16 Easter Poems

Find Easter poems to give you inspiration and hope. Easter is a time of year when all things renew. May these verses remind you to rejoice and give thanks for Jesus' gift to us - eternal life.

If Easter had not happened, if the resurrection had not happened we would have no hope. Fill your heart with gladness, rejoice in the love of God as He loved you so much he gave His one and only Son so that our sins would be forgiven. Easter, truly a time of celebration!

1. Easter-Tide 2. Easter Bells
3. Easter Carol  

  1. Awakening
    Poet: Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster

    Never yet was a spring-time,
    Late though lingered the snow,
    That the sap stirred not at the whisper
    Of the south wind, sweet and low;
    Never yet was a spring-time
    When the buds forgot to blow.

    Ever the wings of the summer
    Are folded under the mould ;
    Life, that has known no dying,
    Is Love's, to have and to hold,
    Till sudden, the bourgeoning Easter!
    The song! the green and the gold!

  2. An Easter Offering
    Poet: Caris Brooke

    Dear Lord I have no Easter flowers to bring,
    No roses fresh, nor lilies dewy sweet,
    Yet still one offering I may gladly bear
    And lay rejoicing at Thy dearest feet.

    Enfold my weary love in Thy sweet will,
    And keep it closely to Thy pierced side,
    So shall I rest, nor sad and helpless mourn.
    While safe in Thee my love and I abide.

  3. Victory
    Poet: Jennie Harrison

    Out of the shadow of death and the grave,
    Jesus our Saviour hath come,
    Bright in His glory, and mighty to save,
    Free from the taint of the tomb!
    Robes of humanity, sanctified so,
    Worn in His pitying love.
    Drop all their weight of earth-weakness and woe,
    Jesus ascendeth above.

    Victory! Victory! won for us all!
    Let the glad tidings resound;
    Jesus is risen! His trumpet shall call.
    Life and salvation are found.

    Out of the shadow of winter's long night.
    Earth comes in gladness to-day I
    Clad in the garments of spring-time and light,
    Scattering doubt and dismay.
    Beautiful story, that never grows old,
    Pledge from our conquering Lord,
    Earth is redeemed from its darkness and cold,
    Easter hath come at His word.

    Out of the shadow of weakness and fear,
    Let us arise, then, to-day!
    Jesus hath called us; our Easter is here!
    Why should we doubt and delay?
    Here is the path that our Conqueror trod,
    Bright with His blessing of peace;
    These are His blossoms that spring from the sod,
    Telling of hope and release.

  4. Passion Flowers and Easter Lilies
    Poet: Mary Bissell Waterman

    In this brief clianging life of ours,
    Mingling with sweet and fragrant flowers,
    The Passion Flowers entwine;
    They speak of pain and bitter tears,
    Of buried hopes, and fruitless years.
    Of sweat of Blood Divine.

    But when the purple clusters droop,
    Behold the flowers that whisper Hope,
    E'en by the stone sealed tomb;
    For what in Life can bring despair
    If close beside each grief and care
    The Easter Lilies bloom?

  5. Risen
    Poet: Hezekiah Butterworth

    Risen, Christ is risen!
    Hear the angel say;
    Never word so glorious,
    Burst upon the day!
    Risen, Christ is risen!
    Hear the church repeat,
    As her bannered armies
    Follow Jesus' feet.

    Risen, Christ is risen,
    Let our anthems say;
    For our sake the Saviour
    Rose this wondrous day.
    Ours the hopes eternal
    Of his empty tomb;
    Ours regained the Eden
    Of immortal bloom.

    Tenants for a moment
    Of abodes of clay,
    Heirs of habitations
    That shall ne'er decay,
    In his resurrection
    Life is but a breath,
    We his feel shall follow
    Through the gates of death.

    Shines the wondrous morning
    On the ages long!
    Hail it, halls of Zion,
    Glorious now with song!
    Perish, mortal bodies;
    Vanish, empty breath.
    Hail him, — Jesus! Jesus!
    Conqueror of death!

    Risen, Christ is risen!
    Hail the morning bright,
    Children of the promise,
    Children of the light.

  6. Easter Morning
    Poet Jennie Harrison

    Far o'er the distant mountain-tops,
    A radiant light unfolds;
    The tiniest flower-cup nestling there,
    Its tinge of glory holds.
    The watcher thro' the weary night,
    Looks up, with prayerful eyes; —
    And, lo ! the shadows roll away,
    Neath Resurrection skies!

  7. Thine Easter Day
    Poet: Mary Lowe Dickinson

    Within thy heart is there an opened tomb?
    Have God's strong angels rolled the stone away?
    Rises thy dead self from its bonds of clay?
    Breaks Heaven's sweet light across the dark and gloom?
    Then is this day in truth thine Easter day!

    If broken down are stony gates of pride,
    If shrouding bands of earth are torn away,
    If sin and wrath and scorn in thee have died,
    Mourn not the past. The folded shroud beside
    Angels will watch; — it is thine Easter day.

