Treasured Memories

Each day you are making treasured memories. As time progresses memories become more precious and treasured. May these words be ones that will hopefully remind you to make treasured memories each and every day!

Share these inspirational poems to remind others to make memories every day.

Memories of Life
Poem written by  Greta Zwaan, 1998

In a corner by the window with his memories' treasure store,
Sits a grandpa with a yearning to retrace life's steps once more.
For the years went by too quickly when his strength was at its prime,
And he didn't seem to value all his blessings at the time.

Youth to him displayed no ending, limitless was zest and zeal;
Vigorous were his daily conquests, work to him held great appeal.
E'er the sun rose to full glory or the birds awoke in song,
He had risen to his labours, yet the day seemed never long.

There was much to be accomplished and so many mouths to feed,
It took every waking moment to supply the family's need.
Yet the hours brought forth much pleasure as he tilled the ground each fall,
Ready for the early planting when once more he heard spring call.

Oh, the freshness of the morning when the dew lay on the soil
Brought to him tremendous pleasure, it was not considered toil.
To be straining every muscle as the team ploughed through the sod
Was a privilege he cherished, coming from the hand of God.

Through the planting and the haying and the sheaves of harvest grain,
Every year it was repeated, sometimes failure, sometimes gain.
Yet he never lost his interest, all his life was in his farm;
Nothing else had greater value, nothing else held forth more charm.

Through the years his body weakened, bit by bit his strength had gone,
And one day he could no longer rouse himself before the dawn.
So, with saddened heart he parted from the field, the horse, the plough,
And gave up his life of farming, far too strenuous for him now.

He packed up all his belongings that he'd need to live in town,
With the longings and desires that would never be put down.
Being physically unable did not change his heart's desire;
He had always been a farmer not a well-dressed country squire.

He would rather be in blue jeans with the soil beneath his feet,
Where he felt that life had meaning and his calling seemed complete.
Than to sit beside the window daily dreaming of the past,
Always wishing he was younger so his farming days might last.

But he knows time holds no preference and that strength with years grows weak,
Days of youth are not forever, yet the future is not bleak.
God has granted many blessings others never could enjoy:
To always be close to nature since he was a little boy.

Near to see His great creation, there to watch Him wake the sun;
Present as the birds were rousing, chirping music to each one.
There to see the autumn glory being painted on each tree,
Followed by the gleaming hoarfrost that the early risers see.

Very few folks have this privilege, with so vast a memory store,
Of a walk so close to nature for some sixty years or more.
Memories are the greatest treasure when a life has been so sweet,
And though time does not turn backward, memories' treasures are complete.

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Each Day That Passes
Poet: Kate Summers, 2020

Each day that passes by
A memory it does supply
What we do today
Determines if a memory will be okay.

Don't waste your days doing nothing
Enjoy the simplest of things
As when you look back you will see
You have a memory that fills you with glee.

You see yesterday is now a memory
That makes today seem secondary
But tomorrow can also bring
Memories of today that will make you sing.

So don't think what you do this day
Is not important in every way
A memory for tomorrow it will bring
So go out and enjoy living.

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memories are treasures

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