31 Goodbye Poems, Farewell Poems

A collection of goodbye poems and farewell poems to give you words to help you say goodbye. And we say farewell on different occasions, a break-up, moving, death, retirement, and graduation, to name only a few. Here find verses and poetry that express sentiments for and from the person who is leaving.

During our lifetime we will experience many goodbyes. May these short inspirational poems express thoughts of leaving, of see you around, of farewells that lead us to say goodbye.

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Collection of Goodbye Poems by Theme

  1. Goodbye Poems For A Teacher

  2. Saying Goodbye Poem

  3. Goodbye Poems For A Friend

  4. Goodbye Poems For Lovers

  5. Remember Our Love Poems

  6. Goodbye Love Poems

  7. Poems of Goodbye Death

  8. Forget Me Not Poem

  9. Think Of Me Poem

  10. Popular Goodbye Poems:

  11. Dear Friend
    Poet: Grinnell Willis

    Dear friend, 'tis hard to say farewell,
    And harder yet it is to tell,
    In parting words, how strong the tie
    We sever now in this good-bye.

    We all shall miss thy gentle grace.
    Thy willing hand and cheerful face;
    No other friend thy place can fill.
    Though absent we shall claim thee still;

    God bless the work thou hast begun,
    And guard thee in the years to come.
    And when thy heart is weary, or alone.
    Come back and rest in this thy home.

  12. goodbye quotes
    Goodbye Quotes

  13. Happy Be
    Poet: Eloise A. Skimings

    Ever mayst thou happy be,
    Life holds precious gifts for thee;
    E'en if now a shadow lay
    Around thy heart - 'twould pass away.
    Ne'er forget the friend you leave
    On Huron's shore, and believe
    Regretfully I part from thee.
    Yours very sincerely.

  14. A Little Work
    by George Du Maurier

    A little work, a little play
    To keeps us going - and so, good-day!
    A little warmth, a little light
    Of love's bestowing - and so, good-night!
    A little fun, to match the sorrow
    Of each day's growing - and so, good-morrow!
    A little trust that when we die
    We reap our sowing! And so - good-bye!

  15. Adieu!
    Poet: John Imrie

    Reader, "Adieu!" — I will not say "farewell!"
    That word, full-fraught with sorrow as a knell,
    Breathes forth a strain of sadness to mine ear,
    And is too often mother to a tear!

    "Adieu!" speaks hopeful that we yet may meet
    And with each other hold communion sweet.
    If aught that I have said doth give thee cheer
    I've made a friend of thee — and friends are dear!
    In this stern world of ours each friend we gain
    Makes life more sweet, and helps to soothe life's pain!

    Remember, then, dear friend, before we part,
    These simple strains are from a glowing heart
    That seeks to find an echo to its voice
    In heart of thine — and, finding that, rejoice!

  16. Goodbye Forever
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Goodbye are the words we often say
    When people leave for work for a day
    But when we say goodbye forever
    We realize we are no longer together.

    Goodbyes can be so hard
    Sometimes leaving us scarred
    But time has a way of healing things
    Life has more hello's to bring.

    So while you may feel sad today
    Keep moving forward it will be okay
    Express your feelings and even cry
    You will feel better as time goes by.

  17. ...for every goodbye, God also provides a hello.  Donna Gable Hatch

  18. Why Does Good
    Poet: Kate Summers

    Why does good appear
    When goodbye means I disappear
    What's the good in not seeing you
    It just means that I will be blue.

    I think goodbye should drop the good
    Just "bye" would be better understood
    So from now on the good is gone
    And only "bye" will be my song.

  19. Leaving Is Sad
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    What we had was something unique
    Similar to a special antique.
    I wish I didn't have to leave
    Life without you is hard to conceive.

    Life without you won't be the same
    But I do hereby proclaim
    I wish you luck and much happiness
    But leaving is sad, regardless.

  20. To-morrow I'm Away
    Poet: Max Ehrmann

    Come here and take my hand
    And press my lips,
    Just for today —
    To-morrow I'm away;
    With pulsing heart
    And quickened feet
    I'll tread another street;
    And in the toils
    Of duty's net
    I may sometimes forget
    You for awhile,
    And this sweet day
    In life's all stormy way;
    And oft I'll know
    The want of heart
    Again life's work to start,
    So press my lips
    Just for today —
    To-morrow I'm away.

  21. sometimes good-bye is a second chance. ...missing someone makes you remember why you loved that person in the first place. Jamie McGuire

  22. Farewell
    Poet: Sam Fickinsen

    Farewell, so long
    Means I am gone
    Today, tomorrow
    Leaving brings sorrow.

    See ya around
    The words they sound
    Like goodbye
    I say with a sigh!

  23. Saying Goodbye
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Saying goodbye is never easy
    Actually, it makes me queasy
    So let's just say see ya later
    Keep in touch by email or notepaper.

    Goodbyes seem like the end
    But we will always be friends
    We may be separated by miles
    Just say keep in touch and smile!

  24. Happy Trails
    by Dale Evans

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again
    Some trails are happy ones
    Others are blue
    It's the way you ride the trail that counts
    Here's a happy one for you.

