16 Easy Poems for Kids

Share our collection of easy poems for kids with the children in your life. You will find poems that will make you smile, and may even bring back memories.

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  1. Fireworks
    Poet: Dorothy Aldis

    Just see those pinwheels whirling round
    Spitting sparkles on the ground,
    And watch that rocket whose so high,
    Then turn to flowers in the sky -
    Green and yellow, blue and red.
    And look at me still not in bed!

  2. Halloween Night
    Poet: Charlotte Yoder Cutler

    On Halloween my friends and I
    Dress up in frightening clothes:
    We each put on a funny face
    With an e-nor-mous nose.

    We ring our neighbors' doorbells,
    And they get an awful fright
    To see such scary creatures
    Standing there at night!

  3. Questions On The Past
    Poet Unknown

    Can you put the spider's web back in its place, that once has been swept away?
    Can you put the apple again on the bough, which fell at our feet to-day?
    Can you put the lily-cup back on the stem, and cause it to live and grow?
    Can you mend the butterfly's broken wing, that you crushed with a hasty blow!
    Can you put the bloom again on the grape, or the grape again on the vine?
    Can you put the dewdrops bark on the flower, and make them sparkle and shine!
    Can you put the petals back on the rose? If you could, would it smell as sweet?
    Can you put the flour again in the husk, and show me the ripened wheat?
    Can you put the kernel back in the nut, or the broken egg in its shell?
    Can you put the honey back in the comb, and cover with wax each cell?
    Can you put the perfume back in the vase, when once it has sped away?
    Can you put the corn-silk back on the corn, or the down on the catkins- -say?
    You think that my questions are trifling, dear?
    Let me ask you another one:
    Can a hasty word ever be unsaid, or a deed unkind undone?

  4. God's Gifts
    Poet: Nancy Napier

    God gave me eyes that I may see
    The wonderful things surround me

    God gave me ears that I may hear
    Rich melodies and voices dear.

    God gave me lips to speak and sing
    And tell of every lovely thing.

    God gave me hands that I may do
    the useful things He wants me to.

    God gave me legs and two swift feet
    That I may skip along the street.

    God gives to me strength from above
    And fills me full of peace and love!

  5. When I'm A Man
    Poet: Clara Lundie Crawford

    I can write with a pencil,
    Truly I can,
    But I'm going to write with ink
    When I'm a man.

    I can write with a pencil,
    Though I've only just begun,
    And to write with ink
    Would be much more fun.

    I like to watch my daddy
    Use his fountain pen,
    He just writes and writes,
    And fills it up again!

    I can write with a pencil,
    Truly I can,
    But I'm always going to write
    With ink - when I'm a man!

  6. Nighttime
    Poet: Dale Asher Jacobus

    When Mother turns the lights all out
    And tip-toes down the stairs;
    After she has tucked me in and heard my little prayers,
    The darkness seems so soft and kind,

    And somehow I don't seem to mind.
    I shut my eyes with all my might
    And when I open them - it's light.

  7. If I Had A Million Dollars
    Poet: Linda Markey

    If I had a million dollars,
    I'd buy a Cadillac car;
    I'd go to a dramatic school
    And become a movie star.

    If I had a million dollars,
    I'd do so many things -
    I'd take a trip in an airplane
    With great-big silver wings.

    But I haven't a million dollars,
    And I haven't a Cadillac car;
    So I guess I'll just be happy
    With things the way they are.

  8. Honeybee
    Poet: Emily Jo Jackson

    I saw a little honeybee
    Getting honey from our tree;
    He wasn't very big, you see -
    Just a tiny honeybee.

    Dressed in coat of black and yellow,
    He was quite a handsome fellow;
    Just when I was hoping he would stay,
    He buzzed good-by and flew away.

  9. Sun
    Poet: Diane Coe

    Kittens and puppies are happy;
    Bears are jolly, too.
    But I think clowns make the sun shine,
    Don't you?

  10. Crossing The Brook
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    "I swim across," said the shiny fish,
    "From here to there whenever I wish."

    "I leap across," said the squirrel spry,
    "From branch to branch in the tree-tops high."

    “I fly across," rang the bird’s sweet trill -
    "Across broad river or narrow rill."

    "I cannot leap or swim, said the child,
    "Or fly across." But he gaily smiled -

    And swiftly, merrily then he ran
    To hear the place where the brook began.

    For here it was neither deep nor wide.
    And stepping-stones led to the other side.

    And the brook seemed calling in rippling tones,
    "For children like you are these stepping-stones."

  11. Counter
    by Aunt Sue

    One little lady, very nicely dressed.
    Two little dickey-birds, perched upon a nest.
    Three little chickies, feeding from a plate.
    Four little children, swinging on a gate.
    Five little rabbits, frightened by a gun.
    Six little piggies, running like fun.
    Seven pretty swallows, crossing the sky.
    Eight nice apples, hanging up high.
    Nine little sparrows, picking up crumbs.
    Ten little fingers, but two of them are thumbs.

  12. The Sweet Red Rose
    Poet: Joel Stacy

    Good-morrow, little rose-bush.
    Now pry thee tell me true:
    To be as sweet as a sweet red rose
    What must a body do?

    To be as sweet as a sweet red rose
    A little girl like you
    Just grows and grows and grows and grows
    And that's what she must do.

  13. Four Birds
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    Four pretty little birds, singing all together;
    Flitting round so joyfully in the pleasant weather.
    "Little birds, little birds, why not fret and cry?"
    "Oh, because we're good and glad: that's the reason why."

  14. Big Broom
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    Around and around a dusty little room,
    Went a very little maiden with a very big broom.
    And she said: "Oh, I could make it so tidy and so trig,
    Were I a little bigger and my broom not quite so big!

  15. One, Two, Three!
    Poet: Mary Mapes Dodge

    One, two, three!
    A bonny boat I see.
    A silver boat, and all afloat
    Upon a rosy sea.

    One, two, three!
    The riddle tell to me
    The moon afloat in the bonny boat,
    The sunset is the sea.

  16. A Million Little Diamonds
    Poet: Unknown

    A million little diamonds
    Twinkled in the trees,
    And all the little maidens said,
    "A jewel, if you please!”
    But while they held their hands out-stretched,
    To catch the diamonds gay,
    A million little sunbeams came,
    And stole them all away.

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