Baby Poems

As you read these baby poems, we hope it reminds you of how special babies truly are. Many of these are suitable for a baby girl or a baby boy. Also one that you could use for a baby shower invitation.

Feel free to share these with new parents, grandparents and siblings. To quote Vincent van Gogh: "If one feels the need of something grand, something infinite, something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle."

Baby Poems To Share

Babies Are
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2012

Babies are a gift.
Each with their own uniqueness.
So cuddly and small
It is hard to believe that they will crawl.

Happiness is what they bring
Even with all the babbling
They grow so fast
A baby they won't last.

Cooing and smiling
Wetting the bedding
Eating and sleeping
Whatever they do we are cheering.

Even the most aged
See a baby and they are engaged
Babies melt our heart
They truly are a work of God's art.

Thankful For My Child
Before you were born, my life was a bore.
Really, your Dad and I slept so much longer!
But even though you, get us up in the dew,
Having you, made us much stronger.
Read the entire poem, Thankful For My Child

Welcome Baby
I wonder little one, who you will be
As I feel you wriggle inside of me.
The turbulent surges of joy that I sense,
The feeling of awe while I’m bound in suspense.
Words to Welcome Baby

Poems About Babies

Poems About Children Growing Up
It is amazing to see
How big they can be
Yesterday so small
Today so tall.
Read Poems About Children Growing Up

The Little Things
My hands were busy through the day
I didn't have much time to play
The little games you asked me to.
I didn't have much time for you.
Browse the full poem, The Little Things

What a Baby Costs
How much do babies cost?" said he
The other night upon my knee;
And then I said: "They cost a lot;
A lot of watching by a cot,
A lot of sleepless hours and care,
A lot of heartache and despair,
A lot of fear and trying dread,
And sometimes many tears are shed
In payment for our babies small,
But every one is worth it all.
Check out the total poem, What a Baby Costs

Baby Poems to remind you how special babies are

Baby Steps
You were so small my little treasure
watching you grow has been a pleasure.
I remember those first baby steps
Some made you laugh, some made you sweat.
Explore the entire poem, Baby Steps

A Child
A child is
A butterfly in the wind,
Some can fly higher than others;
but each one flies the best it can.
Why compare one against the other?
Consider the complete poem, A Child

A Baby Poem for A Shower

Baby Shower Poems
You're invited to a baby shower
To welcome the new little one with power!
Come and join us on this day
To celebrate and convey
Our congratulations and happiness
To the new parents who will be fabulous
And welcome the new baby with glee
We will even serve you a good cup of coffee!
Poems for invitations and for cards on  Baby Shower Poems

The First Steps
Last night I held my arms to you
And you held yours to mine
And started out to march to me
As any soldier fine.
You lifted up our little feet
And laughingly advanced;
And I stood there and gazed upon
Your first wee steps, entranced.
See the entire poem, The First Steps

Baby Poems About How Fast Babies Grow

Happy Birthday Baby Girl or Boy
Happy Birthday Baby Girl
You are so special, you'll never know
The joy that you bring to us
You in our life is sure a plus.
Share poems for Happy Birthday Baby Girl or Boy

Where Did You Come From
Where did you come from, baby dear?
Out of the everywhere into the here.
Where did you get those eyes so blue?
Out of the sky as I came through.
Examine the total poem, Where Did You Come From

Baby Blessing Poem
May you grow and be happy every day
May love be with you in many ways
May sunshine follow you wherever you go
And may those who surround you always know...
Read the whole poem, Baby Blessing Poem

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Quotes About Babies:

"Unconditional love is when a baby is placed in a Mother's arms for the first time."
Kate Summers
Mothers Day Messages

"A newborn in the house makes the house a home!"
A. C. Lynch
Short Quotes

"A baby's smile can make your heart melt."
Catherine Pulsifer

Diaper backward spells repaid. Marshall McLuhan
"Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it."
Marshall McLuhan
Cute Quotes

"Babies are but one gift that continue to grow in value nurtured through love and devotion."
Byron Pulsifer

"The months leading up to the baby's due date are ones where we can hardly hold our excitement."
Short Positive Quotes

More Quotes to inspire

We hope our baby poems and quotes are ones that suit your occasion. They can be used in a note sending congratulations, or just as a reminder about how dear babies are.

A newborn will change the lives of the parents, of siblings, of grandparents. Babies are totally dependent on their parents. And the parents find their life has changed usually more than they imagined when the newborn is at home. But the love that comes when they first see their baby is unlike any love there is. And that love stays with a parent no matter what age their child is.

Whatever your use for the poems, the Poet's words express the wonder and miracle of a baby!

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