9 Pumpkin Poems

Welcome to a collection of pumpkin poems, where the enchantment of harvest hues and the warmth of thankful hearts intertwine. In these verses, we delve into how the pumpkin plays a role in the essence of autumn, October's embrace, Thanksgiving blessings, and the whimsical spirit of Halloween.

Each poem carries the vibrant colors of the season, painting vivid pictures of golden landscapes, cozy gatherings, and the delightful presence of pumpkins. From the crackling of leaves underfoot to the aroma of spiced treats, these poems celebrate the beauty of this cherished time of year, inspiring gratitude, joy, and a deep appreciation for the uses of the pumpkin

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  1. Autumn's Embrace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In autumn's embrace, a pumpkin I spot,
    Round and plump, an orange beauty begot.
    With grace it sits upon the harvest land,
    A symbol of gratitude surely grand.

    Thanksgiving calls forth this noble gourd,
    As we gather 'round with blessings adored.
    Slice, roast, and savor its sweet, golden treat,
    Pumpkin's nourishment makes our feast complete.

  2. Thanksgiving Poems
    Thanksgiving Poems

  3. God's Gracious Bounty
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In autumn's grasp, the pumpkin's birth unfolds,
    A symbol rich, of harvest's bounteous hold,
    Just as our faith in Christ forever grows,
    Through seasons drear, through joy and earthly woes.

    For as we carve its flesh, a lantern bright,
    So too our Savior's love illuminates the night,
    Christian beliefs tied into each pumpkin's crest,
    Reminding us eternal hope is manifest.

  4. Harvest Garden
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the whimsical embrace of autumn's caress,
    A garden thrives, blessed with vivid finesse.
    An orange sea flourishes, abundant and bright,
    The humble pumpkins, a tranquil delight.

    Sacred souls crowned by nature's hand,
    Leading the way through harvest land.
    Their stoic presence, a symbol profound,
    Of fruitful blessings scattered all around.

  5. Thanksgiving Laughter
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, the laughter that bubbles and rises,
    As we gather 'round feasting surprises,
    At Thanksgiving day's delightful treat,
    Pumpkin pies we can't resist, so sweet!

    With every slice that goes down our throats,
    We devour 'til there's no room in our coats.
    The irony in the love we confess,
    For pumpkin pies, such a comical mess!

    In this annual tradition, we partake,
    A humor-filled indulgence we never forsake.

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    Funny Thanksgiving Poems

  7. October Pumpkins
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In October's golden grasp they gleam,
    Pumpkins, plump and round, so supreme.
    Their vibrant hues adorn the land,
    Amber, orange, ablaze by hand.

    Nature's canvas painted anew,
    As autumn's spirit steals its cue.
    With carved smiles that light the dark,
    October's pumpkins leave their mark.

  8. Harvest Golden Gifts
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In fields of gold where autumn's charm abounds,
    Lies harvest's gift, earth's treasure newly found.
    Crowned in orange hues, pumpkins ripe and round,
    Nature's artistry so boldly they astound.

    Bathed in sunlight's warmth, they grow with pride,
    A symphony of flavors that can't be denied.
    From humble seed to bountiful delight,
    Harvest pumpkins grace our table each night.

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    Harvest Poems

  10. Halloween Pumpkins
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In shadows cast by moonlit night,
    Glowing orbs of orange ignite,
    Halloween pumpkins stand with pride,
    Smiling faces, eyes open wide.

    Carved with care, they light the way,
    Guiding spirits on their prey.
    With laughter and delight they gleam,
    Pumpkins marking Halloween esteem.

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    Halloween Poems

  12. Patches Of Orange Delight
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In fields of gold, autumn weaves its tune,
    As pumpkins ripen beneath the harvest moon.
    Their vibrant hues, shades of orange delight,
    A canvas where nature paints with all her might.

    Cool breezes whisper amidst falling leaves,
    As pumpkin patches rustle like ancient thieves.
    With each gentle thump on the farmer's cart,
    Autumn's magic captured, right from the start.

  13. Beauties We Gather
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Oh, November's pumpkins, ripe and orange,
    A delight to behold in their festive range.
    These beauties we gather, with glee in our eyes,
    For pies that will warm our hearts and satisfy.

    With spices and sweetness, a heavenly taste,
    Thanksgiving's treasure, no flavor goes to waste.
    Our mouths water, anticipation so high,
    November's pumpkins, oh how we sigh!

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