In Loving Memory Poems

Caleb Davis Bradlee has penned many in loving memory poems. These short poems are ones that will bring comfort and encouraging thoughts as you think of your loved one.

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  1. The Voice Of God
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Again the voice of God is here;
    Another dear one sleeps;
    Yet God knows best, we will not fear,
    For He the loved one keeps.

    Father, help us in this our grief;
    A double blow thou'st given!
    Oh, send thy voice, a sure relief,
    Right from the throne of heaven.

    Say, "Peace, be still!" "Be of good cheer!'
    The cloud shall soon depart,
    If God and Christ are surely near,
    And gracious aid impart.

    Open ajar the gates above,
    Let angels come and go,
    All filled with peace and light and love,
    To chase away our woe.

    And in this band, oh, may we see
    The two who've passed away,
    That now, by thine all-wise decree,
    Have found eternal day!

    Their voice we'd hear, their presence feel,
    And know that all is right,
    And though they must their forms conceal,
    Give us a spirit sight!

    But God knows best, to Him we leave
    Our cries, our wants, our tears
    And all his blows in peace receive,
    And banish all our fears.

  2. He's Gone From Us
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    He's gone from us, he's seen the "Eye,"
    The eye that ne'er grows dim!
    The "Architect " of earth- and sky
    Will ever hallow him.

    He stands beneath the " Arch" of love,
    Is spared all future pain!
    He meets the Seraphim above,
    Has found eternal gain.

    He's "square" with man and cleansed by God.
    A "temple" of the King!
    And now held up by "Staff" and "Rod,"
    His vespers will he sing.

    The Grand Master who rules o'er all,
    Now covers him with light!
    And at his "Altar" does he fall,
    Where all is pure and bright.

  3. O God, Why?
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    O God, why? Wilt Thou tell ns why?
    It is not for us to say;
    Yet hear Thou now the heart's sharp cry,
    As we miss the wife to day,

    O God, why? Still Thy way is best,
    Whilst we wonder, weep, adore!
    "And wilt Thou give our Mother rest?"
    The dear children now implore.

    God, why? Still we know 'tis love!
    We will wait in trust and peace!
    Whilst parents ask, for child above,
    The care that will never cease.

    God, why? Ah, large numbers cry
    O, why hast Thou sent this blow?
    Yet none can tell the reason why!
    It is not for us to know!

    But unto Thee, through Christ, the Son,
    Yield we up the stricken will;
    And let us hear, Gracious One,
    Out of the cloud, "Peace, be still!"

  4. Thy Will Be Done
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Thy will be done I this is our cry
    In our repeated blows!
    For peace with Thee, God, most high,
    And grace with mercy flows.

    Thy will must make the dark all bright,
    And take all care away;
    And prove to all, Thy way is right,
    And be a staff and stay!

    "With Thee, a mother" rests in peace,
    By dear ones gone before;
    And daily will her love increase
    On that eternal shore.

    And brother, too, was quickly called
    To leave this world of pain;
    And, whilst our hearts were all enthralled,
    Then thou didst call again!

    And father went to Thee above,
    Whilst lonely we are left;
    help thou those, thou God of love,
    Whom thou hast so bereft!

    Thy will! Ah, only what is best
    Wc know thou wilt impart;
    For ever dost thou grant thy rest
    Unto the broken heart.

  5. Farewell, Dear Pastor
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    He has gone to a holy rest;
    In Heaven, an angel now;
    All robed in light, amongst the blest,
    A crown upon his brow.

    He was all peaceable and good,
    True, and holy, and pure!
    Nourished on earth by angels' food,
    With faith in God secure.

    Gone now, we know, to greater peace,
    Still with a God of love;
    Never shall his influence cease
    To lure our souls above.

    Farewell, dear pastor, brother, friend!
    Not, not gone forever.
    Our ways attend, our steps defend,
    Sacred presence ever.

  6. Birthday In Heaven
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    And now in Heaven thy birthdays come!
    We below, in a shattered home,
    Still think of thee!
    We know thou art not far away,
    That ever near us thou wilt stay,
    By God's decree.

    We see this hour thy pleasant face,
    And ever hallowed is the place
    Where thou hast trod!
    The chair you filled, the room you kept,
    Your place by day, and where you slept,
    All blest by bod!

    Your voice is with us all the time,
    With loving grace; a holy chime
    That fills the heart.
    You cannot fade away from sight,
    For in the soul you stand by right,
    A daily chart.

    Your many words of counsel wise,
    In lonely hours, will oft surprise,
    With mighty power!
    So that the clouds do clear awav.
    And in our hearts there comes a stay,
    A mighty dower!

    And so we, on this birthday thine,
    Do with great gratitude incline
    To speak thy praise!
    We hail thee with a holy love,
    We leave thee with our God above,
    And tribute raise!

  7. Well Done
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Our God has taken from our sight
    One honored by us all;
    And yet we know He had the right
    To send so sharp a call.

    We would he could have seen the day
    For which his heart did yearn!
    Yet may he now, a better way,
    Our splendid rites discern!

    And looks so not with deeper light
    On history's sacred page,
    And will he not with deeper sight,
    Behold this wondrous age?

    Then let us see the sate moved back
    On the eternal shore;
    The angel robe, the holy track,
    Of him we now deplore.

    And let us catch the grand "Well-Done,"
    Said by the "Living Way!"
    And let us know that joy is won,
    And night is turned to day.

  8. One We All Loved
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    In the dark hours of night there came
    A voice from God above!
    The angel of death called the name
    Of one we all did love.

    We'll miss him much, as day by day
    We want to see his face,
    And have his voice to cheer our way
    With mighty peace and grace.

    His kindly deeds no more below
    Will bring the needy light,
    And peace on broken hearts bestow,
    And spread abroad delight.

    But all he's done that's bright and true
    Can never disappear,
    And will in time rise up to view,
    And be to memory dear.

  9. Gone Home
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Gone home! gone to a place of rest
    And joy and love and peace;
    A shining one among the blest,
    Thy goodness will increase!

    A record sure and strong and bright,
    Thou leavest here below;
    The teacher of the just and right;
    Of thee the truth we know!

    Modest and brave, all sound and pure,
    A giant, yet a child;
    Thy words were strong, thy pledges sure,
    Thy manner sweet and mild!

  10. Around The Father's Throne
    Poet: Caleb Davis Bradlee

    Quickly he passed away from sight
    And left us all in grief,
    And at the darkest hour of night
    His spirit found relief!

    So hard and sad and sharp the blow,
    We hardly think it true;
    And with our hearts all filled with woe
    We feel rebellious too!

    But God knows best, his ways are just;
    We utter not a word!
    We cling to him with perfect trust,
    Our Maker and our Lord!

    Farewell, beloved, a long farewell;
    We'll miss you day by day,
    And God alone our grief can tell,
    And he its pain will stay!

    Safe now you are with dear ones gone!
    What greetings you have found!
    And, in the higher life new born,
    United anthems sound!

    We'll meet again, all free from care,
    Where sickness is unknown;
    We'll join again in praise and prayer
    Around the Father's throne!
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