Journey With Jesus

Imagine if you could journey with Jesus when he walked this earth. What an honor, what an experience. But today we can still journey with Jesus by living by the example that he set many years ago.

Greta Zwaan, © 2011

T'was five fish burgers he carried as he dashed to the top of the hill;
His mother had packed him a basket, his appetite to fulfill.
He was young, he was strong, he was healthy; he was eager to follow the crowd,
He had heard of this fellow called "Jesus" and how hearts were swayed, hearts were bowed.

He needed a personal experience -"Never believe all that you hear."
He figured he'd use his own judgment as he pushed through the crowd and drew near.
WOW! There were thousands of people! The most folks that he'd ever seen,
This Jesus had them all seated and slowly he crawled in between.

That many people! Yet, silence. Not a soul uttered a word!
The only one speaking was Jesus, for no other sound could be heard.
It's late; he should eat his lunch now, he should leave and be on his way;
Yet something compelled him to listen, to hear what Jesus would say.

Then he heard Him question those seated, "Did anyone here bring their lunch?"
He offered his fish burger basket, but it couldn't feed this huge bunch!
But Jesus blessed it and broke it - everyone ate and was filled -
All from his basket of burgers!He was astonished and thrilled!

He'd sat at the feet of the Master! He'd given Him all that he had,
And, oh, what a great transformation occurred in the heart of this lad!

In His Steps
Greta Zwaan, ©1994

In His steps I long to walk, a strong and vital bearer,
To give the message to the world, that Jesus Christ is fairer.
Fairer than the clear blue sky, fairer than the flower,
Always giving of His love, awesome, Holy power.

His gentle manner, loving touch, His total care and teaching,
To the deepest soul of man, His love is ever reaching.
No hurts so strong, no fear so great, that He cannot subdue it,
No soul so deeply steeped in sin, that He cannot renew it.

Compassion, love and gentle care are attributes we savour,
When walking in the light He gives, when living in His favour.
Don't feel discouraged when you've failed, and life falls down around you,
Renew your pledge and try again, for Christ's love will surround you.

He fills the gap, forgives the sin, He brings hope and renewal,
Remember, it's for you He died, you are His precious jewel.
Yes! I can walk beside my Lord! His faith will give me power,
It's by His grace and through His love I'm guided every hour.

Quotes About Life With Jesus

There is always a friend that one never loses, and that friend is Jesus. There is wondrous peace, power and solace to all who call His name. Byron R. Pulsifer

Thank God for Jesus and the gracious ways in which he pursues us.

Selena Frederick; Ryan Frederick, Wife in Pursuit
Short Inspirational Quotes

I could experience true acceptance, intimacy, and closeness, and that in the midst of my pain there was One who would never, ever reject me. He is the One who has already suffered great rejection for me. His name is Jesus.

June Hunt

We believe Jesus in heavenly things— our adoption in Christ; so we follow him in earthly things— the adoption of children.

Russell Moore, Adopted for Life

There is only one true friend who will never leave you, and that is Jesus Christ.

Byron R. Pulsifer
God Inspirational Quotes

The Bible says 'Blessed - or happy - is the man whose sins are forgiven.' (Psalm 32) and Jesus Christ alone is the way to that lasting form of happiness.

Brian Johnston, Windows to Faith
Poems About Happiness

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)
Motivational Quotes From The Bible

When we bring our anger under the lordship of Christ—when we learn from a holy God about the origin and purpose of anger—we can heal our relationships.

Gary Chapman, Anger jesus link to angry

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