Sue's Got a Baby

A short poem that describes every new mother when their baby arrives. In this poem, Edgar A. Guest describes the changes that are seen when a woman becomes a mother.

Having a baby changes many things. Many times the expectation of the baby's arrival is one where patience runs low. Everyone can't wait to see the new bundle of joy. And when the baby finally arrives the new parents are filled with joy and happiness. It is amazing to see new parents and how natural it is for them to fall into the role of Mom and Dad. As the verse in the poem says, "She's changed completely, an' her smile -Has taken on the mother-style." You can see a change in both Moms and Dads when the new baby finally arrives.

Pride and joy is written all over the new parents faces. Sure there are sleepless nights, but watching the little one grow outweighs any negative that we experience with a new baby!!

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Sue's Got a Baby
Poet: Edgar A. Guest

Sue's got a baby now, an' she
Is like her mother used to be;
Her face seems prettier, an' her ways
More settled-like. In these few days
She's changed completely, an' her smile
Has taken on the mother-style.
Her voice is sweeter, an' her words
Are clear as is the song of birds.
She still is Sue, but not the same -
She's different since the baby came.

There is a calm upon her face
That marks the change that's taken place;
It seems as though her eyes now see
The wonder things that are to be,
An' that her gentle hands now own
A gentleness before unknown.
Her laughter has a clearer ring
Than all the bubbling of a spring,
An' in her cheeks love's tender flame
Glows brighter since the baby came.

I look at her an' I can see
Her mother as she used to be.
How sweet she was, an' yet how much
She sweetened by the magic touch
That made her mother! In her face
It seemed the angels left a trace
Of Heavenly beauty to remain
Where once had been the lines of pain
An' with the baby in her arms
Enriched her with a thousand charms.

Sue's got a baby now an' she
Is prettier than she used to be.
A wondrous change has taken place,
A softer beauty marks her face
An' in the warmth of her caress
There seems the touch of holiness,
An' all the charms her mother knew
Have blossomed once again in Sue.
I sit an' watch her an' I claim
My lost joys since her baby came.

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