6 Life Is Good Poems

Poems that reflect the thought that life is good. What makes life good for you? Consider the poems below and see if you are in agreement with the Poet's words.

In the end, life is good because life is what you make it. It all boils down to our attitude and how we view the world around us. There is always negative to be found in every situation, but there is always the positive, the good, which are you seeing? Be encouraged and inspired by the poems. Share these with others!

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  1. Life Is ...
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

    To me life is,
    Blessings abound.
    Beauty before us,
    The wondrous sounds.

    To me life is,
    Phenomenal gifts,
    The ones we are given,
    The seasonal shifts.

    To me life is,
    Astonishing souls.
    Wildlife in abundance,
    With infallible goals.

    To me life is,
    Surprising charisma,
    We are blinded and conditioned,
    You never know who is with ya.

    To me life is,
    Community handmade.
    Family and friends,
    All things God made.

  2. Life is good to me

  3. Make Your Life
    by David J. Cable

    Make your life to shine in doing good deeds,
    You'll find plenty of work, plenty that needs,
    The good you may do in the young part of life,
    Will help you to conquer your trials and strife.

  4. life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it

  5. The Good Life I Sought
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2019

    I day I sat and thought
    What is the good life I sought?
    Was it money, was it wealth
    Perhaps the most important thing is health.

    Life has been very good to me
    I realize that there are no guarantees
    I think the most important thing
    Is the attitude that we bring.

    No matter what happens to me
    If I can stay positive I will be
    Able to face life challenges and trials
    So I can face many more miles.

    The secret to a good life you see
    Is to be positive, thankful, and happy
    To lend a helping hand
    To give back and not demand.

  6. Near The Dawn
    Poet: Unknown

    When life's troubles gather darkly
    Round the way we follow here,
    When no hope the sad heart lightens,
    No voice speaks a word of cheer;
    Then the thought the shadow scatters,
    Giving us a cheering ray,
    When the night appears the darkest,
    Morning is not far away.

    When adversity surrounds us,
    And our sunshine friends pass by,
    And the dreams so fondly cherished
    With our shattered treasures lie;
    Then amid such gloomy seasons
    This sweet thought can yet be drawn,
    When the darkest hour is present,
    It is always near the dawn.

    When the spirit fluttering lingers
    On the confines of this life,
    Parting from all joyful memories,
    And from every scene of strife,
    Though the scene is sad and gloomy,
    And the body shrinks in fear,
    These dark hours will soon be vanished,
    And the glorious morn be here.

    Pain cannot affect us always,
    Brighter days will soon be here;
    Sorrow may oppress us often,
    Yet a happier time is near;
    All along our earthly journey
    This reflection lights the way,
    Nature's darkest hour is always
    Just before the break of day.

  7. Life's Mystery
    Poet: Clara M. Brooks

    "Laugh, and the world laughs with you";
    Weep, and the world weeps, too:
    'Tis all as you take it, brother;
    You pave your own pathway through —

    Pave it with woes and sorrows,
    With sighs and drops of grief,
    Or with onyx stones of gladness
    And ruby smiles of relief;

    Pave it with sunshine-golden
    Or densest hues of night,
    With storm-clouds dark of anguish
    Or silver stars of light.

    Pause not to mourn o'er the failures
    You made on yesterday;
    The while you are sadly weeping,
    The present you trifle away.

    The smoothest and brightest diamond
    Was once but the roughest stone,
    And the rose of rarest splendor
    From the meanest sod has grown.

    Thus the deepest and richest blessing
    Comes oft from the bitterest woe,
    And a life of heavenly beauty
    From the lowliest place may grow.

    The darkest hour of the night-time
    Betokens the coming dawn,
    And the brightest and warmest sunshine
    Comes after the rain is gone.

    Would you but gather roses,
    And shun the pricking thorn?
    Have all thy dawnings cheerful
    With never a cloudy morn?

    Ah! life is whate'er you make it:
    Bid sadness and grief depart,
    And the world shall be filled with music,
    Begun in thy trusting heart;

    Rejoice, and the world around you
    The cheeriest smile will wear;
    Bow 'neath thy heavy burdens,
    And the world is filled with care.

    Then forth to thy duty, brother,
    Nor falter for wind or tide.
    What matter how dark the storm-clouds?
    There's always a brighter side.

    "Laugh, and the world laughs with you";
    Weep, and the world weeps, too:
    'Tis all as you take it, brother;
    You pave your own pathway through.

  8. The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.

  9. Our Lives Are Songs
    Poet: Gibbon

    Our lives are songs;
    God writes the words,
    And we set them to music at leisure:
    And the song is sad, or the song is glad
    As we choose to fashion the measure.

    We must write the song,
    Whatever the words,
    Whatever its rhyme, or meter;
    And if it is sad, we must make it glad,
    And if sweet, we must make it sweeter.

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