24 Edgar A. Guest Poems

Born in Birmingham, England on August 20, 1881 Edgar A. Guest relocated with his family when he was 10 years old to the United States. He died on August 5, 1959 in Detroit, Michigan. He held many different jobs over his lifetime, working for the Detroit Free Press for the majority of his career, but he also worked for NBC radio broadcasting "A Guest In Your Home". But what has made him famous is his ability to write poetry that has inspired millions of people.

His poems are ones that viewed life from a positive aspect. People could relate to his words as he was able to make day to day life experiences and express the challenges from an inspirational and positive perspective that people could relate to.

His work has been published in many books, starting in 1909 in the book, Home Rhymes and up until 1949 in his book, Living The Years. His poems still live on today due to people being able to see themselves in his poems. Below is a collection of his poems for you to enjoy and share with others.

Edgar A. Guest

Edgar A. Guest

  1. Don't Quit Poem - In life we all experience challenges and difficulties, let Mr. Guest's poem be one that encourages and inspires you not to quit!

  2. I Rather See A Sermon  - Verses that expresses actions speak louder than words. There is no better way to live than to let your actions be an example to others.

  3. Be A Friend - You may be surprised by what the verses state about the qualities and things you need to be a friend.

  4. A Boy and His Dad - An inspiring poem about a boy and his dad as they experience a fishing trip. But the poem reflects more than fishing it reflects wisdom between father and son.

  5. It Couldn't Be Done - How many times have you been told, it couldn't be done. Let this poem by Edgar A. Guest inspire and encourage you to do that which others say is impossible!

  6. How Much Does A Baby Cost - Let this poem give you thoughts to think about when you are considering how much a baby costs. The verses may change your thinking about the cost of a baby.

  7. Hollyhocks -For those who love flowers this poem will be one that they enjoy.

  8. A Friend's Greeting - This Edgar A. Guest poem is one that has stood the test of time and is still being shared with others to this day - great verses!

  9. Myself - Edgar A. Guest shares wise words in this poem. The verses are ones that we can all relate to and should give thought to!

  10. Merit and the Throng - If you ever felt like you could not get ahead at work then read this poem for encouragement and advice on how to get ahead.

  11. Only A Dad - Fathers sometimes feel like they are only a dad, however, what they do and what they provide for their children is more than the richest of men could ever provide.

  12. The Junk Box - The verses in this poem represent many a person.

  13. Compensation - A poem of encouragement by Edgar A. Guest to live life and use the gifts that you have been given.

  14. Constant Beauty - The message in this poem could be applied to any time of challenges - natural disasters, pandemic, or just the everyday issues we face on this journey through life. 

  15. The Man To Be - A great poems to share with Dads. This poem was written many years ago but you will find it captures the thoughts of every father.

  16. The Home Builders - The point of this poem is to focus on the important things in life and that is not fame and fortune!

  17. The Making Of Friends - As you read this poem by Edgar A. Guest you will find yourself agreeing that making of friends is a joy of life.

  18. One Never Knows - Wise words from Edgar A. Guest to inspire us to be kind, to do good deeds as one never knows the impact. Be inspired by this poem.

  19. Lord, Make a Regular Man - A prayer for the New Year; the prayer actually contains wisdom for living a good life. It is a great verse to pray at any time of the year!

  20. An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving - There is nothing like an old fashioned Thanksgiving, friend and family gathered round, blessings that abound

  21. At Christmas - This poem reflects how we act at Christmas. We think of others more, we share more, we help out more. The most striking verse in the poem is at the end and is one that I believe is true. 

  22. The Old, Old Story - A funny poem by Edgar A Guest about fishing, however it has wisdom that could also be applied to life.

  23. Grown-Up - A funny poem about life, growing up, and what happens at Christmas with age.

  24. Sue's Got a Baby - A poem that describes every new mother when there baby arrives. In this poem, Edgar A. Guest describes the changes that are seen when a women becomes a mother.

We hope you have been encouraged and inspired by the poems written by Edgar A. Guest. His wit and wisdom has inspired many over the years. Share these with others who need a positive thought added to their day.

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