Cousin Birthday Poem

A poem for your cousin to celebrate and recognize their birthday. Birthdays are always a special day for the celebrant no matter who they are or whether they are a direct family member or not. Every birthday person needs to feel that others recognize this important day for it is a day that the Lord granted the mother a gift from above. Each person born is a testimony to what God has in store for that mother and that little boy or girl.

As well, those who have birthdays outside of the direct family unit may be just the person who really needs that attention because there may be no other family members around. For this cousin, the recognition of birth is not merely a day to say a brief congratulations but is a day to be celebrated and memories created. If only we could all give someone dear to us the applause, the special wish, or that little gift that shows them that we care about them and cherish them as we do our own immediate family birthdays.

Sometimes, the gift that recognizes that special day is not a gift that can be held or eaten. Instead, it is a gift that can last for days or even years. And, that gift may just be words of advice; words that come from the heart; words that can point another person, in this case, a cousin to take a bold step that can change their life forever. It is these words that may make the difference between enjoying what life has to offer or it may mean carrying on doing the same old thing over and over again.

The truth is that each person's life has meaning. Each person's birthday leaves behind another year and it is either a year to be celebrated for what your life has given to others or it is a year of days gone by that simply used up time. To each person, the same amount of time is given in every day. This is a time that cannot ever be retrieved once it is gone. Therefore, what each person does throughout the year leading up to their birthday can either be of significance in what we have accomplished or it can be something that is squandered. It is up to everyone to decide, to choose how to use their valuable time. It is your choice.

This, then, is a poem for a cousin on their birthday written by Lillian E. Curtis. If you have a cousin having a birthday you may want to adapt this poem for them. Rather than giving a gift give some wise words of wisdom as found in this poem. And, remember, each person's birthday whether related to you or not, is important worthy to be recognized. You may also want to review our collection of birthday poems to find the right poem to share with the birthday person!

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To My Cousin, On His Birthday
Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

Dear cousin this is thy birthday,
But give thee no gifts rare or very nice,
But if thou'll accept it kindly,
I'll give thee what is better - good advice.

Twelve years thou now hast seen,
And hast thou improved them well?
Those beautiful years that are gone;
Ah! art thou ashamed to tell?

Now dear cousin improve the years
That God shall give to thee,
And know, for every one of them,
Thou accountable must be.

When thy next birthday comes,
I may be far from thee,
But I trust thou will remember
These simple lines for me.

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Another poem to a cousin,  by Lillian Curtis:

To My Cousin
Poet: Lillian E. Curtis

The winter months are o'er, and March again is here,
And though many a rambling tho't it bring,
I know that you, my cousin, complete your fifteenth year.
On this first day of smiling Spring;
And mid the varied objects that claim my whole attention,
On which, perhaps my mind should dwell,
Memory fain at this time would mention.
One far away, I love so well.
She wanders to you, lov'd one, awhile,
Though roving beneath this sunny clime.
Fancy leaps o*er the many a weary mile.
To press my lips to thine.
Dear coz., enshrined in Friendship's circling arms,
With a tho't of our many bright spent hours.
Love sends you through imagination's charms,
A gem from these Southern bowers.

Dear cousin, lov'd playmate of days gone by.
Still prized friend of my affection,
I'm far to-day from thy cold Northern sky.
My path of life in an opposite direction:
Where flowers bloom the whole year long,
Where the magnolia and orange blossoms wave.
And the warblers constantly pour forth their song
And golden hues the bright sky bath -
Here where hath dwelt quarrel and contention,
Here where many a gallant form once fell,
I sit to-day, lov'd one, and my attention
Is led o*er mountain steep and flowery dell
Away from this memorable Southern spot to-day,
To climb with thee that gentle hill-slope.
Fancies, how swift they fly! nor do I bid them stay
Not from thee, sweet cousin, of many a cherished hope.

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