A farewell is usually final, we think of never seeing the person again. Let this poem by John Imrie inspire you and give you hope that your farewell is not the end that someday you will see the person again.

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by John Imrie

The saddest word we ever hear,
Full-fraught with sorrow, hope, and fear,
The fount of many a bitter tear:
Farewell! Farewell!

Ah! who can tell
What bitter tears,
What hopes and fears.
Surround thy spell?
Sad word "Farewell!"

As, branch by branch, the family tree
Is snapp'd and floated o'er life's sea,
How sad a parent's heart must be,
To say : "Farewell!"

How sad for loving friends to part
For distant scenes — so wide apart —
That mem'ries must suffice the heart
That says: "Farewell! "

How sad to hear the deep-toned bell
Ring out a dear friend's funeral knell.
And feel your very heart-strings swell
To say: "Farewell! "

When we have said our last "Farewell,"
And gone the ranks of heaven to swell,
Rejoice to know — Death breaks the spell —
All's well! all's well!

With God to dwell,
No more, "Farewell!"
No more sad tears!
No doubts! no fears!
Each tongue shall tell:
'Tis well! 'Tis well!"

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