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A collection of short best friend poems to share with your best buddy. You will find that these best friend poems express feelings of love and appreciation to someone who is one of a kind, a true lifetime pal. A best friend is someone who is always there for you, doesn't matter the time of day or what the situation is you know you can depend on them. Best friends always go above and beyond what a friend would do.

There is an old saying that we think best describes this special person: "a best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have."

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  1. My Friends
    Poet Unknown

    I will not think that I have failed
    Or lived my life in vain,
    If to my credit I shall find
    One friend to to be my gain
    And tho' the road in life is rough
    With mountains hard to climb;
    I find there's joy along the way.
    And the journey, it is fine.

    It there's a friend beside me;
    To cheer me with his song,
    To smile his understanding,
    When everything goes wrong;
    It gives me strength and courage,
    The mountains to ascend,
    And I find that life's worth living,
    As long as there's a friend.

    Then be not hasty when I'm gone.
    To say, I lived in vain
    The ghost of many failures
    Like monuments remain
    But when life's sun is sinking,
    And I reach my journey's end;
    Then count my earthly riches
    In the number of my friends.

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  3. A Friend
    Poet: Lucy Larcom

    What is the best a friend can be
    To any soul, to you or me?
    Not only shelter, comfort, rest —
    Inmost refreshment unexpressed;

    Not only a beloved guide
    To thread life's labyrinth at our side,
    Or with love's torch lead on before;
    Though these be much, there yet is more.

    The best friend is an atmosphere
    Warm with all inspirations dear,
    Wherein we breathe the large, free breath
    Of life that hath no taint of death.

    Our friend is an unconscious part
    Of every true beat of our heart;
    A strength, a growth, whence we derive
    God's health that keeps the world alive.

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  5. Best Friends We Will Be
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Friends we have been for a long time
    We have been thru many climbs
    Together we have had laughter and joy
    Remember the days when important things were toys.
    We have seen our share of hardship too
    But stronger and wiser we are after each issue.

    If I had to define what a best friend is
    I would point to you in happiness and bliss
    You're an example of what a best friend should be
    Sincere, honest and a bit crazy!
    Our friendship continues to grow
    And best friends we will be, forever I know

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  7. Old True Friends
    Poet Unknown

    We just shake hands at meeting
    With many that come nigh,
    We nod the head in greeting
    To many that go by.
    But we welcome through the gateway
    Our few old friends and true
    Then hearts leap up and straightway
    There's open house for you,
    Old friends,
    Wide-open house for you.

    The surface will be sparkling,
    Let but a sunbeam shine,
    But in the deep lies darkling
    The true life of the wine.
    The froth is for the many,
    The wine is for the few;
    Unseen, untouched of any,
    We keep the best for you,
    Old friends,
    The very best for you.

    "The many" cannot know us,
    They only pace the strand
    Where at our worst we show us,
    The waters thick with sand;
    But put beyond the leaping
    Dim surge "'tis clear and blue,"
    And there, old friends, we're keeping
    A waiting calm for you,
    Old friends,
    A sacred calm for you.

  8. Riches
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    If I can leave behind me here and there
    A friend or two to say when I am gone
    That I had helped to make their pathways fair.
    Had brought them smiles when they were bowed with care,
    The riches of this world I'll carry on.

    If only three or four shall pause to say,
    When I have passed beyond this earthly sphere.
    That I brought gladness to them on a day
    When bitterness was their's, I'll take away
    More riches than a billionaire leaves here.

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  10. A Wish
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    May the morn of thy life be bright and joyous,
    The noontide peaceful and happy,
    And the sunset gloriously hopeful,
    Is the wish of your friend.

  11. my best friend is the one who brings out the best in me
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  12. Friends
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    The sunshine and blue skies are fine,
    I'm thankful for the flowers,
    For they are truly gifts divine
    To cheer this world of ours.
    But flowers droop and skies turn gray
    And oft the sunshine ends;
    God's greatest blessings, so I say,
    Are friends.

    The river gently flowing by.
    The rolling meadows green,
    The mountains towering to the sky.
    The valleys in between
    Are all a part of God's great scheme
    On which our joy depends;
    But greatest of them all, I deem
    Our friends.

    When sorrow comes and grief is mine.
    And hope is lost in gloom,
    'Tis then that friendship comes to shine
    Within my darkened room.
    'Tis then that consolation sweet
    My bitter woe attends.
    For God has made this world complete
    With friends.

    Good friends! God's greatest gift to man,
    That's how they seem to me.
    The keystone of His wondrous plan
    To cheer humanity.
    Out of His mercy infinite
    I hold the best he sends
    To fill this world with love and light
    Are friends.

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We hope you have found a verse or an entire poem that describes your best friend, your buddy, your pal, and your feelings towards them. A friend is someone whom you can call in good times or bad times, but a best friend is someone who is with you in good times or in bad times. Cherish them, treasure them, as best friends are far and few between!

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