    Rise, new-born soul, and put thine armor on;
    Clasp round thy breast the garment of the light;
    Gird up thy loins for battle. In the fight
    He leads who upward from our sight has gone;
    It is His day; there's no more death nor night,

    No dark, no hurt, no more sharp shame nor loss;
    All buried, hidden 'neath the grave's dark sod;
    All ways forgotten, save the road He trod;
    All burdens naught in sight of His — the cross;
    All joy, alive and safe with Christ in God!

  8. Easter
    Poet: Maria J Dodge

    Uprose the mighty throng
    Through all this broad domain;
    They sang their sweetest Easter song,
    And this the glad refrain:
    Christ the Lord is risen,
    Is risen, is risen again.
    Christ the Lord is risen,
    He hath not died in vain.

    The music rolled along,
    Beneath the cloudless sky,
    And angels round the Throne
    Re-echoed back the cry:
    Christ the Lord is risen,
    Is risen, is risen again.
    Christ the Lord is risen.
    He hath not died in vain.

    And on this Easter day,
    Your joyous hearts upraise;
    For Jesus is the Way;
    Give Him your sweetest praise.
    Christ the Lord is risen.
    Is risen, is risen again.
    Christ the Lord is risen,
    He hath not died in vain.

    Throughout this broad domain
    Uprose the mighty throng;
    And angels caught the sweet refrain
    Of this, their Easter song:
    Christ the Lord is risen.
    Is risen, is risen again.
    Christ the Lord is risen,
    He hath not died in vain.

  9. A Message from the Open Tomb
    Poet: Unknown

    Thrills all the list'ning earth; —
    Death's reign is ended! — night is o'er!
    A New Life springs to birth.
    Love's Miracle has swept away
    The barriers from the soul!
    Christ walks beside us! — and we need
    No hand the "stone" to "roll"!

    Oh, little birds, and blossoms fair.
    Bright heralds of the Spring, —
    About our loved ones' sepulchres,
    Your sweet assurance bring!
    For them, — for us, — there is no death-
    But Life, forevermore!
    Through this low gateway, sanctified
    By Him Who passed before.

    Oh Easter bells, ring tenderly!
    You ring the Master's Word; —
    The sweetest note of victory
    Earth's warriors ever heard!
    'Peace be to you!" — Because I live,
    Ye shall live also! — Ring,
    Till ev'ry prisoned soul shall rise,
    And find The Christ — its King!

  10. Easter Dawn
    Poet: Mary Lowe Dickinson

    Yesterday, distress and gloom,
    Folding shroud and rock-hewn tomb,
    Where to-day is light and bloom.

    Brooding darkness yesterday,
    On the spot where Jesus lay;
    Now the stone is rolled away,

    And triumphant voices ring,
    With the hymn the blessed sing,
    Death at last has lost its sting:

    Lost its sting and lost its sway,
    O'er to-day or yesterday.
    Where is now thy victory?

    Where thy triumph, vaunting grave?
    Seas of pardon softly lave
    Souls the Master rose to save,

    And the Easter bell's glad strain,
    Is for all who, washed from stain,
    Rise henceforth o'er sin and pain!

  11. Dear Friends
    Poet: Mary Bissell Waterman

    Dear friends,
    The Easter tide is near.
    May the comfort it imparts.
    Descend like the very peace of Heaven,
    Into your longing hearts.

  12. Light
    Poet: Ernest Warburton Shurtleff

    Lift up your heads, ye sorrowful! Behold,
    The dawn of Easter floods the hills with flame!
    The sun burns like the light of God’s great name,
    Where heaven’s blue courts are flushed with blushing gold.
    Let day break in thy heart and be consoled!
    Oh, let no more the night thy gladness claim.
    Let Hope arise from out thy doubt and shame,
    As Christ, from death, rose glorified of old.

    Thy spirit is a breathing of thy God,
    Pulsating in its chrysalis of clay.
    The dust that tires thy feet that onward plod
    Is of the night, but thou art of the day.
    Oh, let henceforth that day from Him grow fair,
    And thou shalt hold an inner Easter there!

  13. A Song Of Life
    by Mrs. J. H. Knowles

    Bloom, Easter lilies fair!
    Out of the dust arisen,
    From the deep darkness under the sod
    Quickened to life by the touch of God,
    Oh! tell it abroad with your fragrant breath,
    Life is forever victor of death.

    Ring, happy Easter bells!
    Ring from each temple tower;
    Tell it again where the story is old,
    Tell it afar where it never was told,
    Oh! tell it abroad with jubilant breath,
    Life is forever victor of death.

    Sing, grateful soul of mine!
    Sing till they hear in heaven;
    Song sweeter than that of blossom or bell,
    For joy beyond all that angels can tell,
    How the Life Divine with quickening breath
    Hath made thee forever victor of death.

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