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Be inspired to draw on your memories by this poem about winter by Wilhelmina Stitch. Winter can feel like a long season, but thankfully our memories of other seasons remain with us throughout the winter months.

Winter is a season of black and white. The sky is grey and the sunshine is less. The weather is cold resulting in more clothing needed to stay warm. It is a time of year that can depress people. If you are able to get out and enjoy the season that will help. Just going for a walk in a park or the forest can be uplifting. Take the time to look at the freshly fallen snow on the trees or the brilliance of a blue sky. Everything seems crisper and sharper during the winter - take the time to see it.

Winter is also a time to read some good books. Snuggle up with a warm blanket and reading a good book can be an enjoyable and relaxing time. Books can take us to new places and make us forget about the cold of the winter season. Or, it may be a time to start a new hobby - one that will give you the satisfaction of a project completed.

And as the days get longer again, and the sun gets warmer we feel the spring approaching which brings back memories of warmer days. Imagine if we had no winter we would not appreciate the warmer seasons of the year; we would have no memory of the season of winter. And there are good memories to be had - the first snowfall, the warmth of our home, the children's laughter as they play in the snow.

And there are other benefits to winter that many people don't realize such as colder weather helps us burn off more calories due to the fact that when you are out in the cold your body works harder. Another benefit, for people with allergies, winter is a time when they find relief. And we usually sleep much better when it is cold, so leave your window open a crack or turn down your heat at night for a good winter's night sleep.

So if you don't like winter, draw on your memories. But, also find the good in winter. Like everything in life if you look for the positive and stay focused on that winter will be much easier! So to summarize, enjoy the season of winter while holding on to your memories of warmer days ahead!

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Later On
Poet: Wilhelmina Stitch

When it's winter, I shall look
At a memory picture book.
I shall look and I shall see
Candles on a chestnut tree,
Coral pink and waxy white -
Won't they give a lovely light?

When the skies are dull and grey,
I shall see a summer day,
Hawthorn blossoms pink and red,
Lake of blue right overhead,
Roses on a cottage wall,
Graceful ferns where shadows fall;
Seagulls with their outspread wings -
I shall see such lovely things!

When it's winter, I shall look
At a memory picture book.
I shall see what joys I've had,
Many reasons to be glad;
Friends to love and books to read -
All these pictures I shall heed.
Seeing them, I'll cry aloud,
"Winter's over, Head-low-bowed.
Winter's over, Heart-in-pain.
Feel the breath of joy again...

When it's winter, I shall look
At my memory picture book.

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