To My Cousin On His Birthday

A poem for a cousin on their birthday written by Lillian E. Curtis. If you have a cousin having a birthday you may want to adapt this poem for them. Rather than giving a gift give some wise words of wisdom as found in this poem.

To My Cousin, On His Birthday
by Lillian E. Curtis

Dear cousin this is thy birthday,
But give thee no gifts rare or very nice,
But if thou'll accept it kindly,
I'll give thee what is better - good advice.

Twelve years thou now hast seen,
And hast thou improved them well?
Those beautiful years that are gone;
Ah! art thou ashamed to tell?

Now dear cousin improve the years
That God shall give to thee,
And know, for every one of them,
Thou accountable must be.

When thy next birthday comes,
I may be far from thee,
But I trust thou will remember
These simple lines for me.

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