Poetry about Life and Death

Reflect on this poetry about life and death. May the poems inspire you to live life, love those around you, and to not fear death. None of us know when or how we will die so live each day to the fullest!

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  1. Life
    Poet: C. W. Naylor

    What is life? 'Tis but a vapor
    That remains but one brief day;
    Though our hands are stretched to stay it,
    It must quickly pass away.
    Fleeting are its joys and gladness,
    Though we fain would hold them fast;
    Nothing lingers save a memory
    Of the things that now are past.

    Yet our life is what we make it,
    More than what our lot may be -
    Mild and gentle, sweet and loving,
    Like a sunbeam all may see;
    Or it may be hard and bitter,
    Filled with envy, hate, and woe,
    Seeking only vain self-glory,
    As we tread our path below.

    If our motive be to lighten
    Other souls oppressed by care,
    We shall find that our own burdens
    Are made easier to bear.
    If to shed on those around us,
    Gleams of hope to cheer them on,
    We behold those rays, reflected,
    Turn our darkness into dawn.

    Life is not a dream of fancy,
    Not a worthless stretch of years
    To be squandered in our folly,
    Then to end in bitter tears;
    But a time for earnest striving
    For the right, the good, the true,
    Helping every one around us,
    Cheering hearts our journey through.

    Life is full of deepest meaning,
    Hidden 'neath the gilded dross;
    But its depth is only fathomed
    In the shadow of the Cross.
    Could we feel that every action,
    Every thought and word, would be
    Witness for or 'gainst our spirits
    Throughout all eternity;

    Could we realize the weight of
    Each day's work for good or bad, -
    Would our consciences acquit us?
    Would the knowledge make us glad?
    Or that voice within the bosom,
    Would it speak but to condemn
    For the life and the example
    Lived before our fellow men?

    Life means much, and could we value
    Every moment as it speeds
    On so quickly past recalling,
    Would we spend in evil deeds
    Days and months to us so precious,
    Time we can not value now
    As we shall when life is ebbing-,
    And death's dew is on our brow?

    When we near that dark, cold river,
    Shall we look back with regret
    On a life far worse than wasted,
    That we wish we might forget?
    Noble deeds and brave endeavor
    Bring no pangs in coming days;
    Evil has its own requital;
    Folly ends in sorrow's ways.

    Life is more than mere existing,
    Drifting aimlessly along,
    Yielding to each flitting fancy,
    Whether it be right or wrong;
    We are building, daily building
    For the ages that shall be,
    And the structure we are rearing
    Shall abide eternally.

    'Tis our future selves we're building,
    And our work will surely stand
    Through unceasing ages ever,
    Whether it be vile or grand;
    Build, then, wisely for tomorrow:
    With today thy work is done;
    Haste thou, lest the good intended,
    At the eve be not begun.

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    The Man In The Glass Poem

  3. Through Life
    Poet: Unknown

    We slight the gifts that every season bears,
    And let them fall unheeded from our grasp,
    In our great eagerness to reach and clasp
    The promised treasure of the coming years;

    Or else we mourn some great good passed away,
    And, in the shadow of our grief shut in,
    Refuse the lesser good we yet might win,
    The offered peace and gladness of to-day.

    So through the chambers of our life we pass,
    And leave them one by one and never stay,
    Not knowing how much pleasantness there was
    In each, until the closing of the door
    Has sounded through the house and died away,
    And in our hearts we sigh, "Forevermore!"

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    Train of Life Poem

  5. Suffering
    Poet: Richard C. Trench

    O life, O death, O time,
    O grave where all thmgs flow,
    'Tis yours to make our lot sublime
    With your great weight of woe.

    Though sharpest anguish hearts may wring,
    Though bosoms torn may be.
    Yet suffering is a holy thing;
    Without it what were we?

  6. Unity
    Poet: Susan Coolidge

    If I were told that I must die to-morrow,
    That the next sun
    Which sinks should bear one past all fear and sorrow
    For any one,
    All the fight fought, all the short journey through:
    What should I do?
    I do not think that I should shrink or falter,
    But just go on,
    Doing my work, nor change, nor seek to alter
    Aught that is gone;
    But rise and move and love and smile and pray
    For one more day.

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  8. Tell Him So
    Poet Unknown

    If you have a word of cheer
    That may light the pathway drear
    Of a brother pilgrim here
    Let him know.

    Show him you appreciate
    What he does, and do not wait
    Till the heavy hand of Fate
    Lays him low.

    If your heart contains a thought
    That will brighter make his lot,
    Then in mercy hide it not,
    Tell him so.

    Wait not till your friend is dead
    Ere your compliments are said;
    For the spirit that has fled,
    If it know,
    Does not need to speed it on
    Our poor praise, . . .
    But unto our brother here
    That poor praise is very dear.
    If you've any word of cheer
    Tell him so.

    Life is hard enough at best,
    But the love that is expressed
    Makes it seem a pathway blest
    To our feet;
    And the troubles that we share
    Seem the easier to bear.

  9. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
    Quotes about Life and Death

  10. Death Not A Fear
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    God gave us life to enjoy the beauty of His creation
    He gave us the Bible as a solid foundation
    How to live, how to find peace and happiness
    In a culture that is full of business.

    And death shall not be a fear
    If we believe in Jesus and hear
    The promises that God declares
    For heaven, it does prepare.

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  12. 'Twas Best
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    Like a star, whose beams are brighter
    When skies are dark above,
    So shines, in night of sorrow,
    The light of God’s great love.

    We may not see its lustre,
    While heads are bowed in prayer,
    But looking just above us
    We find its glories there.

    Our tears may dim the vision
    And we may question why;
    But some day He will answer
    Where souls shall never die.

    Above the gathering shadows,
    Beyond the gloom of years,
    God’s star will shine forever,
    Undimmed by Sorrow’s tears.
    Some day, when He shall lead us
    To our eternal rest,
    We’ll know life’s hidden meaning
    And we shall say: “’Twas best.”

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  14. Anxious Care
    Poet: Gay

    Why lose we life in anxious cares
    To lay in hoards for future years?
    Can these, when tortured by disease.
    Cheer our sick hearts, or purchase ease?
    Can these prolong our gasp of breath,
    Or calm the troubled hour of death?

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  16. The Flight
    Poet: Sara Teasdale

    We are two eagles
    Flying together,
    Under the heavens,
    Over the mountains,
    Stretched on the wind.
    Sunlight heartens us,
    Blind snow baffles us,
    Clouds wheel after us,
    Raveled and thinned.

    We are like eagles;
    But when Death harries us,
    Human and humbled
    When one of us goes,
    Let the other follow -
    Let the flight be ended,
    Let the fire blacken,
    Let the book close.

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