I Miss You Poems

Share these I miss you poems with that someone special in your life. When the person you love is away, it is like a part of you is missing. Life is just not the same.

We hope the short love poems express your feelings about missing that special person.

missing you poems

I Miss You
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2012

When you are away
I count the days
Until you come back to me
I wish you never had to leave.

I must say when we are apart
It feels like a hole in my heart.
My life is not complete without you
It makes me feel oh so blue.

I love you so much
And I love your touch
Hurry home to me
I miss you, you see!

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I miss you poems

Not Enough Time

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

I desperately wish,
I had much more time.
I hate the fact,
I'm leaving you behind.

If only things,
Were different this time.
You'd come with me,
And I'd be so kind.

I take you places,
You'd want to see.
And spend some time,
Behind lock and key.

But I do believe,
We will meet again.
As you're my soulmate,
And that's to the end.
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I'm, Very Lonely Here
Poet: James Munce

I'm very lonely now, love,
Since you are gone away;
There's nothing left me to remove
The languor of the day.

I miss you, dearest, from my side.
This drooping heart to cheer;
To none my sorrow can confide —
I'm very lonely here.

The spot on which we parted.
With grief I often see;
When there, quite broken-hearted,
I sit and sigh for thee!

Those pleasant scenes my heart do pain,
And force the scalding tear —
Oh ! hasten, love, and come again,
For I'm so lonely here.

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When We Are Apart
Poet: Kate Summers, 2020

I hate it when we are apart
The days are lonely and long
I wish you didn't have to depart
I wish I could come along.

But unfortunately, I can not be
But soon the day will come
Together with you, we will be happy
Days with you are awesome.

So while you are away
Lonely as I may be
I will miss you each day
But I look forward to your return in every way!

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Miss You More
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Miss you more each and every day
Oh, how I love you in every way.
May the day come soon when we will be
Together again just you and me.

I never thought I would love someone so much
I love your smile, your thoughtful touch
And when you are away from me
I miss you and my heart is heavy.

Come home soon, my dear
I will be waiting here.
I dream about the day you're home
And then I won't feel so all alone.

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