Halloween Poems

Halloween is a time that children look forward to. Let these Halloween poems remind you of the fun that both children and adults have on this spooky night!

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  1. A Time of Fun
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Halloween is a time of fun
    The days are shorter and there's less sun.
    But children look forward to the night
    They dress up and go out with a light.

    Door to door they do go
    Praying that it does not snow.
    Trick or treat they sing out loud
    Sometimes alone, or in a crowd.

    Their costumes are admired by parents
    Admiring the children's creative talents.
    The treat bags get so full
    But the children the bags they do pull.

    Halloween a time children love to see
    A time they can dress up as they please.
    Treats of many different kinds
    Is one thing that is on their minds.

  2. Trick or Treat
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You hear them say it, "trick or treat,
    Please give me something sweet.'
    And when you do a big thank you
    And off to the next house, they do continue.

    By the time they arrive back home
    They have enough candy to fill a dome
    Happy are the children this day
    They love to get treats this way.

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  4. Jolly Signs
    Poet: Marjorie Dillion

    Fields are full of tepees
    Built of cornstalks brown:
    Woods are gay with squirrels
    Where the nuts rain down.

    Fairy, silken airplanes,
    Milkweed sends adrift;
    Fruit trees offer freely
    Autumn's gracious gift.

    Pumpkins look so knowing,
    Night wind's growing keen;
    And all these signs are saying,
    "Time for Halloween."

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  6. Once A Year
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Halloween comes but once a year
    A time of fun and a time of fear
    Ghosts and goblins arrive at our door
    And often with a great roar.

    Trick or treat, they all say
    They take a treat and are on their way.
    And then we see more coming down the road
    Some look like they are going to explode.

    But then the princess and the frog
    And even a cat and a dog
    Rings our doorbell with a smile
    As we look at the crazy hairstyles.

    It's a night of pretend
    Children never want to end.
    But parents are glad it's only once a year
    When it's over they do cheer.

  7. The Moon Is Shining
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    The moon is shining bright
    To cast a shadow on Halloween night.
    Pumpkins growing in the field
    Crops are in, we got a good yield.

    The time of year that is spooky to some
    And for others, they have loads of fun.
    Happy Halloween to you
    If you're scared, we will come to your rescue.

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  9. Just For Kids?
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Just kids that dress up at Halloween?
    My wife dressed up as a queen.
    And then my neighbor did appear
    He was dressed in something weird.

    It is not just for kids to have some fun
    Adults dress up and the fun has begun
    The child in them comes alive
    And in costume, they do arrive.

    No matter what your age
    Or where you are or what stage
    It is always fun to pretend
    With a costume party to attend.

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