Birthday Poem For Friend

Share a birthday poem with a friend to recognize and celebrate their special day. While we appreciate our friends celebrating their birthday is one way to let them know how special they are to us.

You can find a variety of topics to say Happy Birthday to a friend here, choose a general poem, aging advice, or send Irish birthday wishes, or perhaps a funny one to bring a smile, plus heartfelt verses and inspirational poems, and a collection of short birthday poems all written to express the best for a friend. Find the perfect words to celebrate and recognize your friend's birthday.

Friends share the ups and downs of life and a birthday is a time of celebration no matter what the age!

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    General Birthday Poems for Friends

    Let these poems express your thoughts and wishes for a friend as they celebrate their birthday. Recognizing and celebrating the day your friend is born lets them know how much they mean to you. Spice up your Happy Birthday wishes with a poem!

  1. Birthday Wishes
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    This thought is sent to you
    Wishing success in all you do
    You, my friend, deserve the best
    May this birthday find you blessed!

    So, another year passes, another year older
    Be happy, be joyful, don't let your heart get colder
    You see my friend a birthday is just a day
    For celebration and love are sent your way.

  2. Raise Our Glass
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Twenty-one comes with a cheer
    A celebration is in order that is clear!
    Let's raise our glasses and celebrate you,
    All your hard work and achievements we view.

    Our teenage years memories of fun and carefree days,
    Being the friend we can count on through the haze.
    The promise of more smiles and laughter come true,
    As we say Happy Birthday to you!

  3. In A Blink
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    My friend just think
    The last year went by in a blink
    Today marks another birthday
    Feels like a year passed in a day!

    We celebrate you today
    We wish you happiness  every day
    Friends like you deserve applause
    Sometimes we wish the years to pause.

    The years may pass,
    But our friendship will last
    Age really doesn't matter
    We always will laugh and chatter.

    Happy Birthday, my friend, you're a dear
    We will sing for all to hear
    Wishing you all the best
    As a friend, you're the greatest!

  4. Wishing you all the best As a friend, you're the greatest!

  5. The Birthday
    Poet: R. C. Lehman

    Through the changing years may all delight
    Live in your face and make your being bright.
    May the good sprites and busy fays befriend you,
    And cheerful thoughts and innocent defend you;
    And, far away
    From this most joyous day,
    When in the chambers of your mind you see
    Those who have loved you, then remember me.

  6. Friends Like You
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Friends like you never age
    Remember the years of teenage
    And now the years have passed us by
    But our friendship no one can deny.

    God sends us friends to bless us
    And you in my life has been a plus
    The years can pass us by you see
    But friends we will always be!

  7. Roses Are Red
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Happy Birthday my friend
    A friend that is true.

    I value your friendship
    Appreciate all you do
    Wishing you a happy day
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

  8. Roses Are Red Birthday Poems

    Aging Advice For A Friend On Their Birthday

    Age bothers some of us and for others it doesn't matter. Share these poems which offer advice to a friend as they celebrate another year older.

  9. Aging Advice
    Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

    Happy Birthday to my dear friend,
    I wish you a happy and great day.
    Can't believe you're now one year older,
    Time to celebrate and holler Hooray!

    Being an age older than you,
    I must give you a little advice.
    Growing older is not just getting wiser,
    It's all in the roll of the dice.

    Some of us start to forget things,
    Others our bodies unravel.
    We wish we could take aging and stop it,
    Or maybe sent it somewhere to travel.

    All I can say is eat well,
    And try and take care of yourself.
    A little exercise and great company,
    Is what aging is all about.

  10. My Age Surpasses Yours!
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Who am I to give aging advice on your special day?
    Well, my age surpasses yours in every single way.
    But listen here my youthful friend, don't fret or fuss,
    Forget about the numbers, live and be you, that's a must.

    So blow out those candles, drink, and be merry,
    Cheers to another year, so full of joy and not so scary.
    Age forget it, how do you feel in your mind,
    Happy Birthday my friend you're one of a kind!

  11. Age forget it, how do you feel in your mind, Happy Birthday my friend you're one of a kind!

  12. Remember This
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On this, your birthday, my friend, remember this,
    Prioritize self-care, this step don't miss.
    Stay socially active, with loved ones near,
    Embrace new experiences, banish fear.

    Practice mindfulness, in each breath you take,
    Maintain a positive outlook, troubles forsake.
    Cultivate gratitude, for all life's shown,
    Stay curious and learn, your wisdom grown.

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    Irish Blessings and Birthday Wishes For A Friend

    The Irish have a way with words. Let these Irish blessings convey your birthday wish for your friend.

  14. To You My Friend
    An Irish Blessing

    I wish you health, I wish you well,
    and happiness galore.
    I wish you luck for you and friends;
    what could I wish you more?
    May your joys be as deep as the oceans,
    your troubles as light as its foam.
    And may you find, sweet peace of mind,
    wherever you may roam.

  15. May you live as long as you want, And never want as long as you live. Happy Birthday!
    Irish Blessings

  16. Your Birthday

    On this your birthday, may your heart be light and happy,
    Forget about your age let your smile be big and wide.
    In the coming year may your troubles be few and your blessings many,
    Happy Birthday to a good Friend, I say with pride!

  17. Funny Birthday Poems For A Friend

    What better way to recognize your friends' birthday than with a poem that will bring a smile to their face. Let these lighthearted verses be ones that your friends will have a chuckle over but also make them feel special that you took the time to send them a poem.

  18. Have A Happy Birthday
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Friends come and go
    But you my friend
    Have stuck with me
    But we're not to the end.

    You may be getting older
    And a bit wiser too
    But I know your age,
    But don't let that get you blue.

