Soulmate Poems

Be encouraged by these soulmate poems. A soulmate is one who we are truly ourselves around. We know we will stick by them no matter what and they will do the same for us.

We often think of lovers when we hear the word soulmate, however, soulmates can be close friends. Best, true friends who are always there for us.

Share these best friend poems with the soulmate in your life.

A Soulmate I Have Found
Poet: Kate Summers, 2011

Many years ago we met
At first, you were too good to be true
Then as time passed
Without you I was blue.

You shared your feelings
We talk about everything
Nothing is too difficult
To discuss with you

We became best friends
A special person
Best buddies
Like old pals

The years have passed
And now it feels like
A true soulmate
I have found in you.

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Fate Brought You To Me
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2012

I believe in fate you see,
And that is why you've come to me.
I knew one day our paths would cross.
It was just a matter for the boss.

I've looked and searched for many years,
Wondering when you would appear.
My patience sometimes came and went,
And was often in need to vent.

But I kept strong,
And went along.
Knowing you'd,
Soon be viewed.

And now you're here,
You are such a dear.
My fate's still strong,
I'm where I belong.

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encouraging soulmate poems

Together We Are
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2012

Together we are like peanut butter and jam
We go together like a smooth-running program
The love that you show me each day
As a soulmate, you're more than okay.

We are like a lock and key
You mean so much to me.
Together we fit, we have lots in common
The kindness you show will never be forgotten.

Together we are like mutt and jeff
We help each other, yet
We are happy to be
Thoughtful and loving, not contrary.

Together we are like a hand in a glove
Made to fit and in love
Thank you for all you do
Any issue that comes up, we can get through.

Together we have a life full of happiness
To that, I am a  witness
I love you so much, you see
A soulmate you are to me.

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Lifelong Friends
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

Lifelong friends, we will be
On you I can depend, I always see
Your thoughtfulness and kindness too
You are the best that is true.

I am so thankful you are in my life
Together we can face any strife.
Dependable and reliable you are
You're a friend, even from afar.

Soulmates they say, are like you and me
Close friends and a soulmate we will be
Thank you, my friend, I appreciate you
May our friendship always continue.

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