Baby Blessing Poem

Share a baby blessing poem with new parents or at a christening. We are blessed to have children in our lives, they can bring such joy and happiness to others. While we feel blessed we must also pray for blessings for our children.

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  1. Simple Baby Blessing
    May you grow and be happy every day
    May love be with you in many ways
    May sunshine follow you wherever you go
    And may those who surround you always know
    How special you are and blessed are they
    To be able to watch over you as you play

  2. Bless This Child
    Poet: Kate Summers

    God please bless this child
    May challenges that face them, be mild
    Help them to grow in your ways
    And may they come to know you in all their days.

    Watch over them we do pray
    Keep them safe every day
    Bless their families with lots of love
    May they feel your presence from above.

  3. May you be blessed by the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 115:15 (NLT)

  4. So Blessed
    Poet: Unknown

    This little tiny baby,
    Was sent from God above,
    To fill our hearts with happiness,
    And touch our lives with love,
    He must have known,
    We’d give our all,
    And always do our best.
    To give our precious baby love,
    And be grateful and so blessed.

  5. Safe Keeping
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    So beautiful are thee,
    When babies lay sleep.
    They lay there knowing,
    Their parents safe keep.

    Such innocence beams,
    Across their little face.
    Partly covered by teddy,
    He's always on the case.

    Our children depend,
    On us for many things.
    Safe keeping is essential,
    Always for us to bring.

    How important it is,
    For our children to know,
    We feel blessed and love them,
    The extra mile we will always go.

  6. Father in Heaven, Bless this child and help them grow To come to know you so They will live a life to honor you In all they say and all they do.

  7. The Mother's Prayer
    Poet: Eloise Hardy Thatcher

    Thou art very sweet, my baby!
    With thine eyes of deepest blue -
    Their long and silken lashes.
    So gently peeping through.

    Thou art very fair, my baby!
    With thine open, placid brow;
    Thy dimpled cheeks, and playful smile,
    A beauteous babe art thou!

    Thou art very good, my baby!
    In thy soft and gentle sleep,
    The quiet rest of innocence,
    A slumber - calm, yet deep!

    That God will bless thee, baby!
    Thy precious life to spare.
    And make thee pure as He is pure
    Shall be thy mother's prayer.

  8. Baby Blessing

    May you be blessed with a spirit of gentleness,
    a heart that is tender.

    May you be blessed with a spirit of strength,
    shining within you.

    May you be blessed with a spirit of compassion,
    a fervent caring.

    May you be blessed with a spirit of courage,
    daring to be who you are.

    May you be blessed with a spirit of openness,
    understanding, and respect.

    May the earth hold you.
    May the wind lift you ever up.
    May the fire draw and warm you.
    May the water quench and soothe your soul.

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