velvet hills on every hand —
    Nature broods o'er vale and rand;
    Water lilies grace each pond —
    Poppies deck the fields beyond.

    Mountain-peak, with hoary head,
    Purple robes o'er him are spread —
    Towers in grandeur — awe instills —
    Father of the lesser hills.

    Leave your carking cares behind,
    Poor are those to Nature blind;
    Winter gone — all's new in Spring —
    With the birds exultant sing.

  3. Spring
    William Cullen Bryant

    The country ever has a lagging Spring,
    Waiting for May to call its violets forth,
    And June its roses- showers and sunshine bring,
    Slowly, the deepening verdure o'er the earth;
    To put their foliage out, the woods are slack,
    And one by one the singing-birds come back.

    Within the city's bounds the time of flowers
    Comes earlier. Let a mild and sunny day,
    Such as full often, for a few bright hours,
    Breathes through the sky of March the airs of May,
    Shine on our roofs and chase the wintry gloom-
    And lo! our borders glow with sudden bloom.

  4. Spring Flowers
Poet - Louise Seymour Jones
Spring flowers are long since gone.
Summer's bloom hangs limp on every terrace.
The gardener's feet drag a bit on the dusty path
and the hinge in his back is full of creaks.

  5. The Lawn Mower
    Poet: Sarah Barber

    When we finally flip it over
    the fireflies are out. The neighbor boy
    has had his stitches in so I can finally admit
    I think it is all fantastic: the suck
    of the spark plug undone, the stuck blade
    bent into the guard, and the sound
    of the hammer’s head reshaping the metal.
    In this our suburban Eden we've only
    a teenage Adam too dreamy to manage
    his motorized scythe and silly Eve leaving
    her coffee cups and plastic plant pots
    behind in the grass. Though it's a long way
    from a fall, this spring's first disaster,
    I did like the thin thread of red
    on his upper lip, and I like my mower
    turned over among the glowworms,
    a monstrous dandelion as unnatural as we
    are, out in a garden, with our untidy
    golds and our dangerous sharps.

  6. Early Spring
    Poet: William Wordsworth

    Through primrose tufts, in that green bower,
    The periwinkle trailed its wreaths;
    And ’tis my faith that every flower
    Enjoys the air it breathes.

    The birds around me hopped and played,
    Their thoughts I cannot measure:—
    But the least motion which they made
    It seemed a thrill of pleasure...

  7. A Welcome To Spring
    by Mary Snell

    Cold winter is gone with his ice and his snow,
    And hushed are the rude winds that fiercely did blow,
    Fair spring has returned with her soft frequent gales,
    That steal o'er the mountains and sigh through the vales.

    How gladly we hail the return of the spring,
    Fair prospects, gay sunshine, her presence doth bring;
    The fields are arrayed in their verdure once more,
    Good bye to cold winter and rude tempests roar.

    The streamlets go singing and murmuring on,
    They seem to rejoice that the winter is gone;
    And nature has spread her soft carpet again
    Of emerald green over valley and plain.

    Away through the fields to the hill tops repair,
    In the bright rosy morning, and breathe the fresh air,
    And join with the birds in full chorus to greet
    The beautiful spring time so balmy and sweet.

    Fresh beauty is scattered profusely around,
    All nature springs into new life at a bound;
    The lambs skip and sport‌ in their frolicsome glee,
    The birds and the beasts seem as happy as we.

    The earth seems to smile and the sky looks so blue,
    We feel as if life was beginning anew;
    The aged and young all rejoice to behold
    The beautiful spring its rare treasures unfold.

    A voice softly whispers be grateful to God,
    Who pours out his blessings so freely abroad;
    Then gratitude flows from our hearts as we sing,
    And hail with delight the bright beautiful spring.

  8. The naked earth is warm with Spring,<br>
And with green grass and bursting trees<br>
Leans to the sun's kiss glorying,<br>
And quivers in the sunny breeze.<br>
Julian Grenfell

  9. Sweet May hath come to love us,
    Flowers, trees, their blossoms don;
    And through the blue heavens above us
    The very clouds move on.
    Heinrich Heine

  10. Spring forever appears
    the soothing music part
    of lyrics unspoken.
    It thaws the frozen fears,
    mends the wounded heart
    that Winter has broken.
    Aarno Davidson

  11. The year's at the spring,
    And day's at the morn;
    Morning's at seven;
    The hill-side's dew-pearled;
    The lark's on the wing;
    The snail's on the thorn;
    God's in his Heaven -
    All's right with the world!
    Robert Browning

  12. I've banished Winter, saith the Spring,
    Awake! arise, ye flowers!
    Brisk breezes blow,
    Bright sunshine glow,
    And rouse the young Year's powers.
    Henry James Slack

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