Funny 50th Birthday Poems

Welcome to funny 50th birthday poems. Brace yourself for a world that's less about night-long parties and more about losing your car in the parking lot. The quest for missing spectacles may become as thrilling as treasure hunts used to be. Embrace balding like an old friend, knowing you now have lesser hair to comb but more stories to share! So pull up your wide pants (that hide your shoes), let's embark on this humor-filled journey of being fabulously fifty

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  1. Where's My Car?
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Fifty years have come along,
    And you're still going strong.
    You're lucky to be alive,
    And lucky to have a car to drive.

    But the real luck comes when you park,
    At Walmart, in the dark.
    You don't need to push your key fob alarm,
    To find your car, it's good there's no harm.

    You're feeling lucky, you're feeling great,
    You found your car, it's not too late.
    You're driving home, with a smile,
    Thinking about your life, for a while.

    So happy birthday, my dear friend,
    May your luck never end.
    May you always find your car,
    And never have to walk too far.

  2. Age Is Just A Number
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On your 50th year around the sun, joyously you sway,
    Losing more hair, it seems, with every passing day.
    But fear not dear friend, as the silver starts to display,
    For there's less to comb, so perhaps it will stay!

    Glasses perched on nose, while desperately you pray,
    That age is just a number is what they always say.
    In the mirror of life, wrinkles might play,
    But at fifty you're gold; and still have vigour to go and play.

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  4. Here's To 50
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    A half-century you've achieved, oh what a spree,
    Eyes aren't as sharp, but luckily there's still TV.
    Your trick knee goes out more than you do,
    A cane or walker may soon debut.

    The mirror reflects a touch of gray,
    But your spirit remains young, hooray!
    Life still teems with fun galore,
    Here's to 50 years and many more!

  5. Is Moisturizer On Sale?
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On your 50th birthday dear, you've a twinkle in the eye,
    Moisturizer stacked to the roof, it's enough to make one sigh.
    No more by jar or bottle, but by the crate we begin,
    Anti-aging warfare carried out, with age we'll play to win.

    Tickling laughter lines around your eyes warms my heart,
    A testament to half a century, of which we've shared our part.
    For every year and wrinkle, I'd not change a single bit,
    Fifty has never looked so fine; it truly is a hit!

  6. No Heating Bill At 50
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Celebrate fifty, embrace this thrill,
    Hot flashes mean you've no heating bill.
    Lines of wisdom etched on your face,
    A golden milestone, no slowing pace.

    Bear in mind, it's just a number,
    Age is a state, not a cause for slumber.
    So blow out the candles, make birthday list,
    You're not old at fifty, so practice the twist!

  7. So blow out the candles, make birthday list, You're not old at fifty, so practice the twist!
    Funny Birthday Poems

  8. Over The Hill Is So Grand
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Celebrating fifty with laughter and cheer,
    Joyous, not fear, it's crystal clear.
    Over the hill is oh so grand,
    Versus being six feet under the sand.

    Life's second half is a richer tale,
    Wine gets better, it doesn't grow stale.
    So here is to those who've lived five decades in stride,
    Laugh more, love often, enjoy the ride!

  9. Funny Birthday Poems for The 50 Year-Old

  10. Half a century, but who's counting, anyway?
    Gray hairs and wrinkles, the price I gladly pay.
    Happy 50th, like a fine wine, I'm aged,
    Old enough for wisdom, young enough for a rampage!

  11. Fifty candles, that's a sight to behold,
    More than a few tales in the story I've told.
    Happy birthday, the big 5-0,
    Still rocking and rolling, with a youthful glow.

  12. A half-century on this spinning sphere,
    Fifty years old, but my spirit's in high gear.
    Happy birthday, a vintage delight,
    Old enough for sarcasm, young enough to take flight.

  13. Five decades, a milestone so grand,
    A few extra pounds, but I'm taking a stand.
    Happy 50th, with a wink and a jest,
    Age is just a number, I'm truly feeling blessed.

  14. Fifty and fabulous, that's the decree,
    A little more laughter, a lot more glee.
    Happy birthday, like a fine wine, I'm prime,
    Old enough to know better, young enough to rhyme.

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