9 Wilhelmina Stitch Poems

Be inspired and encouraged by these poems by Wilhelmina Stitch. Wilhelmina Stitch was a pen name for Ruth Colie. She was born in Cambridge, England and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where she started her writing career. She also used the pen name of Sheila Rand but in 1922 she started publishing her poetry for many different North American newspapers and at the time changed her pen name to Wilhelmina Stitch in November 1922.

Born in November 1888 she lived until she was 47 years old, dying on March 6, 1936. Her poems have inspired many over the years and still live on today.

Wilhelmina Stitch
Wilhelmina Stitch

  1. The Little Roads To Happiness
    Looking for the road to happiness, then read this inspiring poem by Wilhelmina Stitch to find where this road exists.

  2. Two Kinds of Discontent
    Like everything in life, there is a positive and a negative. Feeling discontent can result in a positive or it can be negative.

  3. Laughter and Tears
    Wilhelmina Stitch describes the laughter we feel and how tears, while we all experience them, we would prefer to see laughter prevail.

  4. Later On
    Winter can be a long season, but thankfully our memories of other seasons remain with us throughout the winter months.

  5. Just Don't Worry So There
    Wilheliman Stitch expresses thoughts about worry and what to do about it. She offers great insights in how to overcome any worries that you have.

  6. God's Friday
    Inspiring messages in this poem by Wilhelmina Stitch. We often look forward to Friday, but are we thankful to God for this day.

  7. Mountain Peace
    Let this poem by Wilhelmina Stitch inspire you to take time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy the peace of the mountains and nature that God has created.

  8. Home Is Here
    Where is home? Let these verses remind you where your home is.

  9. What So Wild As Words Are . . .
    Let this poem by Wilhelmina Stitch remind you of the importance of choosing your words carefully.

Share these poems by Wilhelmina Stitch with others. Verses full of wisdom and inspiration to add a positive thought to your day.

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