Best Friend Poems

A collection of best friend poems to share with your best friend. You will find that these best friend poems express feelings of love and appreciation to someone who is one of a kind, a true lifetime pal. A best friend is someone who is always there for you, doesn't matter the time of day or what the situation is you know you can depend on them. Best friends always go above and beyond what a friend would do.

There is an old saying that we think best describes this special person: A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.
Let your best friend know how much you value them!

My Friends
Poet Unknown

I will not think that I have failed
Or lived my life in vain-,
If to my credit I shall find
One friend to to be my gain
And tho' the road in life is rough
With mountains hard to climb;
I find there's joy along the way.
And the journey, it is fine.

It there's a friend beside me;
To cheer me with his song,
To smile his understanding,
When everything goes wrong;
It gives me strength and courage,
The mountains to ascend,
And I find that life's worth living,
As long as there's a friend.

Then be not hasty when I'm gone.
To say, I lived in vain
The ghost of many failures
Like monuments remain
But when life's sun is sinking,
And I reach my journey's end;
Then count my earthly riches
In the number of my friends.

Special Friend Poem
How special you are to me my friend,
You've always been there for me.
I want to return the favor my friend,
So this friendship will always be.
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BFF Poems(Best Friends Forever)
Come on and walk with me
For together we will see,
All the things that make us
As special as you and me.
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A True Friend Poem
To walk and talk and window shop,
With no one else but you.
Makes me feel like I have found,
My one true friend in you.
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Soulmate Poems
Many years ago we met
At first, you were too good to be true
Then as time passed
Without you I was blue.
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Message For Best Friend
When we met, I'd never thought,
You'd end up being a friend, I'd like a lot.
But as it seems, you and me,
Have a lot in common, that was the key.
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My Best Friend
As soon as we met I knew,
That there was something great about you.
I wanted to know more, get right to your core,
And here we are years later, best friends that's true.
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Poetry about best friends

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We hope you have found a verse or an entire poem that describes your best friend and your feelings towards them. Cherish them, treasure them, as best friends are far and few between!

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