Farewell! But When Roses

Saying farewell to someone you love is difficult. The poet, Mary C. Ryan, reminds us of our memories that we will always have.

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Farewell! But When Roses
by Mary C. Ryan

Farewell! but when roses shed their perfume o'er thee,
At twilight's sweet hour, sacred to love.
Search thy mem'ry's dark vaults, for remembrance of me,
And find the charms, which thy bright eyes wove;
And then if thou canst, oh, dispel that strange power
Which has doomed me their captive to be!
For afar from those orbs, a faithful sunflower,
My poor heart will be turning to thee.

Though the fountain of love, which is sparkling so bright,
In the glance of your dark hazel eyes;
Will be frozen and still, far away from that light,
In the gloom of life's sorrowful days.
But beauties of sunbeams are gorgeously revealed,
In the ice on a bleak winter's day;
So love's silvery sprays, by thy cold frown congealed,
Vanished hopes and bright smiles will display.

I leave thee, but sad thoughts, like the frost on the rose,
Will cling to my heart's innermost fold;
For soon in the dim, shadowy past must repose,
Love's soft pinions of crimson and gold.
Too fondly I have loved thee; I cannot forget
The fleet arrows that wounded my heart,
Though hope's bloom is shed, in my bosom lives regret.
And time brings no balm for true love's smart.

Then farewell! but remember my love can not die,
Linked to life, a flow'r to its stem;
Though rejected and scorned, in my bosom 'twill lie,
A heart's devotion, life's priceless gem,
When thy smiles and affections another has won,
And hope's rainbow is seen through your tears.
E'en then in thy mem'ry keep a green spot for one
Who so truly has loved you for years.

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