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15 I Miss You Poems

Share these I miss you poems with that someone special in your life. When the person you love is away, it is like a part of you is missing. Life is just not the same. Express your feelings and share one of these poems with them!

We hope these short love poems express your feelings about missing that special person.

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  1. I Miss You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2012

    When you are away
    I count the days
    Until you come back to me
    I wish you never had to leave.

    I must say when we are apart
    It feels like a hole in my heart.
    My life is not complete without you
    It makes me feel oh so blue.

    I love you so much
    And I love your touch
    Hurry home to me
    I miss you, you see!

  2. when you are away I count the days Until you come back to me I wish you never had to leave
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  3. Not Enough Time
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    I desperately wish,
    I had much more time.
    I hate the fact,
    I'm leaving you behind.

    If only things,
    Were different this time.
    You'd come with me,
    And I'd be so kind.

    I take you places,
    You'd want to see.
    And spend some time,
    Behind lock and key.

    But I do believe,
    We will meet again.
    As you're my soulmate,
    And that's to the end.

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  5. Constant
    Poet: Arthur Franklin Fuller

    City throngs are hastening by,
    Seeking pleasures new;
    Alone am I thought in their midst,
    While I am away from you.

    Scenes both strange and wonderful,
    Cease not all day through;
    Yet nought can quell the loneliness,
    While I am away from you.

    Music, drama, gala things.
    Pleasure's great ado —
    But my little world is blank and void,
    While I am away from you.

    Glad the hours spent by your side,
    Soothing their review;
    Sweet content can ne'er return.
    While I am away from you.

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  7. My Heart Yearns For You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the depths of night, my heart yearns for your presence,
    But all I find is an echoing silence, a painful essence.
    Longing, like a flame, dances within my soul,
    Drawing me closer, consuming me whole.

    Absence, a merciless thief, steals your touch,
    Leaving me empty, longing for you so much.
    In dreams, I seek your face, your tender embrace,
    But waking reality offers no solace.

    My nights are filled with whispers of your name,
    Aching for the day when our love will reclaim,
    The distance between us, the void we endure,
    For in that moment, our connection will be pure.

  8. Missing You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    My house is oh so quiet,
    I can do anything I like;
    Have cookies in the middle of the night,
    Or dance with no one in sight.

    But as much fun as it can be,
    Something's still missing to me.
    It's you who should come join me here,
    I really do miss you a lot, that is so clear.

  9. I'm, Very Lonely Here
    Poet: James Munce

    I'm very lonely now, love,
    Since you are gone away;
    There's nothing left me to remove
    The languor of the day.

    I miss you, dearest, from my side.
    This drooping heart to cheer;
    To none my sorrow can confide —
    I'm very lonely here.

    The spot on which we parted.
    With grief I often see;
    When there, quite broken-hearted,
    I sit and sigh for thee!

    Those pleasant scenes my heart do pain,
    And force the scalding tear —
    Oh! hasten, love, and come again,
    For I'm so lonely here.

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  11. Memories Of Love
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the corridors of my mind, memories reside,
    A tapestry of moments, forever tied.
    Nostalgia washes over me like a gentle tide,
    As I delve into the realm of what once was, and tried.

    The touch of a hand, a whispered word,
    Memories of love, sweet and preferred.
    I bask in their warmth, though they may be distant,
    For they hold the power to make my heart persistent.

    In the depths of nostalgia, I find solace and peace,
    Revisiting moments that will never cease.
    For memories are bridges to the past,
    Anchoring us firmly, memories designed to last.

  12. When We Are Apart
    Poet: Kate Summers, 2020

    I hate it when we are apart
    The days are lonely and long
    I wish you didn't have to depart
    I wish I could come along.

    But unfortunately, I can not be
    But soon the day will come
    Together with you, we will be happy
    Days with you are awesome.

    So while you are away
    Lonely as I may be
    I will miss you each day
    But I look forward to your return in every way!

  13. I look forward to your return in every way
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  14. Love Blooms And Blossoms
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the language of the heart, love sings,
    A melody that resonates, an offering it brings.
    Expressions of devotion, in every word and gesture,
    Love, an eternal flame, an unwavering fixture.

    A whisper on the wind, a touch so tender,
    Love's expression, a language we surrender.
    In every act of kindness, every selfless deed,
    Love blooms and blossoms, a growing seed.

    Devotion, an unwavering commitment, pure and strong,
    Binding hearts together, where we belong.
    In every sacrifice, love finds its way,
    Guiding us through darkness, night and day.

    So let love's expression be our guiding light,
    A beacon in the storms, shining ever bright.
    For in the expression of love and devotion,
    We find solace, unity, and eternal emotion.

  15. Miss You More
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Miss you more each and every day
    Oh, how I love you in every way.
    May the day come soon when we will be
    Together again just you and me.

    I never thought I would love someone so much
    I love your smile, your thoughtful touch
    And when you are away from me
    I miss you and my heart is heavy.

    Come home soon, my dear
    I will be waiting here.
    I dream about the day you're home
    And then I won't feel so all alone.

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  17. Things I Miss
    Poet: Kate Summers

    The things I miss about you:
    I miss your hugs
    I miss the smiles too
    I even miss things that bug.

    I count the days
    Until you return
    Miss you in every way
    It is a concern.

    Happy I will be
    The day you come back
    When you return to me
    Love, I will no longer lack.

    So stay safe while you're away
    And hurry home I do say!

  18. my days are incompleted without you I miss you
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  19. Things I Miss
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I miss you in the morning
    I miss you at noon
    I miss you in the evening
    Please come back soon.

    I miss you at breakfast
    I miss you at lunch
    I miss you at supper
    I miss you a whole bunch.

    I miss your smilin' face
    I miss your laughter too
    I miss your singing voice
    I miss chatting with you.

    I will be glad when you are back
    I will no longer miss you
    When I hold you in my arms
    I will be so happy, no longer feeling blue!

  20. Lonely And Still
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Days stretch ahead, lonely and still
    My heart feels like it's standing still.
    Every moment ticking closer to the time
    When I know you'll once again be mine.

    The longing grows consuming my days
    I miss your touch, your loving ways.
    Without you, it is hard to exist
    Ours is an unbreakable bond, a tight-knit bliss.

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  22. Roses Are Red
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Roses are red, violets are blue,
    My heart for you will always be true.
    Oh, baby, how much I miss you,
    Your smile, your laugh without them I'm blue.

    Thinking about you every day and night,
    I wish to be with you soon in sight.
    Waiting seems an eternity so long,
    But all the while my love stays strong!

  23. Missing You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My love, never fear -
    Every day you are away
    I am here to stay true
    Waiting this time out with grace, not dismay

    Thinking of our time shared together all the same
    For us, this moment of absence is but a short delay.
    I know one fine day soon, my love, I can embrace
    As I am missing you more and more each day.

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