11  Funny Birthday Poems

Here are some funny birthday poems that you can share with others to bring a smile to their face on their special day.

We can't stop the aging process so we might as well laugh and celebrate! For those who take their age seriously, they need to lighten up and live life and forget about their age. And for those who never seem to get older, they will enjoy a good laugh!

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  1. Birthdays By The Year
    Poet: Unknown

    We count our birthdays by the years,
    And with each one we add,
    We count them short, if they've brought joy,
    And long, if they've been sad,
    But count them the way we will,
    For all hold joys and tears,
    May we continue to see the ticking of the years!

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  3. Repeat
    Poet: Unknown

    Gather a handful of roses,
    Some sunbeams, a rainbow or two,
    A couple of stars to wish on
    To bring you all your special dreams true,
    Tie them with ribbons of memories,
    The kind that are lovely and sweet,
    And have the kind of birthday
    You'd love to repeat and repeat!

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  5. Bright
    by Theodore Higgingsworth

    Why did we get sunglasses for you?
    Well, we know what is true.
    When the candles on your cake are lit
    It will be bright we will admit.

  6. Another Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Another year, another birthday
    Oh, how time does slip away.

    It is like one wrinkle and then there's two
    Every day now there is one that is new

    The candles on your cake seem so bright
    The whole house is full of light.

    Life seems to be passing by
    You sometimes say with a sigh

    But celebrate this day today
    And be happy in every way.

    Be thankful for this birthday
    The option is not one I want to say

    Enjoy your life no matter the wrinkles
    Spread sunshine with lots of sprinkles

  7. Over The Hill
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    They say you are over the hill
    That you have been thru the mill
    The age you are at it a number that's high
    But don't you sit down and cry.

    Life is too short as you well know
    There is nothing you can do to make it slow
    So live up this day and let the celebrations start
    We love you even if you are an old fart!

  8. Be Happy
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    These days you have more naps
    You remind us of our little cat
    You nod off when watching TV
    We know it is not 'cause you are lazy.

    The years are creeping along to fast
    Hard to imagine your youth in the past
    But who cares about age these days?
    Just be happy in every way.

    A Happy Birthday we wish for you
    You're getting older that is true
    But we love you more each day
    Even if you are going gray!

  9. Another Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Today marks another year
    Don't let age give you fear
    Let your smilin face show
    That you still have that glow.

    The stages of life happen so fast
    Youth was yesterday but now has past
    The mid-life comes along
    Life is good, you sing a song

    But the years continue to tick on by
    You won't say how old, you just lie
    How old are you we say
    Not a year older than yesterday?

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We hope these funny birthday poems are ones that have brought a smile to your face and that you will share with others in good fun. Celebrate that special day!

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