Poems About Goals

Be motivated by these poems about goals. Let the verses remind you that setting goals can help you attain the success you desire. Goals keep you focused, they can give you a sense of accomplishment and they will motivate you to keep going.

Also, be inspired by our collection of goals quotes. Let them remind you to take action, even small steps to reach your objective.

One Question

Julie Hebert, 2012

Every single day we should ask,
Ourselves an important question.
What goals will we complete today,
That will end in a happy expression?

Goals are so very important in life,
In order to continue to grow.
You can only become someone important,
If you first believe it so.

Creating goals that will better your life,
Is how one can become who they want to be.
So trust in yourself that you are enough,
And soon you will be able to see.

So ask yourself where you want to go,
Then create goals that will get you there.
Take each goal as a single step,
And this is how you will prepare.

motivational poems about goals

Results or Roses
Poet:  Edgar A. Guest

The man who wants a garden fair,
Or small or very big,
With flowers growing here and there,
Must bend his back and dig.

The things are mighty few on earth
That wishes can attain.
Whate'er we want of any worth
We've got to work to gain.

It matters not what goal you seek,
It's secret here reposes:
You've got to dig from week to week
To get Results or Roses.

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