How Much Does A Baby Cost

Three short poems, one of which discusses the question often asked, how much does a baby cost. While there is a dollar figure attached to every baby there are many moments in the life of a baby and the years that follow watching that child grow that no money could ever replace. Treasured moments, memories you will cherish can never carry a price tag or be paid in money.

Let this poem written by Edgar A. Guest, give you thoughts to think about when you are considering how much a baby costs. The verses may change your thinking about the cost of a baby.

Share this poem with parents, it will surely bring a smile to their face. We hope you enjoy the verses in this wonderful poem.

You may also enjoy the other poems by Edgar A. Guest. They all reminds us that no matter what the cost, or what the life changes are of having a baby, the joys and happiness they bring far outweigh any costs!

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  1. What A Baby Costs
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    How much do babies cost?" said he
    The other night upon my knee;
    And then I said: "They cost a lot;
    A lot of watching by a cot,
    A lot of sleepless hours and care,
    A lot of heartache and despair,
    A lot of fear and trying dread,
    And sometimes many tears are shed
    In payment for our babies small,
    But every one is worth it all.

    "For babies people have to pay
    A heavy price from day to day -
    There is no way to get one cheap.
    Why, sometimes when they're fast asleep
    You have to get up in the night
    And go and see that they're all right.
    But what they cost in constant care
    And worry, does not half compare
    With what they bring of joy and bliss -
    You'd pay much more for just a kiss.

    "Who buys a baby has to pay
    A portion of the bill each day;
    He has to give his time and thought
    Unto the little one he's bought.
    He has to stand a lot of pain
    Inside his heart and not complain;
    And pay with lonely days and sad
    For all the happy hours he's had.
    All this a baby costs, and yet
    His smile is worth it all, you bet."

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  3. Home and the Baby
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Home was never home before,
    Till the baby came.
    Love no golden jewels wore,
    Till the baby came.
    There was joy, but now it seems
    Dreams were not the rosy dreams,
    Sunbeams not such golden beams--
    Till the baby came.

    Home was never really gay,
    Till the baby came.
    I'd forgotten how to play,
    Till the baby came.
    Smiles were never half so bright,
    Troubles never half so light,
    Worry never took to flight,
    Till the baby came.

    Home was never half so blest,
    Till the baby came.
    Lacking something that was best,
    Till the baby came.
    Kisses were not half so sweet,
    Love not really so complete,
    Joy had never found our street
    Till the baby came.

  4. The Toy-Strewn Home
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Give me the house where the toys are strewn,
    Where the dolls are asleep in the chairs,
    Where the building blocks and the toy balloon
    And the soldiers guard the stairs;
    Let me step in a house where the tiny cart
    With the horses rules the floor,
    And rest comes into my weary heart
    For I am at home once more.

    Give me the house with the toys about,
    With the battered old train of cars.
    The box of paints and the books left out.
    And the ship with her broken spars;
    Let me step in a house at the close of day
    That is littered with children's toys,
    And dwell once more in the haunts of play
    With the echoes of by-gone noise.

    Give me the house where the toys are seen,
    The house where the children romp,
    And I'll happier be than man has been
    'Neath the gilded dome of pomp.
    Let me see the litter of bright-eyed play
    Strewn over the parlor floor,
    And the joys I knew in a far-off day

    Will gladden my heart once more.
    Whoever has lived in a toy-strewn home.
    Though feeble he be and gray.
    Will yearn, no matter how far he roam.
    For the glorious disarray
    Of the little home with its littered floor
    That was his in the by-gone days.
    And his heart will throb as it throbbed before,
    When he rests where a baby plays.

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Great words to share with new parents especially as they face unknown times. We hope it reminds them that while there is a financial cost of having a baby what they receive back no money could ever buy!

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