11 Funny 40th Birthday Poems

Share these funny 40th birthday poems with someone who is turning the big 40. Turning forty is a milestone for some people. Use these funny poems about turning forty to lighten the day and bring a smile to the new 40-year-old. Celebrate the big Four-O!

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  1. Turning 40
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Turning 40 brings wisdom they say,
    But let’s not forget the perks that come our way.
    Gray hairs and wrinkles may start to show,
    But hey, we’ve earned them, so off we go!

    No more wasted hours on fickle crazes,
    We wear stretchy pants without any gazes.
    We leave excuses behind, no need to pretend,
    At 40, my friend, life’s just beginning again!

  2. birthday poems
    Birthday Poems

  3. Vintage Person
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2019

    Oh, how awful finding a gray hair!
    A sign that youth is vanishing into thin air.
    I laughed at others, thinking it couldn't be,
    But now I find one staring right back at me.
    Am I not still as cool as can be?
    This single strand declares my MVP -
    Most Vintage Person, as you can clearly see!

  4. funny birthday poems
    Funny Birthday Poems

  5. Time To Fess Up
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2012

    Today is your birthday,
    And there is something I must say,
    It's time to confess your age,
    As we all can see, you've gone grey.

    You can no longer continue to say,
    You're in your twenties, they have definitely peaked.
    It's time to fess up to the truth,
    You're Forty, let's hear the shriek!!

    Forty isn't so bad,
    Well, that's what I have heard.
    I'd like to say I understand,
    But unlike you, I'm still a young bird.

    One day it will be my turn,
    And I'm sure you’ll be right there!
    But I'll always have one thing on you,
    I'm younger and that I swear!

  6. 40th Birthday Poems you may want to share, more serious in tone.

    happy 40th birthday
    You may also find funny birthday poems for friends to celebrate and recognize a birthday for a special friend.

  7. Over The Hill
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2019

    Over the hill
    With lots of bills
    Forty comes quickly
    It can make you feel sickly.

    The years ticked by
    Time how it flys
    But the day has arrived
    And you'll survive.

    Happy Birthday to you
    Don't get the forty blues
    Be happy, be merry
    The next forty are the cherry!

  8. Forty is not really old age, but some people act as if it is. If you have a person in your life who feel at 40 they are old, then share one of our funny birthday poems about old age.

  9. You're Not Done
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Forty is the new twenty - right?
    That is what forty year olds write.
    Middle age has no cause for fright,
    Unless you count the wrinkles in sight!

    Your youth may be an old stereotype,
    But fear not - 40 is just a bunch of hype!
    Let go and have some really good fun,  
    Being forty, you're not yet done!

  10. The poem, You're Not Done, playfully challenges the notion of turning forty as something to fear, suggesting that it's just a stereotype. The speaker encourages embracing the age with a lighthearted attitude, emphasizing that turning forty doesn't mean being done but rather an opportunity for enjoyable experiences. The poem humorously mentions wrinkles but ultimately conveys a positive perspective on entering middle age.

  11. Mold
    by Byron Pulsifer

    When things are 40 years old
    You can start to see the mold
    But this does not apply to you
    As you look like your brand new.
    Happy 40th Birthday

  12. The second half is always better, at forty you are entering the second half  Catherine Pulsifer
    Funny Poems About Aging

  13. Fabulous At 40
    Poet: Sam Fickinsen, ©2020

    Look at you, fabulous at 40
    Life is still pretty ordinary
    But tomorrow over the hill
    Some say you will

    But hey forty's not so bad
    In fact, you should be glad
    You can celebrate yesterdays
    Even if your memory changes the ways

    You can anticipate  tomorrow
    Even if from your dreams you borrow
    Don't let your age get to you
    Otherwise, you'll just be blue

    The Big Four O
    You may be a bit slow
    But don't despair
    We can get you a chair

    Keep on going
    And keep on growin'
    Look forward to the next 10 years
    When you will turn 50, my dear!

  14. Age Forty
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Age forty is here, it is in sight
    Quest for wisdom may come to flight.
    A new path unfolds before you
    No longer young but don't be blue!

    Life's joys are yet to unfurl
    Time ahead of you to twirl -
    Don't worry about the years that past
    Enjoy middle age and all that lasts!

  15. The humorous poem, Age Forty,  celebrates turning forty, playfully acknowledging the quest for wisdom that may or may not take flight. It encourages embracing the new path that unfolds with a lighthearted perspective on no longer being young. The verses humorously highlight the anticipation of life's joys yet to unfurl and the time ahead to twirl, dismissing concerns about the years that have passed. Overall, the poem suggests enjoying middle age with a cheerful attitude.

  16. Not So Bad
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Turning 40 is not so bad
    You can look back and see all you had
    And then look forward and be glad
    For all the years coming and those you had.

    You are in the prime of your life
    You have the wisdom to handle strife
    The experience you have gained
    Allows you to now show restraint.

    So when the joking is all done
    Remember 41 has just begun.
    Live your years and be happy for
    The years to come, and what is in store.

  17. No matter what age we are turning, we all need to live life to the fullest.

  18. Turning 40
    Poet: Theodore Higgingsworth

    Turning 40 is not so bad,
    Be happy don't be sad.
    Just think in another 40 years
    You will be 80, oh my dear!

    So celebrate and forget the number
    Think of it as a small blunder.
    Yes, half of your life is gone
    But of you, we are still very fond.

    Turning 40 is just another day
    Even if you are turning gray.
    Laugh, be happy, really who cares
    Happy 40th we do declare!

  19. Turning 40 is a light-hearted poem humorously addresses turning 40, suggesting that it's not a cause for sadness. It playfully points out the perspective of looking forward to another 40 years, even if it means reaching the age of 80. The poem encourages celebrating the occasion and not getting caught up in the numerical value, considering it a small blunder. Despite half of life having passed, the tone remains cheerful, emphasizing that age is just another day, and the focus should be on laughter and happiness. The poem concludes by declaring a happy 40th celebration.

  20. The Big Four-O
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When the big four-o comes knocking on your door,
    Fear not, my friend, for there's so much in store!
    They say it's the year you're over the hill,
    But trust me, life begins to thrill!

    Sure, you may find some lines etched on your face,
    But wisdom and laughter fill that empty space.
    Embrace the grays and crank up your fun skill,
    Forty's just a number, ain't no hill to uphill!

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In conclusion, these funny 40th birthday poems have endeavored to bring laughter and lightness to the milestone of turning 40. From playfully challenging stereotypes to embracing the journey of aging with humor, these verses aim to remind us that life is a joyful ride, and reaching 40 is simply another chapter to be celebrated. As the laughter echoes and the humorous reflections settle, may these poems continue to add a touch of cheerfulness and warmth to the celebration of this significant milestone. So, here's to embracing the laughter, cherishing the memories, and welcoming the adventures that come with the territory of being fabulous at 40! Cheers to the joy that comes with the wisdom of age and the humor that keeps us forever young at heart. Happy 40th, and may the laughter continue for many more vibrant years ahead!

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