Baby Shower Poems

Use our baby shower poems in your invitations to a shower. Or as a keepsake for the new Mom-to-be. Your favorite poem could be read at the shower, or it could be written in your card. Or if you are planning a shower you could attach the poem to your shower favors. Also, use the baby and children quotes below for a quick inspiring word about babies.

A baby shower is a wonderful occasion. It is time to "shower" the new Mom with gifts that express love and congratulations and your invitations can offer love and congrats also! It is a time for celebration for the expected baby, a time for friends and family to gather. It is a time to help the new Mom receive items that she needs for her new arrival.

A baby shower could be thought of as a helping hand for the new parents. Especially for the firstborn baby. There are so many items that are needed that will assist the new parents a shower is something that can have a big impact financially for the new parents.

We hope you find the poems here are ones that you will share with the new parents to welcome their baby.

For Baby Shower Invitations

Include these short baby shower poems in your invitations or
 in your emails announcing your upcoming baby shower.

Invitation #1
You are invited to a baby shower filled with love and joy
We just want to celebrate, we don't care if it is a girl or boy.
We are so happy to host a day when we all get together
No matter what the weather.

We want to celebrate and welcome
A new baby we think will be awesome.
Very soon a new baby will be on its way
We want to celebrate the expectant day.

So please come and join us
Just come don't make a fuss
We'll play games and have some fun
With the expectant Mom!

Invitation #2
There is so much that is needed
For a new Mom to succeed
We want to help her out this day
And help her in every way.

So a baby shower we will have
We'll share some gifts and a laugh
A happy occasion this will be
Fun for all just wait and see.

Invitation #3
It won't be long till we meet this little one
We all are wondering is it a daughter or a son
Whichever it will be doesn't matter to us
A new baby in the family is always a plus.

We will have the shower soon we won't delay
As you never know when this baby will be on its way
But one thing we do know, the baby will be loved
As we know it comes from heaven above

For Baby Shower Cards

Baby poems to include in your baby shower cards.
Great verses that a new Mom will reflect upon.
Many new Mom's keep the cards they receive and the poems
maybe just the reminder she needs as the years go by

Baby Fair
Poet: Linda Robertson

Baby fair,
Baby sweet;
Angel kisses
On your feet.

Tiny dancer
On the wing;
You new voice
Is here to sing.

Baby love,
Baby mild;
Welcome, welcome,
Brand-new child.

Cherish The Days
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Cherish the days with your little one
Watch them grow and enjoy the fun
Life will present a many a stage
As you watch and see them age.

They are only little for a short time
You watch them crawl and then they climb
Then before you know it, the first step they take
You watch them grow and make mistakes.

There will be times when your heart will break
You want to protect them and take away their aches
But growing up we all go through
Just love them and all they do.

A Baby Is Like
Poet: Unknown

A baby's like a flower
All soft and pink and white,
A baby's like a sunbeam,
All sparkly, warm and bright,
A baby's like a bluebired
That brings a happy song,
And life is so much sweeter
When a baby comes along!

The Child's Appeal
Poet: Mamie Gene Cole

I am the child.
All the world waits for my coming.

All the earth watches with interest to
see what I shall become.
Civilization hangs in the balance,
For what I am, the world of tomorrow will be.

I am the child.
I have come into your world about
which I know nothing,
Why I came I know not;
How I came I know not.
I am curious, I'm interested.

I am the child.
You hold in your hands my destiny.
You determine largely whether
I shall succeed or fail.

Give me, I pray you,
those things that make for happiness.
Train me, I beg you,
that I may be a blessing to the world.

The Baby
Poet: Unknown

There bloomed in the garden of Paradise
Two violet buds for the darling's eyes.

A rosebud touched her lips one day
And ripe, red kisses bloomed straightway.

A cloud lamb brushed her cheeks one night
And left them tender and soft and white.

The sea the sweet little secret hears
And gives two tiny, pink shells for ears.

The breezes came in delicate whirls
And twisted her hair into dainty curls.

Then the fairies brought little hands and feet
And the dainty, wee maiden was quite complete.

The gate of Heaven was open one day
And to earth the little one ran away.

Boy or Girl?
Poet: Edgar A. Guest

Some folks pray for a boy, and some
For a golden-haired little girl to come.
Some claim to think there is more of joy
Wrapped up in the smile of a little boy,
While others pretend that the silky curls
And plump, pink cheeks of the little girls
Bring more of bliss to the old home place
Than a small boy's queer little freckled face.

Now which is better, I couldn't say
If the Lord should ask me to choose to-day;
If He should put in a call for me
And say: " Now what shall your order be,
A boy or girl? I have both in store —
Which of the two are you waiting for?"
I'd say with one of my broadest grins:
Send either one, if it can't be twins.

I've heard it said, to some people's shame,
They cried with grief when a small boy came,
For they wanted a girl. And some folks I know
Who wanted a boy, just took on so
When a girl was sent. But it seems to me
That mothers and fathers should happy be
To think, when the Stork has come and gone,
That the Lord would trust them with either one.

Boy or girl? There can be no choice;
There's something lovely in either voice.
And all that I ask of the Lord to do
Is to see that the mother comes safely through
And guard the baby and have it well,
With a perfect form and a healthy yell,
And a pair of eyes and a shock of hair.
Then, boy or girl — and its dad won't care.

Baby Blessing

May you be blessed with a spirit of gentleness,
a heart that is tender.

May you be blessed with a spirit of strength,
shining within you.

May you be blessed with a spirit of compassion,
a fervent caring.

May you be blessed with a spirit of courage,
daring to be who you are.

May you be blessed with a spirit of openness,
understanding, and respect.

May the earth hold you.
May the wind lift you ever up.
May the fire draw and warm you.
May the water quench and soothe your soul.

More Baby Poems

Baby & Children Quotes for  Shower Invitations or Cards

children quotes

Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they're already asleep.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr
Welcome Baby

The world shines bright with endless possibilities each time a little child is born."
Author Unknown
Children Quotes

The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one's life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.”
Billy Graham

The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.
Ray L. Wilbur
Poems of Encouragement

The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.
Orlando Aloysius Battista
Poems About Children Growing Up

Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky.
Fran Lebowitz
Cute Quotes

"Infancy conforms to nobody: all conform to it, so that one babe commonly makes four or five out of the adults who prattle and play to it."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Positive Poems

I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.
Vincent van Gogh
Christian Poems

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All children deserve the best. And what a great way to start them out with a baby shower and wishes of congratulations to the new parents. We hope our baby shower poems and quotes are ones that you will share with the new parents.

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