To New Baby

Share this poem about the new baby with others. It is a great poem expressing how we think even before we see the new baby. How we wonder what color the baby's eyes will be. The poet talks about how a new baby enchants adults. They have a magic about them that draws us to them. And lastly the Poet, Wilhelmina Stitch asks for God's blessings in the new baby. This is a great poem to include in a baby shower or baby congratulations card.

Oh, how much new, to-be parents contemplate their new baby. For a lot of people, the parents do not choose to know the sex of the baby until it is born. These are the types of people who simply love a mystery until it is answered by God. For others, their concern is based on future events yet to unfold. Part of these future events means to them that they will answer in the affirmative when asked if they wish to know whether their newborn will be a boy or a girl. To these awaiting parents, much need to be done before that joyous day arrives. For these folks, there is the decision about what name would be the most appropriate depending on many variations, circumstances, or family traditions. Then, there is the action required to perfectly plan that best baby room ever. This means choosing a color scheme, the type of crib, the types of baby toys, the little clothes that will adorn their child, and whether they need to install such a thing as a baby monitor. Then, there are those delicate choices about who will get up through the night to bottle-feed their crying infant.

For many parents, there will be endless discussions about the baby's future including plans to start saving for future advanced education, or the care to be given by nannies for working mothers. No matter the baby's sex, the expectations of father and mother are highlighted by glowing words of love and care for their new addition to the family. And, there is always the expectations of grandparents who will surely spoil and dote on this little gift from God.

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To New Baby
by Wilhelmina Stitch

I do not know as yet how much you weigh,
Little baby.
The color of your eyes? I cannot say,
Little new baby.
But this with certainty I write, small dear,
We are so very glad that you are here!

"Tis strange to think that your small hands control
A grown-up person's very heart and soul -
They do, new baby.
We haven't met each other face to face
Little baby;
But I can visualize your winsome grace,
Little new baby.

You magic magnet, drawing to your side so many folk
Who look at you with pride and whisper loving nonsense
While you gaze in wonderment at giants with gentle ways,
Little new baby.

God bless those tiny fairy-fashioned feet,
Little new baby;
And lead them into pastures pure and sweet,
Little new baby.
And may He teach those hands so soft and small
To let the gift of service from them fall.
And may He grant His blessings of good health
With love's bright coins to furnish untold wealth -
For you, new baby!

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