    You may be a bit slower,
    You may see wrinkles too
    But my friend that will
    Never stop you.

    Your hair is turning colors,
    Is it silver or gray?
    Who cares,
    Just have a Happy Birthday!

  19. Your hair is turning colors, Is it silver or gray? Who cares, Just have a Happy Birthday!
    funny birthday poems for friends

  20. You're Older
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As birthdays come, you're leading the track,
    But don't worry, I'm right on your back!
    Though you're older, it's plain to see,
    You're still as youthful as can be.

    So here's to you, my seasoned friend,
    May laughter and joy never end.
    Another year older, that's true,
    But you're still the coolest, through and through!

  21. A Message For Your Birthday
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On your birthday, dear friend of mine,
    I have a message, oh so kind.
    You're like an elephant, mighty and grand,
    Without you buddy, life would be bland.

    Your heart is huge, your smile is bright,
    You light up the darkest night.
    So here's to you, my pal so true,
    Happy Birthday, may you never be blue.

  22. Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For A Friend

    Birthdays are a special day. Make your friend feel your loved and appreciated with these heartfelt poems!

  23. A Birthday Blessing For You, My Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    May the memories of birthdays past
    be with you on this day.
    May the celebrations of today
    be a memory that lasts.

    Because friends like you are
    dear and we celebrate you
    We pray for God's blessing
    on all you do.

    May the coming year be a blessed one
    filled with happiness
    May all your dreams come true and
    may you achieve life success.

  24. May the coming year be a blessed one filled with happiness May all your dreams come true and may you achieve life success.
    Birthday Blessings

  25. You Are Great
    Poet: Unknown

    May love be with you each day you live,
    And the truest happiness give:
    With happy smiles each face adorn.
    On this happy birthday morn

    You, our friend, celebrate today
    Don't look at birthdays with dismay
    Take a deep breath and look around
    At all your blessings that surround.

    You are a friend whom we love
    We thank the dear Lord above
    For giving us this day to celebrate
    Because we think you are great!

  26. Cherish Our Friendship
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    On your special day, I want you to know,
    How much I cherish our friendship's glow.
    With every laugh and every tear,
    You bring such joy throughout the year.

    May your birthday be a time to celebrate,
    With happiness and love that radiates.
    And as you blow out candles, hear this plea,
    May the coming year bring all you hope to see.

  27. Inspirational Birthday Poems For Friend

    Inspire your friend with these poems wishing them a Happy Birthday! As we age we often reflect on past years and what we hope to accomplish in the future. May these poems be just what your friend needs to inspire and encourage them for the coming year.

  28. Best Wishes My Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On this day, as time turns its course,
    I send best wishes to you, my dear friend.
    May joy and laughter guide your path,
    And wonderful memories forever attend.

    In the solemn embrace of this morn,
    May each hour bring blessings anew.
    Warm birthday wishes I now extend,
    For a celebration befitting of you.

  29. May each hour bring blessings anew. Warm birthday wishes I now extend, For a celebration befitting of you.
    Religious Birthday Poems

  30. May The Sun Shine Bright
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On your special day, my friend, may the sun shine bright,
    Bringing joy and beauty from morning to night.
    May every moment be filled with love so true,
    And dreams you've been chasing, now come to you.

    In laughter and smiles, in warmth and cheer,
    May this birthday be your best year.
    So celebrate today, embrace the light,
    For you are a star that shines so bright.

  31. Happy Birthday Wishes
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    May you find success in all that you do,
    And happiness in everything that’s new.
    You deserve the best, that’s for sure,
    So let’s celebrate another year more.

    To the year that’s filled with joy and cheer,
    And memories that will last forever near.
    So here’s to you, my dear friend,
    Happy Birthday wishes I do send.

  32. Short Birthday Poems For A Friend

    While these poems are short and to the point, they express happy birthday wishes to your friend. Sometimes fewer words are better than many words to say Happy Birthday.

  33. Celebrating You My Friend
    On this your birthday, I celebrate you my friend,
    With laughter, and love that never ends.
    Each year, you shine brighter than before,
    Happy Birthday, may your spirit soar!

  34. Friendship's Light
    Like a candle in the night, you illuminate my days,
    With friendship's light that guides and stays.
    Happy Birthday, my dear friend so true,
    May your day be as bright as you!

  35. Years of Laughter
    Through the years, we've shared laughter and fun,
    Each moment with you, a treasure won.
    A friend like you is truly a treasure,
    Happy Birthday, may your day be a pleasure.

  36.  A friend like you is truly a treasure, Happy Birthday, may your day be a pleasure.
    Birthday Quotes

  37. A Toast to You
    Raise a glass, let's toast today,
    To you my friend, who lights the way.
    Happy Birthday, my dear companion,
    May your day be filled with joy unbroken!

  38. Heartfelt Wishes
    On your special day, I send my wishes true,
    For happiness, laughter, and dreams to pursue.
    Happy Birthday, my friend, have no fear,
    May the coming year be as wonderful as you are dear!

  39. Friendship's Glow
    On your special day, let your light shine bright,
    Like stars that twinkle in the night.
    With every laugh and every cheer,
    Your friendship brings warmth and joy so dear. ​

  40. Wishes in the Wind
    Sending wishes on the breeze,
    For a birthday filled with ease.
    May every dream and hope come true,
    For a friend as wonderful as you. ​

  41. Forever Young
    Another year older, yet forever young at heart,
    With memories cherished and dreams to impart.
    Happy Birthday to you, my friend so dear,
    With love and laughter throughout the year.

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We hope you have found a poem that expresses your birthday thoughts and wishes for a friend. Friends are to be cherished and recognized, and sending them a birthday poem is one small way to do that.

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