Years May Go By

Let these poems remind you to live life as time does pass too quickly. As we age we realize how the years may go by so quickly without us realizing how fast time really is. When celebrating a birthday some of us reflect on where the years have gone.

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  1. Years Go By
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Think of all the special people
    Who love you and care
    The people in your life
    Who touched you by being there.

    Don't count your candles
    Or think about the years
    Think about your blessings
    Don't let your birthday be a fear.

    Each year that goes by
    Remember you are blessed
    To have so many people
    Who have contributed to your happiness.

  2. Of late I appear To have reached that stage when people who look old who are only my age.

  3. Time Never Tired
    Poet: A. T. Lowe

    Time, never tired, with scythe and glass,
    Maintains his march; how quick years pass!
    No earthly power affects his force,
    Can hasten, or retard, his course,
    He counts the years of all alive,
    And states my age at eighty-five:
    Four score and five! what joys, what woes,
    Their truthful record might disclose!
    What deeds of charity appear,
    And kindly acts from self-love clear;
    What timely aid to foes, or friends,
    And what to further private ends?

    Man is the offspring of his love;
    Kindly, or cold, his life may prove;
    When social, and from self-love free,
    He personates true charity;
    Observes the GOLDEN RULE, and stands
    Ready to aid, with outstretched hands,
    The friend, or stranger, he may find
    Whose fate, or fortune, seems unkind.
    Self-love disclaims all brotherhood,
    Nor ever thinks of others' good,
    But combats, with persistent strife,
    The highest, noblest aims of life.

  4. Think About This
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Think about  this I say
    Imagine if you didn't have another day
    Be thankful for the years you have had
    Don't let your age make you feel sad.

    If you're reaching a double-digit age
    Look to the heavens and give thanks today
    Many never see old age
    They don't get to turn the page.

    So no complaints or moans
    And definitely no groans
    Be happy you have seen another year
    Celebrate and be of good cheer!

  5. Every Ten Years
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    When you're a kid the years go slow
    You can't wait to grow and grow
    Then the twenties come along
    And your life is going strong
    And before you know it the big three o
    And you may feel like you want age to slow
    Turn around and forty strikes
    Where did the time go, oh yikes!!
    Fifty is a milestone year
    One where others laugh and cheer
    And when sixty does appear
    You truly wonder what happen to the years!
    Time does go quickly more than we realize it
    So live each day to the limit!

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