12 Poems About The Seasons

Let these poems about the seasons remind you of the beauty that comes with each time of year. Whether it be spring, summer, fall, or winter each one has its own attractiveness.

1. Autumn Poems 2. Months In Each Season
3. October Poems 4. Spring Poems
5. Winter Poems 6. Autumn
7. Make Me Mellow 8. Crumbs
9. Later On 10. Autumn Woods
11. Autumn In The Garden  

  1. The Seasons
    Poet: Unknown

    With March comes in the pleasant spring,
    When little birds begin to sing;
    To build their nests, to hatch their brood.
    With tender care provide them food.

    And summer comes with verdant June;
    The flowers then are in full bloom,
    All nature smiles, the fields look gay;
    The weather's fine to make the hay.

    September comes; the golden corn
    By many busy hands is shorn;
    Autumn's ripe fruits, an ample store,
    Are gathered in for rich and poor.

    Winter's cold frost and northern blast —
    This is the season that comes last
    The snow has come, the sleigh-bells ring,
    And merry boys rejoice and sing.

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