Children Love One Another

A great poem for children to remind them to love one another. Plus other poems about love, the love a mother, the love of animals, and the love of friends.

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  1. Children Love One Another
    Poet: Unknown

    Children, do you love each other?
    Are you always kind and true?
    Do you always do to others
    As you'd have them do to you?
    Are you gentle to each other?
    Are you careful, day by day,
    Not to give offence by actions
    Or by anything you say?

    Little children, love each other,
    Never give another pain;
    If your brother speak in anger,
    Answer not in wrath again.
    Be not selfish to each other —
    Never mar another's rest;
    Strive to make each other happy,
    And you will yourselves be blest.

  2. How Doggy Says, "I Love You!"
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    Hark! Hark! Hark!
    How joyful the doggy's loud bark!
    As he runs up the street
    His master to greet;
    "I love you," he says by that bark!

    Hark! Hark! Hark!
    To tell all his love by his bark,
    Doggy thinks he might fail,
    So helps with his tail,
    For his wag means the same as his bark!

  3. Will You Give Me Your Baby?
    Poet: Emilie Poulsson

    I see a mother holding
    Her baby on her knee.
    "Please, Madam Mother, will you give
    Your little child to me?"
    "Oh no, no, no, no, no!
    I love my baby so,
    I could not give my child away;
    Oh no, no, no, no, no!"

    I see a mother holding
    Her baby on her knee.
    "Please, Madam Mother, will you sell
    Your little child to me?"
    "Oh no, no, no, no, no!
    I love my baby so,
    I could not, would not sell my child.
    Oh no, no, no, no, no! "

    I see a mother holding
    Her baby on her knee.
    "Please, Madam Mother, will you lend
    Your little child to me?"
    "Oh yes! I'll let him go
    A little while, you know;
    But you must surely bring him back,
    I love my baby so!"

  4. Duty And Kindness
    Poet: Julia Fletcher Carney

    Little deeds of Kindness,
    Little words of love,
    Help to make earth happy
    Like the heaven above.

  5. Strange Lands
    Poet: Laurence Alma Tadema

    Where do you come from, Mr. Jay?
    "From the land of Play, from the land of Play."
    And where can that be, Mr. Jay?
    "Far away — far away."

    Where do you come from, Mrs. Dove?
    "From the land of Love, from the land of Love."
    And how do you get there, Mrs. Dove?
    "Look above — look above."

    Where do you come from, Baby Miss?
    "From the land of Bliss, from the land of Bliss."
    And what is the way there, Baby Miss?
    "Mother’s kiss — mother’s kiss."

  6. The Canary
    Poet: Elizabeth Turner

    Mary had a little bird.
    With feathers bright and yellow.
    Slender legs — upon my word.
    He was a pretty fellow!

    Sweetest notes he always sung.
    Which much delighted Mary;
    Often when his cage was hung.
    She sat to hear Canary.

    Crumbs of bread and dainty seeds
    She carried to him daily;
    Seeking for the early weeds,
    She decked his palace gaily.

    This, my little readers, learn,
    And ever practice duly;
    Songs and smiles of love return.
    To friends who love you truly.

  7. Answer To A Child's Question
    Poet: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    Do you ask what the birds say? The Sparrow, the Dove,
    The Linnet and Thrush say, ‘‘I love and I love!"
    In the winter they’re silent — the wind is so strong;
    What it says, I don’t know, but it sings a loud song.
    But green leaves, and blossoms, and sunny warm weather.
    And singing, and loving — all come back together.
    But the lark is so brimful of gladness and love.
    The green fields below him, the blue sky above.
    That he sings, and he sings, and forever sings he —
    ‘‘I love my love, and my love loves me!"

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