  25. I'd rather say Hello than Goodbye any day!

  26. Hello, Goodbye
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Hello and goodbye are two words we use a lot
    One is welcome and the other when we part
    The best is always the hello's
    Some say it quiet, others often bellow.

    But goodbyes are no fun
    Especially with a special one.
    Why is the word "good" include in a bye
    I often wonder about this with a sigh.

    They say there is good in everything
    But oftentimes goodbye sadness brings.
    May life bring hellos a lot more
    And let the goodbyes go without keeping score.

  27. Goodbye
    Poet: William Freeland

    Why should I say goodbye, my dear?
    Why should I say goodbye?
    I am only going a little way
    Over the hills, and only a day,
    Only a sleep, with a dream, and then,
    When morn breaks rosily up the glen,
    With blackbird, and throstle, and lark,
    I'll come again,
    And wait till the bird of the dark
    Outwarbleth the song of the lark.
    And wooeth the moon from the dark,
    And lifteth our souls on high, my dear:
    So, why should I say goodbye, my dear?
    Why should I say goodbye?

    Why should I say goodbye, my dear?
    Why should I say goodbye?
    I go, yet still I'll be with thee,
    And staying here, thou shalt be with me!
    Ah! nought can part us : and when the night
    Flies from the dreaming rose, and the light
    Hath kindled in flashes of song,
    Love in his might
    Shall fold us from terror and wrong
    In the murmuring garden of song;
    For song hath no kindred with wrong,
    But only with love that is high, my dear:
    So why should I say goodbye, my dear?
    Why should I say goodbye?

  28. A short goodbye poem written by a Teacher to
    her students as the school year ends.

  29. Farewell
    Poet: Unknown

    Now, little children, you and I
    Have walked beneath the autumn sky;
    With old Jack Frost in wintry land
    We've gone together hand in hand.
    In spring we've plucked the daffodil
    And buttercup on every hill;
    And now in summer you and I
    Must close the book and say goodbye.

  30. This goodbye poem is written to a daughter by her father,
    short but full of wisdom!

  31. A Farewell
    by Charles Kingsley

    My fairest child, I have no song to give you;
    No lark could pipe to skies so dull and gray;
    Yet, ere we part, one lesson I can leave you
    For every day.

    Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever;
    Do noble things, not dream them, all day long:
    And so make life, death, and that vast forever
    One grand, sweet song.

  32. A blessing from the bible that is a good one to use when someone is leaving.
  33. A Blessing
    Numbers 6:24-26 (NLT)

    May the Lord bless you
    and protect you.
    May the Lord smile on you
    and be gracious to you.
    May the Lord show you his favor
    and give you his peace.

  34. Moving Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Today I come to say goodbye
    I will miss you, I can't deny
    But as I move to another town
    Leaving you makes me frown.

    I will stay in touch, I promise that
    I will call you often and we will chat.
    It won't be the same I know
    But we can call and say hello.

    So I won't say goodbye, I'll say so long
    You're a friend indeed, one who is lifelong
    The bonds we share will never break
    We will keep in touch, of that, there is no mistake.

  35. Fare Thee Well
    Poet: M. E. B.

    Fare thee well, my heart is weary
    The sunshine fades, the clouds remain
    And all around seems dark and dreary.
    Until I see thee once again.

    Yet I would never mar thy gladness,
    A fond farewell, and happy be;
    Forgive thy little friend her sadness,
    As all the world is fair to thee.

  36. Parting Words
    Poet: Melissa E. Banta

    When lovers part at eventide
    To meet again tomorrow,
    With laughing lips and backward glance,
    Undimmed by thought of sorrow,
    Ah, then, as glows the sickle moon,
    And soft distils the dew,
    What other word so fitting sweet
    As, "Love, adieu, adieu"?

    When true friends part whose lives in one,
    Like rippling streamlets blended,
    As clinging hands and tearful eyes
    Bespeak that all is ended,
    Ah, then beneath life's summer noon,
    Or autumn's stormier sky,
    What word so fond on friendship's lips
    As, "Friend, good-by, good-by"?

    When o'er some life knit to our own
    Death's darkness settles stilly,
    As fades the love-light from the eyes,
    And falls the clasped hand chilly;
    With raining tears and aching loss
    That tears may not dispel,
    The tortured heart throbs to the lips,
    "Farewell, beloved farewell."

  37. Famous Goodbye Poems

  38. Good-bye Means Not Farewell    by John Imrie

  39. Farewell! But When Roses   by Mary C. Ryan

  40. Sometimes Think Of Me   by Lillian Curtis

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Many words express goodbye: farewell, cheerio, ta-ta, see you, so long, au revoir. Goodbyes are seen as a sad time, however, the memories that we have from time spent together will always be with us.

And at other times, goodbyes may not feel like it, but truly they are the best thing that could have happened to us. It allows us to move on, to find new relationships.

And technology today allows us to stay in touch so perhaps it is not a permanent goodbye, but a talk later, goodbye. Technology not only allows us to talk but also to see the person. So while you may say goodbye, you can always keep in touch.


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