5  Poems About Life And Love

Be encouraged by these poems about life and love. What type of life can we have without love. We all need love and we all need to give love. The affection, appreciation, and respect we have for others are demonstrated in how we love. Feelings of love come in many different forms, from love of family to love of friends we all need it; life is not complete without it.

May these inspiring verses about life and love remind you that everyone needs love in their life. Share your affections, show your appreciation with others in your life.

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  1. Life Without Love
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    Life can be busy,
    And somewhat uneasy,
    But there are things that can make it great.

    Having love in your life,
    Just a brother even a wife,
    Can make all the difference to fate.

    Love can lend you a hand,
    When you need to withstand,
    Some of the harder things in life.

    But love can also soften,
    Every so often,
    When you're dealing with life's bigger strife.

    We know love can sometimes be,
    Hard to obtain thee,
    But not all love needs romance to be any.

    The love of a father,
    A mother, a daughter,
    Is a love that would satisfy many.

    So allow love in your lifetime,
    And give it more than a dime,
    For love is worth much more to one man.

    At first, you might not see it,
    But it really much needed,
    As life without love is never the plan.

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  3. Love Is Like Magic
    Helen Steiner Rice

    Love is like magic and it always will be.
    For love still remains life's sweet mystery!
    Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange
    and there's nothing in life that love cannot change!

  4. Lord I'm So Lonely
    Greta Zwaan, 2006

    Lord, I'm so lonely, it's so quiet here;
    my family's all gone and no one lives near.
    My life's not at all what I had expected;
    I feel so left out, I feel so rejected.
    When I was younger I had such great dreams;
     I had things all planned, my head full of schemes.
    But I was so busy with so much to do;
    I paid no attention to thoughts about You.

    "When I am older," I always would say,
     "I'll think of religion, I even might pray."
    But now my attention is geared for success;
    I'm up for promotion, I'm under great stress.
    I want this position, I want to achieve;
    when I'm not so busy I'll try to believe.
    But time passed by quickly, the days disappeared,
    and all my achievements were never revered.

    I've never reached the praise that I sought,
     it seems that my efforts were all for naught.
    I gave all I had to a self-centered life,
    and all it returned was hardship and strife.
    Now that I've come to the point where
    I see all of these dreams did nothing for me;
    I fear that my time, which was not well spent,
    has taken its toll, it's too late to repent.

    Now, all alone, not a friend or a kin
    remembers my name because of my sin.
    My sin? Self absorbent, neglecting their need,
    no time for involvement because of my greed.
    And Lord, How I hurt! To the depths of my heart.
    I'd give all I own to make a new start!
    I'd make time for friends, spend time in prayer,
     asking forgiveness, seeking Your care.

    Can You forgive me? A life filled with pride?
    Can You still use me when You've been denied?
    Will You allow me, what's left of my days,
    to belong to Your family, to sing of Your praise?
    And God, in Your mercy, could You send me a friend?
     So this lonely feeling might come to an end?
    I'm not deserving, I depend on Your grace;
     I thank You for caring and hearing my case.
    Thanks for forgiveness, for patience with me,
    for Your tender goodness, for setting me free.

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  6. Two Pictures
    Poet: Unknown

    Somebody's heart is gay,
    And somebody's heart is sad;
    For lights shine out across the way,
    And a door with crape is clad.
    Sadness and gladness alike
    Are dwelling side by side.
    Perhaps the death of an early one,
    And the crowning of a bride.

    Bright eyes are filled with mirth,
    Pale faces bend in prayer,
    And hearts beside the household hearth
    Are crushed by stout despair;
    Ah, sorrow and hope and joy
    Are parted by thinnest walls;
    But on the hearts of the thoughtless ones
    No shadow of sorrow falls!

    No thoughts of the funeral train
    Come to the festive throng;
    No hopes that the past will come again
    To the anguished hearts belong;
    The future's a sunny sea
    To the lovers of joy and mirth;
    But the past alone to those who weep
    For the sundered ties of earth.

    Somebody's heart is gay,
    And somebody's heart is sad;
    For the lights are bright across the way,
    And a door with crape is clad.
    Sadness and gladness alike
    Confront us on every side;
    A wealth of smiles and a flood of tears,
    With hope and sorrow allied!

  7. Sunshine In My Heart
    Poet: Mary E. Blake

    You ask to conquer in the strife:
    Take, then, your chosen part.
    I'd rather fold within my life
    The sunshine of the heart.

    I'd rather know how thus to win
    A balm from every pain;
    Thus, even from the shade of sin,
    Some purer strength to gain;

    To live in hope, to trust in right,
    To smile when shadows start,
    To walk through darkness as through light,
    With sunshine in the heart.

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