The First Steps

A baby's first steps are ones that every new parent is excited about. Let these poems remind you of the feeling. The poetry is also great to share with new parents.

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  1. The First Steps
    Poet: Edgar A Guest

    Last night I held my arms to you
    And you held yours to mine
    And started out to march to me
    As any soldier fine.
    You lifted up our little feet
    And laughingly advanced;
    And I stood there and gazed upon
    Your first wee steps, entranced.

    You gooed and gurgled as you came
    Without a sign of fear;
    As though you knew, your journey o'er,
    I'd greet you with a cheer.
    And, what is more, you seemed to know,
    Although you are so small,
    That I was there, with eager arms,
    To save you from a fall.

    Three tiny steps you took, and then,
    Disaster and dismay!
    Your over-confidence had led
    Your little feet astray.
    You did not see what we could see
    Nor fear what us alarms;
    You stumbled, but ere you could fall
    I caught you in my arms.

    You little tyke, in days to come
    You'll bravely walk alone,
    And you may have to wander paths
    Where dangers lurk unknown.
    And, oh, I pray that then, as now,
    When accidents befall
    You'll still remember that I'm near
    To save you from a fall.

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  3. First Step
    Poet: Althea Randolph

    Oh, just a step upon the way
    Which leads to Grown-up Land,
    And soon our Baby will not need
    The help of human hand!

    Where'er are left within the path
    The prints of dainty feet.
    There seeds are sown to blossom forth
    As Memory-flowers sweet!

  4. The Finest Age
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    When he was only nine months old,
    And plump and round and pink of cheek,
    A joy to tickle and to hold,
    Before he'd even learned to speak,
    His gentle mother used to say:
    "It is too bad that he must grow.
    If I could only have my way
    His baby ways we'd always know"

    And then the year was turned, and he
    Began to toddle round the floor
    And name the things that he could see
    And soil the dresses that lie wore.
    Then many a night she whispered low:
    "Our baby now is such a joy
    I hate to think that he must grow
    To be a wild and heedless boy."

    But on he went and sweeter grew,
    And then his mother, I recall.
    Wished she could keep him always two.
    For that's the finest age of all.
    She thought the selfsame thing at three,
    And now that he is four, she sighs
    To think he cannot always be
    The youngster with the laughing eyes.

    Oh, little boy, my wish is not
    Always to keep you four years old.
    Each night I stand beside your cot
    And think of what the years may hold;
    And looking down on you I pray
    That when we've lost our baby small,
    The mother of our man will say
    "This is the finest age of all."

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  6. Determination
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You stood
    You knew you could
    You fall
    You looked like a bouncing ball.

    Down you were
    We thought it was over, for sure!
    But up you got
    You were a tough little tot

    You were determined to take your first step
    You were ready and full of pep
    Standing tall
    This time hanging onto the wall

    One foot forward
    It felt awkward
    But your first step you did take
    And then you put on your brakes

    A smile did appear on your face
    You stepped forward with some grace
    We all clapped and cheered for you
    May you have the same determination in all you do!

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Hopefully, these poems are ones that you will share to encourage and inspire others, especially those with children! The first of everything a child does is an exciting time, the first smile, the first laugh, the first tooth, the first word, and of course, the first steps!

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